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  1. Marcin Przybyłek said: My friend says the novels are fantastic, and he has read a lot of Wh40k books. He is 38 years old, and a high rank director of a insurance company. The MUST be good . Most of the books are fantastic, some are better than others, but in general all are very good. Basically, I agree with your friend, they are a must read. High Inquisitor
  2. I'm definitely buying a copy as soon as it is released. My only problem is I have move to a small town in the middle of California, and I don't have the same player base I use too. Oh well, I am still getting a copy!
  3. Trodomir said: I treid, I really did. I bought the game and the toolkit to give it a shot (no review because that's not what the problem is). I created a few resources to share with the community including an iPhone app. But then I ran into the biggest problem with this game: the community. I'm sick of it here. Either you're a fanboy or get out. Say even the smallest slight against this new edition and you're jumped on by a raving mob spewing nonsense because they're too blind to have a decent conversation. It's really pathetic people. It's just a game and I tried to do something with it and you, but you're not worth it. No, of course it's not all of you. But it's not worth my time and effort (or anyone's frankly) to have to deal with the rabid fanboys. I'm not even going to bother over at Strike-to-stun or anywhere else. Goodbye and good riddance. I'm sorry to hear that has been your experience. I also agree, we have a duty to be respectful to each other and our opinions. Good luck in whatever game you settle on. High Inquisitor
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