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  1. Hi When using a Feast of Crows expansion, we should use the original housecards. But should we not be using a Dance with Dragons housecards??? The reason is that the characters in Feast of Crows includes Littlefinger and the daughter of Stark from after both Robb and Ned is dead. The north belongs to House Bolton and not Stark. And if we use the Dance with Dragons housecards, how does it affect the game? Anyone? or am i missing something??
  2. Astral


    Hi Thanks you for the information so far. I hope you find the BFG-magasine. A
  3. Hi I wonder what is the normal aging in Warhammer 40k? If a rouge trader player would like to start playing with a 200years old person, is that old or young? It is probably a big difference between a person born on a feral world or void born. But I have little knowledge how old an Inquisitor should/could be? or how old a rouge trader should be? how long can a character live, before dying of old age? Best regards
  4. But empty or damaged ships in Warp, have been bought out. Can a person travel between ships in the Warp? or do one ship pull (by wires) the empty out of Warp?
  5. A Craftworld. That would be something to hide. Do Craftworlds travel the Realspace, the Webway or Warp? I thought Eldar dont use Warp? Why do they have a Runecaster if they dont use the Warp?
  6. Hi The Crow Spirits are a dangerous and mystic eldar fleet in the halo stars, connected with Ulthyr Ellarion from Dark Heresy. Do you have any thoughts for what they are hiding? They are too powerful to not be hiding something. Could it be a created paradise world? An ancient artifact connected to what Ellarion is seeking? Thanks
  7. Arbentur said: Well in the Inquisitor's Handbook it's got the Psycannon Bolts, Psy-Jammers, and Psy-Trackers... Yes, I know, and under psycannon bolts, the psycannon is mentioned, but only in words. I thought that a Culexus would have the untouchable talent from DofDG and psy-tracker, but I'm not sure what to do with the weapon.
  8. Perhaps the Animus could be a boltgun or bolt pistol with psycannon bolts?
  9. Hi I'm fielding a campain where the players could meet heretic psycers, and have thought about using a Culexus assassin of anti-psy weapons. So I wonder if anyone have thought about the rules for; Psycannon Animus speculum used by the Culexus Psyk-out granades or other useful stuff I have not thought about Thanks for any help
  10. Thomas said: Hi - you could try: www.malleus.dk/Ordo Notable content include: Maps Blueprints for vehicle and starships Name Generator NPC Generator, that allows you to completely edit your NPC and advancement through ranks. Detailed information about the oribital space station of Scintilla. If you create an account you will be able to save the NPCs you create, for the next time you return to the site. Regards Thomas Indeed a very nice site
  11. There is probably a balance somewhere between ships, tech, VC and so on. There is two reasons why I would by tech To win objectives.....1 vc for 3 tech of the same color, and so on Some races like Mentak need a starting tech to gain the upper hand Aslo PDS-grid is great for races like Jol-nar But.....we have a couple of players in my group that ALWAYS take tech if they can.....they NEVER win.
  12. I agree with Tawnos76, that it should be voted for pre-race-handout. All of the races are cool in their own way, thats what makes this game great. And they all seen more or less balanced. In my group we also use some of Grummores races (Firijji and Tlet). It is fun to have that many races, because no game is alike. The only thing I personally would like, as mentioned before, if that Federation of Sol should always play, just because I like the thought that humans colonize the galaxy.
  13. sigmazero13 said: Astral said: I have to say Winnu.....nice abilities, great race tech, fine art and I love their background. Do you still find them to have a "great race tech" with the FAQ change? I haven't played with the Winnu since the change, so I can't say either way. I see you point, have not seen the rule before. Do this mean that Winnu only could trade one AC for one TradeGood each round? If so, it is not that good anymore, and a sad thing for Winnu.
  14. I have to say Winnu.....nice abilities, great race tech, fine art and I love their background. Hacan is also nice. The race I dont like is Sardakk norr.....boring abilities, and Mentak because....I just dont like them (perhaps because all the other players in my group like them). At last, every game should have federation of Sol....because human has to take part in galaxy games.
  15. I just wonder. Is Rogue trader using the exact same system as Dark heresy? If not.....why? If yes....whay is rogue trader not a expansion for Dark heresy, slik inquisitors handbook?
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