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  1. I would be quite happy with current faith system as presented in BoM if only these talents were triggered by mechanic similiar to Deathwatch Demaneurs so yes, there are miracles (are they:P) in 40k, but in game they should be represented by some strong roleplaying.
  2. Are there any new Ship Backround Packages?
  3. It could easily be Insolitus-Diligo pattern "Doomsday" atomic. You can survive this nuclear blast only in deepest asteroid mineshafts.
  4. Jutlander said: Going back to the original post, I would love for the book to contain rules for Nocturnal Warriors of Hrud, Tarellian Dog-Soldiers, Kroot, Kroot Hounds, Krootox, Necrons, Harlequins, Slann (not the Old Slann/Old Ones, the Aztec frog-like humanoids), and Noise Marines. Good calls, but there is so much more, hyper-violent Barghesi, Khrave mind-eaters, Donorian Clawed Fiends, Tlexian Elite, Nicassar, Umbra, dozens of different Stealer hybrids...
  5. Good work sir, Fire Hawks rocks Do you have any plans for making Carcharodons Astra or other IA Badab serie Chapters? (such as Minotaurs, Exorcists or Executioners)
  6. I personaly think that we need more lesser known/mainstream and unique xenos. This is what I consider one of the greatest achievments of Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader, we got such wonderful concepts as Yu´vath, Rak-Gol, Slaught, Cryptos... And there are many more to be explored, Hrud, Barghesi, Ur-Ghouls, Khrave, Children of Kingdom. I know that Carnifex is iconic Carnifex, but I´d love to send a kill-team against Court of Exiled Ur-King or let them safe an ancient relic in face of full warp spawned Hrud migration.
  7. *lost in thought after reading this thread* How will I make Carchadoron character... *evil laughter from abyss beneath galactic plane* Would you describe Mk V Heresy armour rulewise and in comparision with others? I still consider it the most so-frakking.ugly-that-it´s-beutiful power armour ever, despite its description as being inferior to earlier and latter marks.
  8. Are there any Trappings for Successor Chapters?
  9. How do Successor Chapters differ from original ones (rules and mechanics wise)? Are they something like Unique Origins in DH which slightly change the Origin, are they unique or are they without rules? Can describe them on example of Flesh Tearers, please? (I never liked Blood Angels, but I´m definitely sold on Seth´s lot)
  10. +... when there are two players, one of which want to play a male Sister of Battle and second female Space Marine! +... and of course, scenario prepared by GM is about undercover infiltration in techno-mercantile circles...
  11. + ... when player new to the universe is suprised that his character is shot/eviserated/immolated by others without second thought if the situation requires it. +... use phrase "heartless machine" as insult to your tech specialist, and he takes it as compliment +... meet worm-that-walks and it tries to eat you!
  12. Just two quotes: "Well, that was unexpected..." and "NOBODY EXPECTS IMPERIAL INQUISITION!" Nice too see some support for Ascension, by the way:)
  13. Cromwell Bootstrap said: Spoilers Finally we get a write up for Sendak Voltrasse, one of Karad Valls unwilling thralls. He is pretty messed up and scary - a zombie wizard pirate in the worst sense. He has a murder cruiser - the Promise of Sedition that is quite nippy and packs some serious plasma firepower. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NinjaPirateZombieRobot Oh, thanks for info:) Is it written/implied who are those Chaos Marines? Traitor Legions/Renegades, or even specific warband?
  14. Can you tell us more about Chaos Reavers, especialy but not only about Saynay Clan? Backround, NPCs, ships and such?
  15. I just want to remind everybody of this book, which is made of more win than natural child of Chuck Norris and Sebastian Yarrick. IA9 is absolute must-read for any SM fan and still a good thing for anybody else. Describing the events of infamous Badab rebellion, it shows us possibly the greatest insight into Astartes psychology, art of waging war, conflicts and misunderstandings with common humans and differencies between various Chapters ever. And in bring us descriptions of several less-known Chapters, their history, psychology, traditions, famous campaigns and it shows, that not only SW, BA and BT are quite divergent from codex. Converting them into Deathwatch RPG would be possibly beyond awesome. There are heroic but arogant Astral Claws (and as little spoiler, their relatives Tiger Claws). quarrelsome, genocidal and furious Fire Hawks, masters of the void and void combat, the Marines Errant, pure and proud Red Scorpions, young rising star of astartes, the Fire Angels, grim and stealthy Raptors, cursed Lamenters, codex-adhering Novamarines, dedicated and honourable Howling Griffons... ...and more to come in IA10. Repeating myself, this book is recomended for all Deathwatch gamers, SM fans and backround-addicts.
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