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  1. 'sfair. Didn't think of it that way.
  2. I'm concerned about the wording on Lando's Gambit ability. It says you can 'Before You reroll a die, you may replace it with another die of the same type.' But the paragraph next to the card gives the example of replacing a yellow for a red die. To me, that's not exchanging for the same type.
  3. They were vague at the demo tables how army construction worked. The Uthuk Yllan A1 scenario card 'Blood in the Water' showed the map setup, the places where I could put my figures, and the special rules for earning VP by killing units in the water as well as the special rule for cavalry not being hindered by the water. I didn't look closely enough at the five Uthuk unit cards to see what might be on those, though.
  4. I know this question will yield a very biased answer, but if you've played Runewars and/or Rune Age, how does this game feel compared to those? I've got my own impressions, but without having played it, I'm not putting much stock in my current feelings. I'd love to hear more impressions/thoughts/critiques from you or anyone else who got a chance to play it. Runewars and Rune Age only share setting with 2nd edition. Runewars is a grand strategic game, rather than a tactical game. Rune age is a deck builder... Hrmm... I wonder if battlelore 2nd could be used to resolve runewars battles?
  5. I got to sit and play it. The dice are new with crown (usually a triggered ability on the creature card), weak attack, strong attack, lore, ranged hit, and flag. The game resembles the base game with call to arms built in. Lore cards seem to be integrated better at the start too. At the end of your turn you can choose to draw two lore cards, lore card and gain a lore, or gain two lore. Setup is accomplished by using a setup card for each side. The setup cards are long and display the terrain on your side of the map as well as where you can put units. I had card a1 for the uthuk, which was called blood in the water. I could earn vps by holding points, and every unit i killed in the water earned me vps. Also my cav units (some demon dogs of some sort) could move freely in the water. You can choose your setup card, or randomize them. Im pretty happy with what i saw.
  6. I still have a bunch of the old Deadlands Diskwars, L5R Diskwars, and original. Really enjoy it. I'm hoping this is going to be a Living Diskwars Game and not a booster game. The use of 'Core set' in the article leads me to believe that this is going to be sold like Netrunner, LOTR, Warhammer Invasion, etc.
  7. I'm really looking forward to this pack for Rebel Alliance. I've been trying to find a synergy to build an RA deck around and haven't found one I am happy with. A speeder deck, built around winning edge battles and quick deployment of speeders sounds amazing.
  8. Steve-O said: Shadow said: But to make a face to face "Fog of War" twilight 3 game would be hard to do. Yeah, to make something like that face-to-face would basically require a duplicate copy of the map for each player, and someone to be an arbiter and make sure no one cheats… Somehow I don't see an expansion to TI3 that would include up to 7 duplicate copies of everything released so far. =P The best they could realistically do is add fleet markers with a common back and numbered faces (potentially for each race) so that players could obfuscate their fleet sizes by keeping the units on some kind of play mat that identified the fleet number they belonged to and then putting the fleet marker on the map. It wouldn't be total Fog of War, but it would be a start anyway. Other ideas; Neutral races (something like the FINS that already floating around out there in homebrew-land.) I wouldn't mind some kind of "global event" deck that makes things explode here and there at random as the game progresses. I've done something like this for Axis and Allies. We had three sets, one in each room, with a GM updating each map between turns. It added at least three hours to the game, but was fun.
  9. Does this mean we might see it in our FLGS in the next couple of weeks?
  10. Yes, yes, and yes! While the competitive nature of Doom, Mansions, and Descent is nice and adds a more flexible opponent for the players to play against...I don't want to play against my friends all the time. Picking who gets to be the 'Bad Guy' is the hardest part of our game nights. This is why I'm loving Space Hulk, LOTR LCG, and games from other publishers (Wrath of Ashardalon, Castle Ravenloft, and soon to be the Underdark one as well). Looking forward to this!
  11. It's annoying me that I don't know it all. I guess I'll just have to wait till I can get the last couple of Asylum packs. Stories 2,3 and 6 will have to suffice.
  12. Need some help. I have some of the Summons of the Deep series of Asylum packs, and I want to read more of the story. Is there someplace I can find it online, or otherwise obtain it? I'm trying to get the other packs, but just haven't gotten them all yet.
  13. Yes, I'd like to know more too. The Descent / Doom engine would work well for it.
  14. A scenario that splits them into teams of 3/4 but requires each team to help each other move forward (Switches, etc) would work in this case. Come up with two maps, each having switches that would help the other team forward. Then play in this order: Team 1 moves Invader plays only on Team 1's map Team 2 moves Invader plays on Teams 2's map That would keep the invader from being too stretched thin...and also keeps the invader from moving twice on a single team. This would be the simplest way I can think of to get that many people in play without making it too easy on them, or too hard on the invader.
  15. For this one, Solo and Two player seem pretty pointless, due to the competitive nature of the game. I do hesistate to say that the designers failed in this regard, as it was never promised in this manner. I suspect if you drew skipped the Hunch Cards, and drew the evidence randomly, you might be able to play solo or two player. Unfortunately I can't think of any way to handle the plot baggage decently. Maybe doing a random toss of the baggage tokens would allow you to randomize the good/bad baggage that you play. The downside to this is that it adds a fair amount of chance to the game. It may not be rolling the dice chance, but still, I don't think it would be as much fun as playing with three+ people. The game would end up becoming a game where you just tried to get as many tokens in play as possible and hoping that chance will fall to your side. Heck, now that I think about it...why dump hunch cards. You'd just have to come up with a system that forces you to play evidence on multiple suspects..oh darnit..look what you got me doing.
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