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  1. For that i would love to see sources My experience is the complete opposite.
  2. Just wanted to ask whether some of you had the same experience as me: I did write frequently questions to organizedplay@fantasyflightgames.com with questions regarding OP and Rules for OP, but did not get an answer, not even a "we received your Email and work on it". What are your experiences with contacting FFG and specially the OP department?
  3. I have heard that the polish distributor will drop and not produce new cards in polish? Is this correct?
  4. Ort: Würfelkiste, Aachen Datum: Donnerstag, 26.09.2013 Uhrzeit: 18:45 Uhr Format: Schweizer System, 3 Runden Startgeld: 2,- Euro Preise: GNK 2nd Season,ab 12 Teilnehmern zusätzliche Preise, von mir gespendet.Einen Sonderpreis für einen zufällig ausgwürfelten Platz ab dem Dritten! Kartenpool: Grundbox, Genesis Zyklus, Kontrolle und Schöpfung Anmeldung: Im Laden oder per mail an info@wuerfelkiste.de Teilnehmeranzahl: max. 16 TO: zwobot mit dem Android: Netrunner tournament program von Selverin
  5. What Fiasco? Their perspective is, we have designed a game, we sold it, some expansions were made and sold. The hype is gone, time to put manpower in othere better selling products.
  6. jadrax said: They renewed the licence last year. Name your sources please!
  7. A week without an answer. I won my bet and hope that the GW License will go to a holder with better fansupport and ideas.
  8. What a Fanboy. Does FFG manage the core side themselves, i thougt they bought this option and only have a backend to do the news and everything else, the rest is done by much, i hope, competenter people?
  9. Why dont you wanna open a great game, in case of a FFG version? What would FFG do to the game?
  10. Until when will the GW License with FFG run? I heard a rumor it would end in two years. Would love to have an answer from an FFG employe.
  11. Found it sorry:) www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp
  12. stormofswords said: p.s. The Star Wars rpg beta is up - AND it uses custom dice…wonder if the mechanic is similar to Warhammer 3? :-) Where do you see custom dice, all the articles i read seem to show that a D100 system like in the WH40k Rpgs is used?
  13. Is that not Jay Little in the video? www.youtube.com/watch Great to see him standing:)
  14. If you have more than one participant from germany or austria, you could send one package and than let us send the part of the package on to the rest of the participants. Sending from US to Germany is not that cheap, shipping costs in germany are.
  15. Emirikol said: …, but I wanted to throw some creative energy your direction. Great, creative energy is the best kind. I hope fo some german authors to throw there pen in the ring and got some not WHFRP 3rd players to take an interest in this contest. So let us hope for the best. And thanks to Glorian that old dwarf for posting this here!
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