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  1. I'd like to join in on the LCG fun. I only just got started with the Call of Cthulhu LCG though.
  2. Yeah, I'm going to be doing the costume contest. Both me and my lady in fact. I'm really pumped about the Mansions of Madness demo and I would sell my soul to any ancient eldritch horror to get a chance to play it. I also plan on playing in the LCG Tournament even though I have only the base set and one expansions So I'll probably get trounced. but oh well It will still be an awesomely good time
  3. Im just wondering what the new Ancient Ones would be for the set, Tibs mentioned Bokrug, maybe also Zhar, 'Umr at-Tawil, lloigor and Cthugha maybe. Any other ones im missing?
  4. I agree that investigator minis would be a bit of a problem in the storage department, but i would probably still buy them
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