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  1. OK, that holiday without me getting around to reinstall anything. But now I finally got around to reinstall GoLive which mean that I have uploaded my Ascension Sheet along with an Italian version of my DH sheet. You can find it here. ZillaPrime: I had finished the sheet before the original post. Working with forms in Adobe Acrobat Pro is very slow work and generally not working that well. So I'm not going to change the design of the sheet. I hope you will like it anyway. I have been thinking about making a page with Psy Powers, but haven't got around to do it.
  2. ZillaPrime: I haven't stopped playing if you were referring to me. I have had a lot of problems with my computer and old programs no working, making it difficult to opload new stuff to www.annebo.dk oh… and I have a lot less time to do stuff like this. I have made an Ascension sheet that’s editable and you can save. It can be used for DH as well. I will try to get my old GoLive working again in my coming holiday, so I can update my site. I will let you know.
  3. Yes that's me from little Denmark. If you like to contact me, then use the mail bottom on my site. I have used a lot of your stuffideas. I'm going to play Ascension soon,are thinking about updating my DH char sheet to Ascension. I also have an italian sheet that I should upload.
  4. You can download the combat action sheet that I have made along with other good stuff here: http://www.annebo.dk/Pages/Roleplay/Index_Roleplay.html And you find my editable character sheet here: http://www.annebo.dk/Pages/Roleplay/Pages/Character_sheet.html#Dark_Heresy_anchor Enjoy
  5. I think it will require a Ag test or two to get the heart in the Steel Clock. ZillaPrime: How did they handle the Widower?
  6. Adding some things from Lady Solace and a Hell heart seems like a good idea. Thanks I don't think he will use flesh carvings at least not to his head, as seems to use his handsomeness to deceive people.
  7. That's the way I played it. The argument from some players was that the demons are from the warp and should be able to control it better.
  8. When a demon roll a 9 trying to manifest a psy power, does that cause Psychic phenomena/Perils of the Warp? We started to discussed this because Horrors (page 352 in the rulebook) are immune to Perils of the Warp.
  9. Hi Heron Mask doesn't seems to be a match for the Widower, if there isn't added a little extra. Have anyone added psy or sorcery powers to Him that I could reuse? Thanks
  10. It's just me that's slow it seems. I hadn't realized you had added a start page where you have to click to enter.
  11. I hope Dark Reign will be back online some time soon, but while we wait, people still wants to download character sheets. So here is a link to my 3 page editable DH sheet And a link to Index Terribilis and a combat sheet Please post more links other sheets and stuff in this thread.
  12. Last time I played “Death takes a Holiday” it went really bad, and my players said that they lacked reasons to go into the colony through orcs and Dolgans. It led to an interesting discussion about what things each liked about roleplaying. So I guess would like a second reason or quest to get the players into the colony on top of orders and advice from the Tsars agents.
  13. I can se the magic users trading information, and the Tsars agents intercepting a correspondence. (Believing them both being elves) They are already getting orders to go to the colony, when they return from the temple. So I'm not sure how it increases the need to talk to the dwarf necromancer? If they believe that Sulring got a magic item from the temple, then the dwarf wound want to returne the item to dwarf hands. It gives the party has extra reason to go to Bolgasgrad(or another town) besides the Tsars orders.
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