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  1. SamsDad


    Will this game be available before x-mas?
  2. No problem. I think it would be best if FFG would get the core rules for Warfare out before they hype so many items in the pipeline. I understand why they do it, but it just becomes noise after awhile when you cannot put it into context. Just my opinion. YMMV.
  3. KR Multicase has two custom Dust Tactics products coming out. They are $50 U.S. I know nothing about them other than running across them while checking to see if Dust Warfare will ever see the light of day. http://www.warpathgames.com/wholesale/warpath.php?m=detail&p=82362 http://www.warpathgames.com/wholesale/warpath.php?m=detail&p=82361
  4. For what it's worth, Alliance Game distributors has the following release dates. The core rulebook moved from Feb to Mar recently for them. Until I see otherwise, I am cautiously hoping we see it this month. FFGDWF01 Dust Warfare: Core Book [Mar, 2012 Release] - $39.95 FFGDWF02 Dust Warfare: Campaign Book ''Zverograd'' [May, 2012 Release] - $19.95
  5. marcemtp said: So is there going to be a tactics release of zverograd? Or will there be tactics scenerios included in it? My sons hate the measuring that is needed with tabletop miniature games. I don't want to pay for a expansion that I won't be able to use just to get a hero and walker. I am looking forward to the SSU forces coming out. Separate releases. These are two game systems simply using the same miniatures. There will be a Dust Tactics Zverograd release (like Cerberus, Seelowe, etc). I believe it will include SSU hero Kashka, her personal walker and more building parts like what was in Cerberus: FFGDT034 Dust Tactics - Campaign Expansion: Operation Zverograd 44.95 [Apr, 2012 Release] Dust Warfare will receive a Zverograd expansion book: FFGDWF02 Dust Warfare: Campaign Book ''Zverograd'' $19.95 [May, 2012 Release]
  6. Psykostevo said: Check out the comics for a peek. I have the comic from the original core set and the Dust Wars #1. Are there any other comics available? I'll go back through the two I have but I do not recall seeing the Vril anywhere.
  7. I can see why people would have issues with the look of the chopper on first blush. However, I personally take it as a compromise between aesthetics, game play (footprint on the board) and production concerns. In the end, it is a piece for a game. I can live with whatever "non realistic" look it may have....walking tanks are realistic??....and enjoy the game and the setting. I also look at it this way. As a fan of AT-43, I just prayed Rackham would hit some sort of promised production schedule. With Dust Tactics, FFG has put out quite a bit of product in a short amount of time. The upcoming Dust Warfare rules and the release of the SSU troops only show the continued commitment they have for the game. I see my SSU force needing a few of the choppers when the Warfare rules hit.
  8. Wow! What a very awesome surprise! This is one where the pre-orders will need to be in ASAP just to get all the choppers everyone will want!
  9. I am interested in playing. I am just getting into Dust Tactics. I am not much of an in-store gamer. What do I need to bring with me?
  10. It seems to me removing the weapons on the walkers over time will weaken the connecting points to the point they could break. Has anyone magnetized the weapons to avoid this potential issue? I have never done this myself. I'd like to hear about any challenges or things to consider during the process.
  11. Thanks Softbatch! I agree with your point about a fictional game universe grounded in a real event. I do want to pull my inspiration from WWII and apply it to what I do in the Dust world. I think that is what is so appealling. I've watched some videos on the whitewash applied to tanks as well. Since I do want to mix it up paint wise, I may try my hand at that also. I really wanted to make sure my plan of attack on the camo/weathering was not missing anything. I expect a few bumps along the way but I am hoping to mitigate them as best I can so I don't completely hose my models.
  12. I am trying to wrap my head around the steps required to paint a decent camo scheme and then weather a walker. I am a decent painter but the work I've seen on the walkers is amazing and a few steps above what I am used to doing. I really want to get up to speed on this. To do so, I've been watching a lot of youtube videos on weathering. I haven't been as lucky to find stuff on painting realistic camo though. I am curious what steps the vets on this forum take to get from the model in the box to the finished product. Some of the pics are simply amazing. I plan on using the existing color of the tanks as a base. After painting all other base colors, I plan on adding masking tape, painting the second camo color on, then sponging the rust. After that, I plan on using Vallejo weathering powders to finish off the look. Doing the camo/rust/weathering will all be new to me so I'd like to think it all through before I start. Any tips or tricks I should be aware of before I venture down ths path? I am open for any insight in this part of the hobby. I am considering an airbrush for this project. I'd like to hear if that makes the process any easier. Thanks!
  13. Wombattangofoxtrot said: If you mean the "Quick start rules", then you're still good to go. It doesn't have all the rules (no arty, buildings, etc.), and doesn't have alot of the helpful diagrams, but it does give a pretty good overview of how things work. That is what I was referring to in my question. Thanks to everyone for the help with the questions.
  14. Thanks for the help guys. I appreciate the feedback. I have a lot of catching up to do. A lot has been released. One last question: The first core game set came with a nice color play aid sheet. Does the new revised rule set make that useless or will it still work? I assume it is no longer useable since it was not included in the revised core set. However, it looks like FFG was looking to cut some corners cost-wise with the revised set (paper maps, lesser quality box--not judging just making an observation) and I don't know if it was just a casualty of those decisions or truly no longer useful. BTW, the painted walkers done by the forum members are simply amazing. I am looking forward to trying out weathering on my models.
  15. Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and get some opinion from the DT experts. I am a big fan of AT-43 and have been buying the DT releases as they come out in preparation for Dust Warfare. I am not sure why, but I never just broke down and tried DT as I was buying this stuff. When my large walkers arrived at my doorstep the other day though, I knew it was time to open everything and dive in headfirst. So, basically, I am a beginner with a basement full of stuff! Right now I am digesting the rules and I hope to start painting soon. 1. Are there any units I should consider having multiples of for DT? I am considering buying more zombies and gorillas. It just seems to me I should have waves of those but I don't know if this is worthwhile 'in game'. If so, any Allies equivalents I should have multiples of? 2. Has FFG ever stated anything about selling the Cerberus building only as separate terrain? I could see using many of these for larger city fights. They did a great job with this. 3. Can someone help me understand the Dust Models website? I believe the models on that site are not official for DT. Do either of the model scales match the DT walkers (1/35 or 1/48)? Thanks!
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