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  1. That's great I've found some small fixes already (>_>) so I'll upload an updated csv to the repository ASAP. While fiddling with the program to check out translation errors, I've thought about a couple of possible improvements that might be interesting to add: Free text option for Advantages/Disadvantages (Part 4: Strengths and Weaknesses): Seeing as you can create your own, it would be nice to be able to add free text there for custom distinctions, adversities, passions and anxieties. Related to that one, it would be very cool to be able to add custom Advantages/disadvantages after chargen. Also related: Is there a way to add full new custom equipment? Apart from modding already existing one I mean. Lastly, how about NPC creation? That would be very cool to add, particularly with templates and with the ability to print multiples in a single page, or maybe as cards or something... Anyways, just throwing out ideas there
  2. @AltitudeMatters, this is incredible work. Thank you very much for all your hard work I was planning on translating it into spanish, but I wonder if the program is designed with the english hard coded or if it would be possible to translate without the translation getting obliterated by updates.
  3. Well... it depends. Traditionally, in both japanese and chinese gift-giving, it's considered polite to refuse a gift at least once or twice before accepting, usually so that the receiver can appear ungreedy and so that the gifter shows their sincerity. Then again, it is also customary for the receiver to feign surprise when being given a gift, and for the gifter to talk down their own gift (both from a monetary and effort spent on it perspective), and then, when the receiver finally accepts the gift, they customarily show recognition and appreciation of it. But as I said, it is customary and polite, not mandatory... which usually means it will most heavily enforced when both the gifter and the receiver are of similar rank, and all bets are off when they are not.
  4. I... well, that's certainly part of it. In my case, I've been working at somewhat the same time on WFRP, EotE, AoR, FaD, L5R4e and Eclipse Phase, for example. Plus some other outliers.
  5. Well, I already answered on the spanish FFG forums. All I can say is that all the stories are already translated and sent. Other than that, I am not privy to the reasons FFG could have to delay uploading them, but I'm sure they have their reasons. I can guess that it will be some kind of bottleneck with the rest of the process, but it would be just a guess. Sorry I can't be of much more help than that.
  6. I currently am one of the translators working on the spanish edition of the games, and I'd love to help out with any multi language version of this absolutely awesome program. Whenever you are ready, just contact me.
  7. Cyril said: They may not be exactly what you're looking for, but the GSA has a couple of characters up in their Heroes on Demand section, one that I did and one that Donovan Morningfire did. If nothing else, they might serve as some inspiration for you. I may also sit down tonight and play around with some of those ideas tonight if I have some free time. gsa.thegamernation.org/2012/08/29/heroes-on-demand-meezo-the-rodian-fighter-jockey/ gsa.thegamernation.org/2012/08/31/heroes-on-demand-jer-reeta/ Ohh, those are great. Thank you!
  8. Kagesh said: AFAIK, FFG has not released any pre-gen characters. I would like to see them also. I believe there is a thread in the forums for user to share the characters they have generated. Thanks! I'll go check Kagesh said: The demos are GenCon did have pre-gen characters but were either an adventure written by Sam for the con or were free form adventures. My demo was with the pre-gen charactrers and we played through the first part of the "Crates of Krayts" adventure. After my demo I asked if the characters and the GenCon adventure would be available here but both Sam and Jay wouldn't say. …weird. Qingtian said: I am writing to try to re-create some movie icon character in under the general section.http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=319&efcid=3&efidt=704055 Nice. Thanks!
  9. Hi, everyone I've just received the beta book (bought at GenCon by a friend), and somehow I've been stringed to run the Crates of Krayts adventure tomorrow for a group of friends that only will be over here tomorrow. So, I have to 1) Learn how to play today and 2) Make or find some pregen characters, to play as much as possible. Have FFG released somewhere a cast of pregenerated characters? (I suppose they had some for the demos at GenCon, but don't know if they have released that or not) If not…. help, please? I'm looking for characters more or less suitable for the adventure of the book, which apparently means some kind of smuggling crew, something similar to the Serenity's crew from Firefly. Some (very general) ideas I have are: - A smuggler, captain of the ship - First mate - Techhead - Force user in disguise (maybe an old padawan youngling, survivor of the purges and on the run since, with very little real training) - Farmer turned to crime to help their hometown - Hired muscle - Grizzled veteran, some kind of "father figure" for the ret of the crew, at least in her mind. - Oh, of course! some kind of droid would be very nice, too. I kinda like droids XD As you can see, just very general archetypes. Full body images for the character sheet for the players would be nice, too. So, if anyone with a better grasp of the rules can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.
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