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  1. psanfem2

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    What is this game abou? is it similar to RISK??
  2. Looks quite interesting, i love GO and now i would like to try TtD... I think i would like it.
  3. psanfem2


    Which one will you buy, Mag Blast or Munchkin? Which one is the funniest? or recomend me another interesting game please.
  4. What is this game about? Looks quite funny...
  5. Let's think you have built 7 districts 3 of them worth 2 and the other 4 just 1, you have 10 points, and if you end the game you are getting less points than another player with just 3 districts built, maybe you would like to remove one of your 1-point-districts and build another one bigger. Unless you wanna lose. (Sorry for my english... i hope you understand what i'm trying to say )
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