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  1. vermillian said: Man ditch that battle spirits and play Duel masters (the original game designed by the designers of Battle Spirits, so i hear). That'd be great if DM wasn't cancelled in America close to 3 years ago.
  2. Outside of the SP engine and a few cards, the vast majority of deck search in Pokemon is limited to Supporters, which you can only play one of per turn. In a way, making them more balanced than something like Computer Search which was a (unlimited) Trainer card.
  3. I'm not sure it counts as a 'good time' but the memory that sticks out in my head the most has to be the time that the 'Impersonator' or whatever he liked to call himself was posing as different forum members and admin. FFG was trying to take him out all day. XD
  4. Dams said: With all problems licences, I think FFG want to have an all master licence about one support. I'm the first one who's glad to see capcom vs marvel superheroes but FFG'll need to have one licence from capcon, another one for Strider hiryu, another one from Marvel. It'll be a real big headache. Um, why would Strider require the okay from anyone other than Capcom? I'm assuming you are reffering to a Marvel vs. Capcom license in general, yes?
  5. I can't really answer your question, but I really wanted to post my approval for a tournament in the Disneyland area. That's an absolutely genious idea.
  6. Well, the interview with Steve appears to have been posted on the main page. But I think the download link is incorrect, this is definately an older episode.
  7. This may be kind of petty, but I've always been curious as to why Capcom and SNK have had their logos plastered on the backs of boosters and playmats yet Namco Bandai's logo has never been featured on a wrapper or playmat to date. If you could slip this into the interview, it would be much appreciated!
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