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  1. Three4Flinching said: In the rules for Mission pack 1 it says that "When a swarm containing an adrenalin Genesestealer attacks and rolls a 0, the formation shifts and then the swarm attacks again. What do they mean with formation shift, does the swarm move up or down in the space marine formation? Another question, lets say that I got a swarm of 4 genestealers next to one of my space marines, does distance count when he attacks the one furthest away from him (the fourth Genestealer)? The range only affects where in the formation the enemy is does it not? I interpret this as meaning "the formation shifts [because the marine just died] and then the swarm attacks [whoever is now in front of it] again". If the marine has some special ability that lets them survive a zero, then the Adrenal will just attack them again. All Genestealers in a swarm are at the same range. It's only the steps up and down the formation that count.
  2. Agnes Baker. Good personal story, good stats, excellent general spellcaster and unbeaten combat spellcaster (I once got Storm of Spirits as one of her starting spells) Of the base game investigators, probably Bob Jenkins. Excellent starting equipment, superb Will, and good Speed, Fight and Luck. His only real weakness is a lack of starting clues, but adding his personal story more than makes up for that.
  3. LJSLarsson said: Can somebody tell me how 'Escape from Arkam Asylum' works when the monster limit is reached. Officially, I believe you put them in the Outskirts as normal, which makes the headline almost impossible to pass unless there were three free spaces on the board (not completely impossible, because CotDP also includes a Woods encounter that makes you fight monsters in the Outskirts, but close). Unofficially, I allow them to remain on the board, neither counting towards nor affected by the monster limit, until the start of the next Mythos phase. At that point any that are left move to the Outskirts immediately - perhaps raising the terror level - if there's still no space on the board for them. (That headline has been replaced with a less confusing one with a similar effect in CotDP revised edition, suggesting that FFG couldn't find a satisfying solution to the card as it was)
  4. Nameless1 said: MU (good only if you are running an expansion board) Certainly better, then. But the Miskatonic Student/Alumnus cards are very powerful in their own right, and don't need any expansion boards in play. Getting Miskatonic Student costs 5 toughness and gives you 2 clues ... but also gives you 1 clue a turn at the Science Building for free. Upgrading it to Alumnus costs 5 toughness and gives you 2 clues a turn at the Science Building for free - as well as a bonus skill which might be useful. Not quite as good as Hypnos for getting new clues into the game, but still pretty effective.
  5. Jedit said: arkhamresident said: How I read Yog-Sothoth is that is checks to see if any investigators is LiTaS at all times and if someone is they're devoured. If you get LiTaS with the Messenger and discard him to avoid being devoured you're still LiTaS after he's returned to the box so you still get devoured. Whereas I've read it as "When an Investigator becomes LITAS, he/she is devoured", as this matches event to event rather than condition to event. Except in the case of the Messenger, the difference is purely cosmetic. I don't think it's a gamebreaker to play it that way, and it does help make a slightly non-useful ally a bit more balanced. Using the original Messenger I'd probably rule your way, though, as that version was strong. Well, the new Messenger it's not an issue with whether Yog and LITAS are instant or continuous at all, since they don't prevent devouring - they just give you a 2 doom token refund if it happens.
  6. Tibs said: And then, how do these rules apply to dual-color cards? Hah, yes. That's true. Michael McGlen with Earl Sawyer meets Ithaqua in Leng. The Ancient One hasn't awakened, so Earl Sawyer is kept, and it's an easy fight. Epic Battle isn't used in dual-colour combats anyway. (On the other hand, the consequence is "get a seal, probably losing some items in the process" not "win the game", so it's no big deal if there's an exploit there)
  7. It's not just prevention of damage that's the issue, though. Anything that can reliably heal you in final fight has the same effect, so long as you had a few stamina and sanity to start with. All the single items that do that (e.g. Healing Stone) are discarded - but combinations of items that can do that are not. Carolyn Fern gets the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan (-1 sanity to cast spells), the Heal spell (1 sanity, +1 modifier, heal 1 stamina for each success), and the Ancient Language skill (+1 success to one spell check) Yig attacks, and she loses a stamina and a sanity. She then recovers a sanity using her ability, and casts Heal, using Seven Cryptical Books to remove the sanity cost, and Ancient Language to guarantee at least one success, to regain a stamina (or several)
  8. Musha Shukou said: cim said: (Madness that forces you to run away versus a monster with Ambush has already been asked, I think) And what was the answer to this? I didn't say it was answered... Presumably you just automatically fail to evade, and so either eventually get beaten up, or end up in an infinite loop (e.g. Michael McGlen gets ambushed by a Ghoul with that madness) and go mad.
  9. jgt7771 said: Tibs said: Well, say Rex gets devoured before final combat. Does Extra! Extra! remain in play, for other investigators to benefit from it? Why wouldn't it? Why would it, I guess? Oh Tibs, stop it. You're getting so wrapped up in your wisdom again that you're forgetting where it comes from. AH Manual, Devoured Investigators, page 17: "The player immediately discards all of his cards..." I think his Personal Story qualifies as one of Rex's cards, yes? Good, okay, perfectly unambiguous. Now apply that same rule to Tommy Muldoon's personal story. He passes if he's devoured. This removes a doom token. It also says "The next time the terror level would increase, discard this card instead." If the card is discarded along with the rest of his stuff, that obviously can't happen and is entirely pointless. So this one clearly stays in play until needed. But if that one stays in play, does Wilson's if he's later devoured? It also blocks terror increases - in his case, three times. But he doesn't have to be devoured to pass it. Similarly Wendy's can be discarded later to clear the Outskirts. And if Wilson's or Wendy's stays in play, why wouldn't Rex's? Or Kate's? (Or, for a negative effect, Mandy's Fail?) But on the other hand, if they do stay in play, what happens with Norman's pass (who rolls the dice)? Or - stretching it a bit! - Jim's? (I think that's all the ones with ongoing effects that don't solely apply to the owning investigator)
  10. Tibs said: Agents can't arrest Riots because Riots are spawn monsters. From the sheet: "[...] and then return the monster to the monster cup (or, in the case of Spawn monsters, to wherever the token was placed during setup). [...]" So I think they're one of the few special effects that can get Spawns. I suppose that makes them a little less useless, but most Spawn monsters are themselves really tough. Servants of Glaaki are only two toughness, but that's still six clues to get rid of them, and they're relatively easy to fight. Still, the rate is still pretty bad. Fisticuffs will swap 2 clues for one combat success, so worst case it takes 6 clues to kill a 3-toughness monster. Agents take 8 clues at best, and there's no guarantee the monster you want killed will ever go near them. One clue per agent would make far more sense. Of course, Roland Banks, quite thematically in fact, can put quite a few agents down without really wasting clues - especially if he can pick up one of the "exhaust instead of spending a clue" powers. But still, 2 clues is too much even then. Reading the MU sheet more carefully, you can't do the trophies-for-clues trade on an Expedition anyway - just use the other powers of the MU institution. So that's not actually an issue.
  11. Another question: the same Investigator gets the Madness that forces you to attack, and the Madness that forces you to run away. What happens if they meet a monster? (Madness that forces you to run away versus a monster with Ambush has already been asked, I think)
  12. Tibs said: But agents are removed when they don't kill a monster. Plus, you need more than the monster's toughness: all the monsters of interest have three toughness, so that's four agents—eight clues—and you'd better hope that no other monsters waltz by and whittle them down! I don't like "right situation" because this is supposed to be a universal component. I don't want them to be truly worth their cost only with a couple AOs and one herald. Two heralds. Getting them to arrest the riots might be quite handy. But again, 4 agents needed. Putting a couple on Joe Sargeant's Bus Service or outside Wizard's Hill might let you ignore Dunwich/Innsmouth for a couple of extra turns later. Arguably the ally-retrieving powers are the more effective half of the institution anyway, though. (That said, if 5 clues for an ally was a good deal, Jenny and Hank's personal stories would see a lot more passes, and Ryan Dean - "only" 3 clues - would join the team far more often. On the other hand, if you can keep William Bain, or Granny Orne, or Professor Rice around that way, perhaps it is worth it)
  13. Tibs said: Musha: 1. I like that justification for Silas, in the same way that Gloria shouldn't draw two OW cards, and note that one is an Innsmouth "discard and draw again" and draw two more (ending with three). 3. Right, Tsathoggua cancels all location abilities, and I suspect that the Institution's allowances do not count. Okay, so if Tsathoggua doesn't cancel the Institution abilities, you can put an Expedition down. One of the Expedition powers is to use the Science Building powers (both the 5 toughness for 2 clues trade in AE, and the 1 or 2 clues for being there in Upkeep as a Miskatonic Student/Alumnus) from the Expedition site. Clearly the Upkeep power still works, but does the "use the Science Building from here" power work? (I'd say "no", but if Miskatonic Alumnus works you can trade in trophies for clues pretty effectively that way, so that's not a big loss to the Institution)
  14. There's going to be a few of them, so it probably makes sense to start a thread for them. Here's my first three. 1) If Silas Marsh draws an Innsmouth Look card, and one of the new MH cards is included in his draw, they all say "draw an additional Innsmouth Look card". Does he draw 1 extra or 2 extra as a result of this? (2 seems to be the literal reading, 1 seems to make more sense) 2) If the Agency Institution is in play, when an Ally would be returned to the box, it may instead be placed by an expansion board, to be collected later by an Investigator for 5 clues. If you have all three expansion boards in play, does this mean that - assuming no other "return to box" effects happen - Glaaki's first servant only enters play at Terror Level 4? (I expect it does mean this, but it would be a significant boost to the Agency's effectiveness) 3) If the Miskatonic University Institution is in play, are all its various abilities for "instead of an encounter" options also blocked by Tsathoggua? (I assume so, which would make this institution basically useless with Tsathoggua)
  15. Avi_dreader said: So. What custom rule can we make to incentivize the drawing of exhibit items when The Dark Pharoah is herald? Perhaps investigators must discard a total of four exhibit items between them when the doom track is at nine or all investigators are devoured? Insert Cursed Relics into the deck somewhere between the 5th and 8th cards, and disallow Unique Items for paying it off?
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