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  1. Funny, but I like, and have ordered, the servitor, Lloigor, and star vampire. The dimensional shambler sculpt is laughable. Yeah, shamblers are just big human forms, aren't they? Sheesh. Deep one also looks cool, and I like the unconventional color choices.
  2. Shoes, I want just a LITTLE bit of whatever you're on.
  3. I rediscovered the excellent three and four player rules worked out by the French players here, in English, free to download: http://dosexplora.free.fr/telecharger/rules_multiplayers_cenacle.pdf
  4. WELCOME, Treilah2 ~! 1. Domain markers can be anything. 2. The French on "Le Cenacle" website have a very good multi-player version. Somebody can link you to it, in English, I have forgotten where it is. 3. See above 4. Definitely get Secrets of Arkham next. 5. Most games resolve well within the limits of a minimum deck of 50 cards. I hate 'mill' decks and would never play one. 6. MTG players MIGHT like CoCLCG, but it is much more complicated tactically than MTG, so they might prefer to stay simple and not think very hard. Chick
  5. Lodge Messenger - Type: Character Cost: 1 Skill: 1 Subtype: Lodge. Game Text: Fast. Action: Sacrifice Errand Boy to ready a ST character. F15 Hmmm, seems like FFG also have a big typo on this card. I don't know of a card named 'errand boy' so the Action can't work. They must have changed the name of the card at some point and were not detail oriented enough to change it both places. Did Marius comment on this earlier and I missed it?
  6. VERY cool list, thanks for posting it. Lodge Messenger has a big typo in his name, otherwise, outstanding. Chick
  7. That is the way of things. Shoes is an insane philosopher. You do not WANT him to make sense. If his posts make sense to you, it means you are losing sanity fast.
  8. Three Cheers for THE BIG SHOW !! Thanks for all the detailed hard work of creating the spoiler. Chick
  9. Thanks, Tokhuah ! So many INTERESTING cards, I don't know where to start with my comments. So, for once, I will use discretion, and not make any. Chick
  10. I play and enjoy both games, but, that said, generally agree with Shoes. I do not expect FFG to maintain a consistent storyline connected to any piece of art across different games. If both uses do happen to fit together thematically, I just consider that a bonus. My advice would be "don't worry about it". Both games are fun, and that is all I ask from FFG. Chick
  11. I despise lockdown decks. I think both players should be able to play their decks, not only the first one to get his combo running.
  12. If FFG are that conservative legally, then any interesting idea which you MIGHT post, they will make certain to NEVER release anything similar. I'm glad you are a clever guy, Tokhua, but your cleverness posted might block FFG from doing some neat stuff later.
  13. Your approach will work just fine, and, as you point out, plenty of fun games can be enjoyed in 'highlander' format. If your opponents are also satisfied with highlander, you will never need a second copy of any card. The universe will remain in balance. FFG will be very happy.
  14. Well, since it is not yet released, that probably answers part of your question. FG announced really recently that the next cycle of asylum packs will have silver twilight cards in all of the normal neutral slots, so the twilight can do some serious catching up in the next seven months or so.
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