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  1. Inquiring minds want to know! Please give us a teaser of some of those decks. Were the random deck back images also inappropriate <giggle>?
  2. Ok, thanks, will do in the future.
  3. Can you use this combo to do 3 points of extra ranged damage?
  4. Thanks, Grimwalker! It's ok if decks aren't great, just trying to get toes wet while waiting on Core 2.0
  5. I played the game when it first came out with the core set. I gave it away, didn't enjoy it out of the box with just one core. I'm thinking of getting back in now and am planning to buy the Core 2.0. While waiting for it to show up, are the deluxe expansions playable out of the box? I know the rules and can use substitute tokens obviously, but can two complete decks be made without any core components? Also, any particular deluxe that would be good for relative newbs?
  6. I'm totally in... I love the LCG model but feel I am a little behind for the others, except perhaps Game of Thrones. I play with family who don't watch it so it means nothing to them. L5R seems to have an interesting theme and we're getting in on the ground floor and riding it all the way up!
  7. I'm the OP who sent the question. I had the same reservations as you but honestly it is internally consistent. The rules say dice not in the pool cannot be removed or manipulated. Prized Possession removes the die so you cannot do that until it enters the pool. Carbonite Chamber, and other cards in the future that may say "choose" on them, can choose dice on your cards. What's the confusion with C3PO or Cargo Hold? I don't want to open a can of worms but for a game this complex, the rules are actually beautifully simple.
  8. Perhaps everyone already knows this but just an FYI for the people that don't, I sent: Rules Question: Can you use Carbonite Chamber's claim effect on a dice sitting on an character card (either unactivated, or resolved and placed back on)? Or can it only be used on dice in the pool? The rules say dice outside of the pool cannot be "manipulated" by I've had opponents tell me they are "choosing" the die, not manipulating it. Answer: Asif, Thank you for the question. You can only remove or turn dice in a pool, but since you do not remove or turn a die with the Carbonite Chamber you can choose a die that is on a character. May the Force be with you, -- Lukas Litzsinger Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games
  9. Fair enough, I saw this question in another thread with no answer, questioning if the lack of game state change meant it acted as a pass. I guess knowledge of the opponents hand counts as game state change?
  10. As the title says, if I use Street Informants, can my opponent pass to end the action phase?
  11. 1) For the first forced effect: Forced – At the end of the enemy phase: Each unengaged Ghoul enemy moves 1 location towards the Parlor. Does that include evaded (hence, exhausted) Ghouls? We evaded the Ghoul Priest as soon as he appeared and hoped he would pause in that room for a turn, but does he move right away? My other 2 questions revolve around confusion whether the player drawing a creature during the Mythos phase always gets engaged by it, or is it superceded by other keywords such as: 2) Player A draws a Mythos card that is a creature with a Prey effect that indicates, for example, lowest health, and player B has the lowest health, in the same location. Does player A engage it since he drew the card in the Mythos phase, or does it engage with B? 3) Another engagement question. Players A and B are both in the Cellar. Player A draws a creatures card in the Mythos phase that states Spawn: Cellar, so he places it there. At that point player B (the lead investigator) chooses that it will engage himself. Is that correct, or did player A have to take it since he drew it?
  12. Do all character cards, assets, skills, weaknesses, etc enter the general card pool for deckbuilding? I mean can I use Dunwich Legacy cards for the core scenario or even for other deluxe expansions in the future, and vice versa?
  13. One with the Force is an ability upgrade that turns in to a support. Neither of those are taken by General Grievous, he takes non-ability upgrades. I agree that his ability very much sounds like a Redeploy to Opponent, that triggers before your own redeploy, so we play it that way, with the die going to the card. Someone should ask FFG about that though.
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