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  1. Good luck :'D or you can be the first person to beat it on hard mode. For the record, I designed everything to be beatable. It's just it requires understanding of the game mechanics for you to have 50-80% odds of winning. As Julia demonstrated, if you understand the game mechanics, you can beat the regular version with even higher odds ;'D Anyway, I hope Arkham brings you joy, or frustration bordering on suicidal despair, whichever you prefer, for years to come.
  2. Second question: no he only gets one ally. However, I'm considering changing it, because the idea behind the design was that you could pick an original Curse of the Dark Pharoah ally (much stronger than the revised cotdp allies). I'd say if you want to run a compromise version, you can let him draw 2 random allies instead of one in exchange for one of your carry overs.
  3. IIRC, she'd knock William out if you chose to use him as an investigator. I vaguely remember thinking that using Yorrick in that scenario would be a very bad idea. It's been a long time since I've looked at the components, just read it carefully and the answer should be there between the herald and the scenario instructions.
  4. Am I the only one here who almost never goes for closing victories?
  5. Scenario five: Yes, the first player must fight (or evade) a random monster trophy of his or hers every turn at night. Yes, you can get hit by two or three of the same Glaaki effects simultaneously if your luck is bad enough. I honestly didn't find scenario 5 nearly as hard as scenario 2... Then again, I went for a sealing victory on it. Sounds like Jacqueline took quite the beating that game :')
  6. Part of the problem with scenario 4 is the herald is unclear. However, as a co-designer, I'd say the intent (or at least my intent) was that the herald would mirror werewolf infection somewhat. So during the initial injury, the victim is not recognized as a werewolf. It would only be during the next night movement. I'm surprised you didn't just cycle Yorrick out. Having two infected investigator's a huge handicap on that scenario. I basically won it by trying to quarantine infected investigators as much as possible. Scenario 1 and 4 are my favorites of the first segment. I especially like them on hard mode.
  7. Yeah - it definitely seemed like an oversight that the Witch could be pulled off the board - but after being put through the ringer by scenario two I wasn't going to give up any advantage the rules/mythos offered up. We'll probably try it again at some point so we feel like we did it right, but for now we'll just carry on. Yeah, we definitely got that point drilled into our heads after trying it a few times that way on scenario two. We'll be choosing to our advantage as we carry on through the scenarios. Ha... Did you realize that scenario two was specifically designed for Wendy use? Besides just being an excellent overall investigator, she IIRC is required to delay one of the servants from hitting a vortex and really screwing over all your investigators. She's also quite useful in scenario one for messing up Dracula movement, but it's not necessary to use her that way. Plus it's also good to choose investigators who don't get their starting equipment too messed up by the servants (initially— prior to playtesting, the servants were randomly selected and placed in their locations ::laughter:: that did not go well). Well, good luck. Scenario two is one of the nastiest scenarios. I found it very difficult and stressful when I played through it my first time (since any misplays can be catastrophic). If you were able to bludgeon through it, you should be able to get through anything. Although some of the puzzle ones function differently. By the way, if there are any scenarios you really enjoy, it might be fun for you to go back and replay them with a selected or partially random team from the full group of investigators (minus patrice of course). It probably won't be as balanced, but I'm sure it'd still be fun. Also, you're right, Join the Winning Team should be on the banned cards list.
  8. Also, these games really aren't intended for randomly drawn investigators. Quite a few of them were intended to work almost as puzzles (they become a lot harder without the right investigator or investigators chosen and skills/items used). You're welcome to play your way if you'd like, but if you really want a challenge, play your way on hard mode ;')
  9. The intention behind scenario three is that the Witch be basically treated as a spawn monster and that players would have to confront it or evade it and deal with the corruption consequences. Cards removing it from the board was an oversight. YBasically you ran against the herald without the most of the scenario intact. You're welcome to replay it if you'd like, or just skip it and go ahead. If you handled scenario two (the **** test), you can handle scenario three (it's much easier). Still... It undermines a lot of the functionality of the scenario if you take the witch off the board without confrontation.
  10. I've been coveting the remaining expansions for a while now. There is ... a chance for an upgrade to my collection, though I imagine I would probably need all four small box expansions and I would want to get Miskatonic also, to deal with dilution, and add variety. There may be something else I could do. I'll look into it. Good luck :')
  11. Don't be an underachiever. Make a lich pact. Run the League from beyond the grave! You know, if there were anything I can do to survive death and keep on haunting these halls, I'd do whatever I can to achieve it. Uhm, wait, you're still haunting these halls, aren't you??? I think you should explain me a couple of tricks First I made a pact with the Lurker at the Threshold. Then I clicked the follow this topic button.
  12. This so totally sounds like an app for a phone... It orders you food that tastes like human.
  13. Ye Ancient Ones! One day I'll accept that challenge as well. One day when I feel particularly Innsmouth. Sure! No rush with these, the League will always be running, or at least as long as I'm on this mortal Earth. Don't be an underachiever. Make a lich pact. Run the League from beyond the grave!
  14. I just realized part of that text was badly written: "I wouldn't play with the modified Doom Tracks if you have other board expansions (particularly Dunwich and Innsmouth), or use the following Elder Sign/Encounter rule: Doom tokens can not be removed from the doom track by any means prior to final combat (that means no South Church exploit, and no Elder Sign hunting). This makes it so you can't just play out the clock for a guaranteed win. Elder Signs are used as normal, but they don't reduce the doom track." I think what I had in mind when I wrote that was that you could decide whether or not you wanted to do the Elder Sign/South church ban *and* the cut doom token tracks or just one. Just one can be enough to alleviate boredom and amp up tension when an advanced player is playing with new players and not telling them anything about game structure. But if you have a group with even moderate skill level at this game, you need to play both rules or else you can still basically wait out the clock on 12-13 doom token ancient ones (it's also very easy to almost wait out the clock on 11 doom token ancient ones if you have any idea how the game structure works, in my opinion). Just thought I'd pop by for a minute ;') thanks for the heads up Julia. Hi! Bye! Sorry I can't figure out how to fix the color formatting. I hope no one's eyes explode!
  15. Yep. One of Norman's uses is that you can get a find gate into your item pool easily :')
  16. ::Laughter:: It's funny I got an FFG notification today, I was just thinking about how the Lurker at the Threshold's probably responsible for distributing credit cards earlier this morning. Anyway, better luck (and fight, and will) next time. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
  17. I like cobwebs! Nothing wrong with surviving, except you must live with the insanity and guilt from the gruesome deeds you did in order to stay alive ;'D
  18. ::Laughter:: fair enough, but didn't you want to be the first person to beat it on hard mode? What ever happened to bragging rights? Alright, I have to go back to lurking in my spider cave now ;')
  19. I'll get to that Email eventually ;') Last month was a bit Hellish. Things should quiet down a bit this month. Hopefully. Ironically I'm trading real figurative Hell for real virtual Hell (Diablo 3).
  20. German?! Trust me ... Yesterday I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.. . Yep, German. Couldn't find an English equivalent when I posted. Let's say being able to reason even under pressure and with all the odds against The "English" equivalent would be sangfroid ;') I know, it sounds very English.
  21. Weeeeelllll that wasn't really the intended lesson ;') you did get pretty unlucky with all those elder sign draws. But nervenstark indeed.
  22. I like actually more the scenarios with a constant threat (even if it becomes a smaller one due to good items, lucky circumstances,... ) like the last one, than the scenarios with a huge initial threat, but after solving it, becoming a normal Arkham game. For the next scenario I can't use Mandy or Darrell on hard mode....then I am thinking of taking Vincent as the fifth investigator (just for making it more challenging ) :-). I know I am going to regret it if I do it. Future herald/scenario makers take note ;')
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