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  1. You can't choose to destroy units during battle, check rulebook page 22 (sidebar) "During the active player's turn. except during a battle, he may voluntarily destroy his own units, bases, and transports."
  2. I will get new tokens to game from my shop where I ordered SC: TBG. They said they have unused, packed tokens and they don't need.
  3. Big thanks for help haslo. Your advices should help to save this damned tokens in good condition. I will think about buying GW varnish. Thanks again mate.
  4. I see. How much does it cost? This varnish? I saw one on my game shop. It's name is Purity Seal (Satin Varnish) Spray. It will be ok? Or can I use also normal varnish for nails?
  5. I've bought my SC: TBG about 2 weeks ago. And I have a big problem with Order Tokens. After these 2 weeks (we are playing SC only weekends) some Order Tokens are pretty wear down. If it goes more there nothing left on this tokens. Do you guys know how to protect Order Tokens from this? How are your tokens looking? Anyone has this same problem with wearing down Orders Tokens?
  6. So it seems you can play those reinforcement event cards on any empty area. Thanks for help.
  7. Thanks for answers guys. haslo u understood my question correctly. That I want to know. But I'm still not sure with question number 1 coz your answers was diffrent. And this is still confusing problem. I was thinking that is possible to put units from Event Card anywhere coz you can build new units on active planet (with active build order) where you have base already. In Regrouping Phase during step 8 there isn't any active Build Order when you are playing this card.
  8. I got my SC: TBG (without expansion for now) few days ago. We played around 10 games till today. And I have few problems with rules. First problem is about taking Event Card instead executing order. Let's says player was planning build a base on an empty planet. He is ready to do this (he got transport and units from previous round) so he puting Build Order. But another player who puts orders also on that planet. In Execution Phase it's come to this that this First Player units was anihilated and he got his last Build Order on planet without any his units. My question is: Does he still must take Event Card instead executing this order even this order is now useless since he can't build base what he was firstly planning to do? And got few questions about Event Cards: 1. Some Event Cards, for example Air Support, says: Immediately gains the following units in one friendly or empty area. 1 free Wraith OR 1 free Mutalisk OR 1 free 1Scout. My questions about this type of cards is: Can I place this units on any empty area on any planet? Or only on planet where I have build base? 2. After point 8 of Regrouping Phase - Play Event Cards I've decided that I will play/keep for example card named Flawless Attack Plan. This card description says Place in your play area Discard at the start of a battle: In this battle, you gain +2 attack in each skirmish. Should I reveal this type (giving advantage during battle) of cards for all players or just place them in my place aread without showing it to anyone ?
  9. BroLuk

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    My beloved fraction is Tassadar.
  10. Big Remy as usually helping all people. Thanks mate.
  11. We have 1 problem with Rest Order Token and Effect Tokens (for example bleed or burn). Rule book says "A hero that has placed a rest order may use it at the start of his next turn (...)" And further is written "A rest order stays with a hero until removed by one of the following events: 1) the hero take one or more wounds (...)" And about Lingering Effects. For example Burn says: "At the start of each of that figure's turns, its owner must roll a power die for each burn token on the figure. (...) The figure then suffers one wound for each burn token that remains on it." My question is what hero have to do first? Discard rest token and get full fatigue or roll for burn tokens and get damage if some do not disapear? Coz if he roll first for tokens and if some remains he gains wound and rest token is discarded. This situation make some serious discussion in our group. If someone can help with it I will be greatful. Thanks.
  12. You are limited to number of dice that is included in game (basic JitD). You can't roll for 4 greens. This is obvious.
  13. I know there is 1 expansion for TI3 (Shattered Imperium). But some older players can tell me how many expansions was in 1st edition of TI?? Coz I heard there was many of them. And 1 more question. Does anyone know that FFG planning create more expansions than 1 expansion for 3rd edition??
  14. Well flying figure ignoring aura, grapple etc when it is flying over character with those skills. But if it land on adjecent space to make attack he gets dmg from aura, grapple starting working. About guard if melee hero want to use it on flying figure he has to wait till this figure will land to make attack on adjecent space. Range and magic can make attack during moving of flying figure.
  15. Leadership (AoD) "When you declare a Ready action, you may immediately 1 fatigue to take 3 half actions instead of 2 half actions (one half action must still be an order half action) (...)" So as you may see you card doesn't says it must be different half actions. But I'm not sure becouse AoD rule book say "Now, when a hero readies, he reacives two different half actions (...)" So it seems you can make 2 attacks but I'm not sure at all. Coz if you reacive 3 actions instead 2 different half actions you have to make 3 different half actions.
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