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  1. Happy Doctor Who day everyone!
  2. When you tractor beam a Starviper with the MK II title and you barrel roll it, does the starviper get tractor beamed with a stright one or the bank one manoeuvre?
  3. I feel something like this should of came out at the start of the year at least with The Spirt of Rebellion, not now as most people would of bought something to hold their Destiny stuff already. The cover art is nice but this is not for me. For me it's to late as I have a large binder that can hold my cards (should hold 3 waves of cards when I get Empaire at War) that are not being used in making decks and a bag with 5 layers of foam (3 holding decks and dice with tokens) and 2 full of dice and a large box for my extra dice am not using or for trading.
  4. Torg

    The Wishlist

    Agent Kallus would work, also any officer that's has been released for both sides in IA will work in a game like Star Wars Legion, but Agent Kallus leading a force would be cool.
  5. Well the Star Wars Legion Core Set is listed as in development above the wave XII X wing ships so there might be a limited number released before Xmas but who knows for sure, after all this is the end of August, do you think they can get Wave XII and Legion out for the Last Jedi movie? if they do, it will be limited to North Armerica like they did for Wave X for X Wing and the rest of the world mid January, but lets hope FFG have got thing organised for the Hoiiday's this year!
  6. Why are you talking about killing a brand new game like Rune Wars Miniatures that been out for less then 6 months - the weak part of RW is that the lore is not there yet, just give it time to build up the game lore and it will be a good game in time - with each army release and army general there should be more lore added to the game. For the people who say the lore of the game is not important then I will direct you to GW, they understand the importance of lore that's why over the year's we got lore in each Army book/Codex as well as the books comics and in White Dwarf - it helps to promote the game and give us an insight of each army and commanders of the army's. People after watching the Star Wars movies & cartoons, reading the books and comics know the Star Wars univerise where as the people know very little about Terrinoth and the Rune Wars IP at this time. There is room for both Rune Wars Miniatures and Star Wars Legion in the gaming world just like GW as Age of Sigmar and 40K
  7. Torg

    Stealing castles

    I just got the game today and we played as you need to roll the regular Daimyo in one roll and the Special Daimyo in a diffrent roll but the roll for the Special Daimyo can be rolled any time, just comes down to the dice rolls you make per roll as normal.
  8. Time for a Kindle buddy boy
  9. The real weakness in a list like this is using the handshakes, forget one and you are going to have a bad day!
  10. 7 points for HLC and 5 points for Outrider title = 12 points, thats the same as the Punishing One Title
  11. I totally agree with you Johen Dood, but it seems the Empire is too powerful so they need to be nerfed by FFG and not the Rebel Resistance like Luke/Leia/Han and so on as you see in the movies. When I seen the Arc Caster at first thought about the Tie/D for Maarek Stele but then seen Rebel scum and Scummy scum scum scum only - gits
  12. Am a big fan of Dash with Outrider - Mangler with Lando crew - give the experimental interface and Tickshot and he can be annoying - It's a gamble but that's what Dash is good at, right?
  13. Torg

    Genesys Announced

    The question is, will FFG do a source book for Runebound universe, after all they own the IP and would be a good way to flesh out the whole history of Terrinoth.
  14. Do you smell it? all that stinky cheese from this combo (and other's like it) - it will have to be fixed soon.
  15. The problem is the power creep we see atm is in Scum and Rebels, leaving the Imperial behind and the damage is at a point that Imperial list may not be able to deal with the Rebel and Scums list's.
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