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  1. Thank you guys for the help.
  2. Hey, we played Forbidden Stars and came across some questions: 1) Using the Ultramarines special ability with the dominate order - does the Ultra-Player need the correct Command limit to upgrade a scout to Space Marine or a SM to a Land Raider? 2) Using the Chaos special ability with the dominate order - can the cultists "move" through a Warp Storm? 3) Can a player move two systems if she/he is using an order to attack the first system and then another to attack a system adjacent to the first one? 4) Using the orbital bombardement - are the hits rolled applied to one unit or are all units on the planet hit by the number oof rolled hits? Thx
  3. Hey, one of the Trandoshan Hunters is missing its arms and I contacted FFG a while ago, but nothing so far :/
  4. Amehdaus said: Gains/Losses Papa Nurgle, Lord of Despair: Gain any time the character convinces someone their venture is a lost cause, has an opportunity to inspire hope and chooses not to try, spreads the gifts of Nurgle (disease) knowingly or not. Lose any time the character inspires hope, achieves appropriate medical care for the sick. Nurgle. Nurgle loves all life. Minor Blessing: Your actions in combat gain [bo]: +1 Soak until the start of your next turn. You don't quite feel pain as you once did. Blessing: When you spend a fortune on a Resilience check, roll an Expertise die instead -- unless that resilience check is related to Disease. You feel hardy against all the challenges of the world, all except that nagging cough. Major Blessing: Mark of Nurgle Evidence of Chaos: If you stay in the same lodgings for more than 3 days, cockroaches and other vermin congregate in unsettling numbers. I really like that!
  5. I really like drinking contests with Troll Slayers. They are always fun, especially if you add a Kislevite to the contest.
  6. Decessor said: Nurgle said: My beautiful plage knife Wait a second... Waiting a second for my virus to do its work.....
  7. My beautiful plage knife
  8. What is the attraction for WH40k players? Horus Heresy.....do I need to say more
  9. Watch out, that sounds too good to be true.....could be a trap by the chaos gods
  10. I really hate Tau.....time to crush them
  11. Another one of those tirings threads....why are there no "I want to play a Xenos-Space Marine" threads? All the Elf-Players crying cause they want to play an Eldar-Marine. What about midget-Marines? or Transgender-Marines? Why cant my cat use a microwave?...........
  12. This discussion is old as it is tiresome....if you like the background story ..great...if you want to do your own female marines - i dont care bout background than fine...but please stop crying
  13. Nojo509 said: So players can't play female characters? No
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