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  1. That said, I would tend to think that a Tech Preist would serve as the best template for Tian crewman and officers. They are citizens of forge-worlds and privilaged ones at that. Your status isn't part of the career package you choose, so this is irrelevant to the base career that any hypothetical Princeps career should be based on. They often hold to the doctrine of the omnissiah and the primacy of divine technology. A character's beliefs also aren't part of the character's background package, so this, too, is not a valid reason to choose tech-priest over any of the other careers as a base to work off of. They are also riddled with implants of all kinds, and many Princeps eventually become almost completely cybernetic organisms, much like tech priests. Firstly, you can't have a "completely cybernetic organism" any more than you can have an atom of water, Cybernetic denotes a fusion of two things, it would be like saying you have pure steel Secondly, the techpriest's implants are basically meaningless until they buy the talents to use them. As princeps tend to have completely different implants to techpriests, it would be just as feasible to add new implants to another career as it would be to repurpose the Techpriest implants to suit the same purpose.
  2. EDIT: screw it, messed up quotes, will try again.
  3. InquisitorGray said: But the problem I see is that even if you are able to have 100 Astropaths go threw the process of soul binding at once, you would never get the numbers needed to fill the Imperium. Do people agree on this, or do you think its possible? Do we know how long the process takes? because without that information the number of Astropaths getting bound at a time is kind of irrelevant.
  4. I am getting a really odd sense of deja vu from this article. I honestly have no idea why
  5. In the US, perhaps, but in the UK Downloading is absolutely not a criminal offense to infringe through downloading. There are situations where uploading becomes a criminal matter, but nobody mentioned uploading (hell, even Bittorrent, which has uploading built in to the protocol, doesn't require uploading to function so long as you have a suitable client - so even using bittorrent it is quite possible to download Damnatus without being a criminal, which is precisely what I stated). As an attorney I know you're trained to be able to twist arguments, but proving I'm "wrong" about downloading being a civil offense by proving that uploading is a criminal one? That's just shoddy work.
  6. As a GM, I would have in place some fairly intense restrictions on "hacking" - this is the 40K universe afterall, not Shadowrun. Preparation: Firstly, the character would either need to be a techpriest with a particular focus in servitor construction and programming, or someone with contacts able to procure the required equipment. Next, they would need to spend time constructing or acquiring the doctrina-wafers for the commands he wants to give to a servitor. This willinvolve much time and many skill checks. at this point, the character has the necessary equipment to begin attempting a hack Performing the hack: The servitor will need to be subdued by a method that keeps its cranial implants intact - a haywire grenade is not a wise choice. A couple of skill checks to open up the skull, replace the doctrina-wafer with the prepared one, then close up the skull. The player can keep the old wafer if they like, but there's a chance it broke during the procedure. and there you go. Of course, unless very special care has been taken, the implanted wafer may have been damaged and may malfunction. Hilariously. Yes, it's very long-winded, but it's not something you want players doing often, otherwise you're going to have to start excising servitors from your setting lest you give your Mechanicus players a standing army to march around. At least I don't make them do programming flowcharts.
  7. well actually, at the very worst downloading Damnatus would be copyright infringement, which is a civil matter, not a criminal one. It's not covered under criminal law.
  8. Maybe GW were scared that if Rogue Trader was for sale it would overshadow the Space Wolf codex they weren't selling.
  9. well, it's not like the bar has been raised very high - for competition it has Inquisitor, Damnatus and the CGI movies in the Dawn of War games.
  10. Knightmare said: 10. Re-read why you spare money if you bombard a planet with Virus bombs ans not wiht Asteroids 11. Massively infringe copyright on the forum of a licensee to the copyright holder
  11. there is...nothing interesting about this designer diary. A couple of name-drops for items we're meant to get all excited about ("Oooh, Crux Beam Guns, what do they do?") ok, maybe not nothing. RT was written collaboratively over the internet - that's new info, and vaguely interesting to those of us who like wrting rules and hope to eventually break in to the industry. Tim's design philosophy? not so much. When you have a significant number of people out there with the rules already, and the book's release content finalised there are so many interesting things you could talk about - post-release support strategy, the plan for Dark Heresy, whether there will be any interoperability (we know the systems are compatible, but in what ways?) Sample ships - complete ones. Cut content you could release as web supplements without packaging in a new book to released sometime next year. Of all these interesting things (which would appeal to people with and without the book), you went with a page or soof Tim talking about guns.and not even going into any detail. Even taking one of the new guns (the Crux Beam Guns, for example) and going through the process of creating it, from initial concept, through working out stats and how other people contributed, to the background for it and balancing it with cost and rarity, would have been a far more interesting designer diary than what basically amounts to "Here are some names of new things" and some vague mumblings about design theory.
  12. Charax

    Warp Combat

    I would have to go with yes to detection (souls shine brightly in the Warp, and ships contain tens of thousands of 'em) but now to combat (anything exiting the Gellar field would be torn apart by the Warp, or at least twisted beyond all practical use - and that's making the massive assumption that you can fire out of a Gellar Field without lowering it in the first place)
  13. Here are some Daemonology rules I cooked up when making rules for progression into the Inquisition. I didn't get round to finishing off the Theosophamy rules, but the Daemonology ones should be fine. I think things like Strengthen Barrier and Teleport more correctly belong in the Theosophamy discipline than Daemonology, as they manipulate the interaction between the Warp and realspace, which that discipline was designed to encompass, but I realise such powers have been lumped in with Daemonology for along time (even by GW!) so the confusion is understandable - it's also why my rules chose to link the two disciplines in such a way that even characters are likely to get confused as to the distinction.
  14. I'm keeping my expectations muted on this one. Commanding big ships doesn't impress me (I grew up with Traveller) and the Profit Factor isn't a revolutionary new mechanic (ever played D20 Modern?). The background-based character generation is nice, but also a little Traveller-ish and ship design resembles a less-technical GURPS system. So basically I'm buying Rogue Trader out of brand loyalty and a desire for completeness, rather than any great sense of anticipation. I'm sure something in there will be absolutely blow-your-mind impressive, I just haven't seen it yet.
  15. Ira said: Astartes> Gray Knights> Custodes Other way around. ">" means "The thing on the left is greater than the thing on the right"
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