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  1. Castorp


    *dream* Maybe some Primarch models and the "Sons of Horus". Plus the Greater Daemon of Khorne!
  2. Hi, could somebody explain me the timing of "without numbers"? Thanks, C
  3. Hi, there are still some rules question which I am not able to answer on my own. Can you use the ability of Robert Baratheon (KotS) together with Reinforcement events? The text on Robert reads: "Then, shuffle that event card back into your deck." But at that time it is not an event card anymore, isn't it? Thanks. C
  4. Hi, can you discard duplicates when you are allowed to discard an attachment? Somewhere I read yes... ... at Stahleck the were saying no.
  5. Ok, I will write some words as well. 1/ Big thanks to Thorondor for organizing this Event as it's was great fun again. 2/ Congratulation to Gualdo... I think i have to start playing via this Online Device against you finally.... 3/ The Kingsmoot tourney was great fun. I really like this format. Also, it's good to have it as a starter. Beer does not necessarily reduce the performance in KM - maybe it even improves the performance. 4/ In the joust tourney I used my Martell Maester Deck (King of Summer). However, I did not anticipate the current Meta very well. 1) First game was against a Martell Deck with no Agenda. It was played by Sato if I remember correctly. The game went well for me so I won although I started to realize that "He calls it thinking" might have been a good idea. 2) Stark 6 Agendas. This game dragged on forever. However, it was fun. If I remember correctly, I got rid of my own Viper via NOT attacking while I had a Valar Dohaeris revealed. 3) Here is some lack of memory... I guess it must have been some Wildling stuff.... 4) Stark with Tully flavor. Was a fun game against Estefania. She managed to kill the Viper by blanking him with "Frozen Moat" and killing him with "Routing the Charge" in an Intrigue Challenge - I was puzzled. 5) Martell Wildings - against a guy from Czeck whose name I also don't remember. Now, I saw how my Deck could have been improved: Just run Wildlings. We managed to play a second game in time. Yet, I didn't came close to winning. 6) Stark again with a Tully flavor. I managed to take this one home... 7) Martell Wildling - sea above So, in the end I was wildlinged to death (at place 58). I really would have liked to play against Targaryens or Greyjoy with my deck, as I realized that Martell Wildling decks are better after the first two games... It would have been more interesting. 5/ The loudness level in the "Knights Hall" (Rittersaal) is a little to high for me. I wonder how the Spanish guys have a voice at the end of the evening. The Walder (Gualdo) Frey song was again really cool and funny - the other chanting not so much. 6/ The Agot Nations cup was the coolest event. As one got to play some really odd decks - Greyjoy 6A Discard Deck... or I played a Lannister Deck which I didn't since I started AGoT. Also, my Stark Direwolf Winterfell Rush took a bite of the portuguese Lannisters and lost. Thanks to Kilian, Eddie and Gleb for letting me join the "Frankonia Plus" team - it was great fun. 7/ @Gilles It was nice meeting you again - a great antler helmet would be definetely cool, I think I will join the Baratheon side for a while... See you next time. C
  6. Hi, just a short question: Can you "put into play" shadow-crested cards? Like "Traitorous Crow" with "The Wall". I would say yes.
  7. Hey, maybe this has been discussed before or maybe it is even entirely clear. Does the card you reveal and draw with Val count against the card limit from Fear of Winter? Is it really played from your hands or is played from your deck? I have answered the question, the following way: The card is still played from you hand as you are essentially drawing it, the reveal is only to show the opponent the card, that he can control it is the next one you play, because otherwise it is discarded. C
  8. What's the secret of the lobber crew? I see it in many decks on the forums...
  9. LOL, the Kingsmoot was cool and chaotic. Backstabbing all the way.... @Jeko They actually balanced the problems you mentioned last time - a prophet in our midst.
  10. I wonder how many people from Germany will come... I might be the only one (I have to force somebody from Oldenburg.)
  11. And it's a Raven card, so you can also control the season.
  12. I tried a KG Martell deck for while, the problem was not the Agenda but the Kingsguard characters. They seem to be rather expensive for what they actually do.
  13. Hi, two question regarding strength an printed strength. 1) Venomous Blade Printed strength means the strength printed on the character right? I know normally but I got confused. 2) Island Mercenaries There "printed" is not mentioned, so I guess you can reduce a character by let's say "Forever Burning" and then kill it with "Flame Kissed" to qualify for the Island Mercenaries standing ability? C
  14. Ok, who goes first in AgoT? Actions: First Player Response to an Action: ? Save/Cancel Response: ? Passive Ability: ? Framework Action: ? Thanks, I am totally confused....
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