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  1. My group started using feats in the middle of our campaign, since we got ToI about 3 sessions in. Elsewhere on this forum, one of the designers (Kevin, I think) made some post or another about the use of feats in RtL, which has worked out pretty well for us. In short, you get one feat at the beginning of the game. You get one feat every time you activate a glyph. You max out at (usually) 4 cards. Share and enjoy. They definitely make for more dramatic moments since we can throw down one of these cards and do some really cool stuff. It also helps our survivability in light of the treachery that the OL gets to play with.
  2. I concurr. I would actually suggest skipping Altar of Despair, since IMO it has some of the most abusive stuff in the Descent-verse. My group started off with just JitD, WoD, and RtL and got on smashingly (except for one particular rumor dungeon which is all AoD populated). We added AoD a few months ago, and found it to be ridiculous. That doesn't stop us from using it, but it has brought on a greater-than-average amount of rules arguments and abusive combinations (like the dreaded Gauntlets/Master Archer combo of doom) ToI has been interesting. Lots of neat stuff for both sides, but that stealth die makes everybody want to throw things.
  3. In our campaign, the guy packing the heat is Ispher, but really it works for anybody with a penchant for shooting and at least 4 fatigue: Weapon: Ripper Items: Gauntlets (the ones that allow fatigue recovery on a surge), and Archer's Charm Skills: Master Archer, Rapid Fire, Eagle Eye Oh, and: 2 ranged upgrades for a total of 4 black dice in shooting. In this combo, from full fatigue against enemies up to 6 squares away, he got off around 20 shots and stopped only because he had run out of targets (in the graveyard, no less. Our OL was mightily hacked) Mathwise: two free surges from master archer guarantee a fatigue point, and 7 dice being rolled average out at least another 2. The combined Pierce of the combo is 5 (from the Ripper, Eagle Eye, and the Charm). Short of rolling a miss, and the Ripper allows the reroll of a single die, so a series of misses, it is highly improbable that this combo will not kill everything within LOS and 6-8 spaces. Even as a player, this is overkill....... As a solution, we have instigated this house rule: The number of bonus shots that may be taken in a single action is limited to the base number of Fatigue points the character has (in this case, 4). This seems to work reasonably well, since the rest of us were feeling left out of the action while Ispher dominated the scene (with his snazzy Van Helsing crossbow)
  4. poobaloo said: Speaking of curses, why with RTL were curses completely nerfed! Probably because RtL had to be compatible with JitD, and curses were from the expansions. There's still plenty of nastiness you can drop on the party, with even more if you have one or more of the expansions
  5. I'm not sure about this, but do the heroes get full recovery when they enter bad-guy central? If they don't, then you can take the opportunity to hurt them in the dungeon and force them to start the final stage at a significant deficit. I like to do this to my group when they get nearby a Lt. and have aspirations of wailing on them. A hero party that has several members at 1/4 or less wounds is more likely to go find something else to occupy their time rather than mobbing your personal sidekicks. If nothing else, you can force them to spend that last buy in temple rather than in training Assuming that works, of course
  6. I prefer the Avatars that take up more than one space. I've played (and won) using the Demon Lord. The Avatar-specifc upgrades and such aren't terribly useful until final jeopardy, but his inherent abilites can really frag up the heroes (Fear 5 especially) In my personal view, I like an avatar that dwarfs the heroes, making them look pitiful and insignificant next to my majesty as I crush the life out of them with a mere wave of my (insert limb name here). I'm going Great Wyrm next time
  7. you might be better served letting the hero party take 2-4 members, and letting your cousin play all of them. Otherwise you may want to give some bennies to the single character, (like letting them pick their character, or giving them bonus health or fatigue, or starting them with some better equipment) since they're working from a severe deficit. The deficit in question being about 1/8 as effective as a whole party.
  8. My group ruled that the tree counted as an obstacle, therefore the tree and the effects of the tree were negated, although that wouldn't have worked if they'd shot through one tree into a character standing in another tree
  9. My team got careless and allowed a pair of hellhounds to be summoned nearby the villagers. The paired breath weapons would likely have wiped out the lot if the OL hadn't botched the rolls. Otherwise, yes it is highly unlikely that the big demon guy is going to make an appearance. Use this time to load up on threat so that you can make the heroes terribly miserable in the next dungeon
  10. It seems likely that any floor based traps would have no effect, since flying allows the character to zip over obstacles that could normally be moved over. Door traps and chest traps would likely have an effect, as would crushing block, since that falls from the ceiling
  11. My group has a gentlemens rule not to use crushing blow.. Largely because the retirbution on the slob that does use it is both terrible and epic in the next campaign
  12. I'd certainly argue in favor of it
  13. I'd personally try for two melee, a shooter, and a blaster. One of each and a speedster comes well-recommended as well, though. Choose your starting skill carefully, cuz it's going to be all you get for about 5 turns. Purchase your gear as a party, not as individual players (meaning, get what you need and put it on the one it'll do the most good on). Go for a dungeon right away. Don't be afraid to retreat if it gets ugly though. My group likes to take a quick run south to warm up, then leave and end the week in Tamalir, making sure to buy the boat, then make a run for the Copper dungeon with the phat, phat loot. Use that loot to get, the staff and the map, then roll over to the secret training area to get that ultra neat wound upgrade don't go after a Lt. until you've accumulated some treasures (preferably some that will improve your damage profile. Lt.s take a lot of killing) If you don't have some master plan for acquiring skills (like, you want 3 great skills that taste great together), go for dice. Start upgrading dice to the next level once you get to 4. It always helps to know you can burn fatigue to potentially get one more hit when you need it.
  14. As I understand it (and I love using this plot) it puts a big tower of naughtyness in the middle of the rubble of a razed city, much like a massive upraised middle finger, with a big field of go-away-ness that prevents the heroes from going in and trashing the place. They can walk by and scowl all at it they like (In fact, I always encouraged my heroes to take in the sights whenever they meandered through a former town with one of my temples in it), but can do nothing until my power is broken. I think I might have been the first OL with intentions to form a tourism board....
  15. Some of them are reprints, cards that have been updated when a new expansion came out. If you have a duplicate, you should usually put aside the card with no markings and keep the card with a little marker in the corner (indicating what expansion it's from)
  16. I suppose they did have to alter the text of the card to allow for the Concentrate action (or whatever its called) that appears in AoD, but still, really sloppy work.
  17. I couldn't find it in the FAQ, although I'm willing to accept that it's in that 70-odd page thread involving earlier rules quiestions from the older board. You'd think that would have been something they would have addressed, though
  18. Unless the card specifies that the half actions have to be different (and I'm pretty sure it doesn't), you can do a move/move/ready or a attack/attack/ready. Keep in mind it does cost a fatigue, and it doesn't count as a run action or a battle action for purposes of ability use affected by either of those options.
  19. Victory starts with party composition. Try for 2 melee, 1 ranged, and 1 magic. Invest wisely in gear. Ghost Armor should go on whoever has the most unused fatigue (as in, doesn't need fatigue to power their skills. Don't let the player who doesn't pay attention have Leadership For RtL: Choose that starting skill carefully. It's got to get you through the worst part of the game for the heroes. For RtL: Dice upgrades are generally more efficient than additional skills, especially when you get those Gold items that make really efficient use of surges. For RtL: Hit those special training areas when you can. The most of the stuff you can pick up there can't be found anywhere else, and it can make a lot of difference in the long run. For RtL: The copper and silver dungeons are almost a must-do. The Gold is pretty much optional, but not as great as the other two
  20. Refer to you do, the snazzy cloaks, assume I. While the damage may ignore the armor, consensus in previous boards was that the nifty additional effect of the armor (roll dice to avoid wounds) was all comfy and intact, making it the armor to have if you have some maniacal Overlord trying to trap the snot out of you.
  21. Antistone said: You have heard of fatigue, right? I have, and I am well aware it is a limited resource, especially among tanks. They'll be able to toss out a couple of attacks, but eventually they will run out. Unless you're packing a bunch of fatigue potions, that means a rest action, which is interrupted by damage. My suggestion stands. They will certainly be able to beat up a fair number of baddies, but numbers and distance will frag them up in the long run. Like when they run out of fatigue and are trying to chase the baddies into a corner, getting peppered all the while. Frustration is a wonderful motivator. And if you play RtL, the first critter in an outdoor encouter with Soar will *really* mess their preconceptions up
  22. In my group, we allow the addition of dice after all rolls have been finalized. Truth is, the OL is already pretty brutal, and a little edge to the party ceratinly helps
  23. I think throwing down Gust of Wind could give you a single turn of deployment that could be used to devastating advantage.
  24. theres a rule that says that you swap out cards purchased with treachery for cards already in the OL deck. Presumably, that's to keep the deck size the same.
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