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  1. I adore Last Night on Earth as it (IMHO) strikes all the right notes – but in Touch of Evil (and other games of Flying Frog) it simply comes across as sloppy (bad hairdos, cheap costumes without any sense of coherence, mostly too young actors who are not able to "sell" it). YMMV. Back to Blood Bound: no, I don't see any reason for the decision to use photographic artwork, other than "trying something different" here … I give all the makers behind the game kudos just for trying something new and not going the beaten path.
  2. Granted, the box artwork looks strange (due to the odd match of painted and not very convincing daggers and two heavily photoshopped but still recognizably photographed heads), though its composition is fine. I actually like the card artwork itself very much, for me it is a welcome change to the standard paintings. The models, most of them not professionals, never show cheesy expressions, which so often happens with Flying Frog Games (one can debate about some of their outfits or makeups, of course). All this quickly vanishes when you first play this game, naturally: for me it easily outshines The Resistance, Werewolves, Bang (if Fantasy Flight Games kept the essence of the original prototype, that is). Do not dismiss this because you don't like the artwork, you most certainly would make be a big mistake.
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