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  1. I have played and run many rpgs in my life, and I will have to say I have never seen the same game run the same way by different GM's. Even after we've all been in the same room and "learned" the game from the designer. I have run games for those same designers and they have enjoyed my differing emphasis. We all have our buttons that please us or tick us off. There will never be a perfect system for everyone.
  2. Well Nim, if it helps you any, when the rules come out, I will be happy to write a detailed note on whether they addressed any of your concerns in the final produced book. Alot of times a finished copy will have addressed concerns like yours, but it didn't take up a public discussion during beta.
  3. Yes I will be picking it up. It is just what my group is looking for and will get alot lot lot more play than anything that resembles whfrp 3 or eote.
  4. I learned a new word today! My parents got me a Roomba. I think it might be a subtle hint that they find my apartment unclean... Maybe they find your devotion to Nurgle a bit heretical
  5. Inept, dont give up so easily. Have faith in the Emperor. We are all gonna house rule bits and pieces anyways. Heck for most role playing games I've been a part of, you can have the exact same rules and 3 different GM's, who, whether subconsciously or not, will inject their own style of play on it and you will have 3 completely legitimate (as far as the rules in and of themselves are concerned) versions. The rules in and of themselves are not the end all be all of the game, yes the rules help or hurt sometimes, but be patient, it will be worth the effort you and the others, as well as the designers have put into it.
  6. On this point I agree with T C. I am new to this discussion, as I only just downloaded the beta for the first time on the day they announced the new beta 2, so that is all I can comment on.
  7. I have expected beginning from the announcement of the scaling back of the changes, that the product we all will end with will be DH 1.5. There will be too many that will complain it is too much like the same game to have any reason to buy it and there will be too many others who will want compatibility with all the products they have already bought. In the end it will be a little of both and be much better for it.
  8. Me being in favour of a generalized basic ruleset is no secret, and I really wish they'd at least create future supplements and campaign settings with this in mind, but some of the aspects of character creation in DH2 Beta 2.0 don't leave me hopeful. They should always strive for everything to work as a single entity, allowing for a modular approach to the game line. But that's just me. I also agree whole-heartedly with svstrauser's and fgdsfg's statements above -- just my 2 cents
  9. Because of this, i'm immediately going to order and download the new beta2
  10. You mean like: - taking a week to copy paste the OW rules into the DH2 artwork and make some little changes - take 2 months off on the Bahamas Dont blame em one bit -- that's what i'd be doing
  11. The main argument I have against the custom dice of whfrp and eote, is not that they cost money, all dice will cost money. The issue I have is how it is implemented at the table. All role-playing games are based around a risk to get a reward system, so there is an element of suspense as you are waiting for the action you have chosen to take to be resolved when the dice quit rolling. The custom dice of whfrp 3 and eote, due to the very nature of having action descriptors on the dice themselves, just tend to make the players just roll and see what happens, then decide to tell the events of the action. Until you roll the eote dice, there is no way to "know" that the successful gunfire from behind cover actually caused you to pull out of cover in order to aim and hit the target --- what if the player did not feel that to get a success it was worth it to lose an advantageous position. For other role-playing games, the player would have chosen to shoot, taken a penalty to his action, and made the shot --- whether he missed or not, he still maintained cover, as that was his choice to not lose cover but might miss the shot.
  12. @Nimsim No offense taken. I have tried since eote, heck i've tried an open demo of whfrp3, with the store giving away the core box, and i cannot get these games to the table. All i have to say is that I have a pathfinder, a star wars saga, a DH1, or an nwod, heck even an nwod hash up of dragon age, mass effect or star wars, and I have 12 players who will play a story out to its completion. I like the system for eote, i just don't think it is right for DH2.
  13. I'm a lurker and not a poster. But I am looking forward to reading the new revised DH 2.0. I did not purchase the DH revised beta as I did not think there was enough new material that I would need to buy DH again. My impression was that it would just be DH with errata. Then I came across this message board a while ago and learned it was trying to take the game too far away from all the existing products. Now I have read that it will not be such am ambitious change, that makes me excited to see some re-working of the rule-set to both refreshen the line but still be fairly compatible with the existing line.
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