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  1. 3rd edition was different, as was the 2nd edition before it (only Str in that one IIRC). R4th edition is what people on this forum play, presumably most of us follow the RAW, so Str or Craft can be gained.
  2. In Talisman? The game where you climb to the top over the bodies of other characters, civility?
  3. Need to give up a precious Magic Object, say Talisman right at the cusp of needing it? Haversack.
  4. At first glance, I was ready to go with your buddy (free Cunning), but mulling it over a bit, I think I lean for your side of the court. 2 charges needed, only the reward changes, depending on whether you have Mechanicus affiliation or not. It's not an ideally formatted card IMO, leaving it somewhat open to interpretation. Also, I think you'll get quicker responses these days posting on Boardgamegeek's Relic forums (under Rules), since Relic forums here have been relegated to the Forum Archives.
  5. Brainwave doubles your Craft value (into 10 in case of the Warlock), Spell Call and BW again gets you to 20. Psionic Blast and Warhorse add Craft value, so each is giving you +20 after two Brainwaves. So PB + 3 Warhorses add 80 on top of your current Craft value of 20 = 100 at this point, without even considering basic Strength.
  6. #1: When a hero attacks it (ranged attack), tries to exhaust it (Waywatcher) or it gets activated in the Enemy Phase. It can't stay face down. #2: No, normal spawns are engaged with the active hero, face downs usually just happen from travelling and location putting enemies face down. #3: Enemy with Advance never actually does anything beyond Advance. Once an Ork Boy is engaged with a character, he'll remain engaged (barring pushback like Waywatcher Rest), but since all he has as keywords for activating is Advance, he won't do any dmg in the enemy phase. Hence why Ork Boys have 2 (3 for Elite) dmg, they stick to you and hit you hard for each claw you roll. #4: Shields are useless in this case. #5: Location phase is when travel occurs. #6: They aren't auto-readied. #7: Each enemy phase, all ready enemies activate, triggering each of their abilities. So Night Goblin Archer has Retreat-Inflict-Inflict (IIRC), so you'd do all three when activating it.
  7. Yes, and apart from wanting to back at people who screw you over earlier in a game, pretty focused on winning. Hence why the average duration is around 75 minutes I'd say, very, very rare to even hit 2 hours, let alone go past that mark with 3-p.
  8. Well, mine are all with the same crew, so variances of skill should be somewhat minimized. Plus, I'll freely admit I'm probably more bloodthristy than is ideal for purely winning, but man, getting a bodycount to your name is just too darn appealing . Sometimes one should go for the Inner Region, not make a detour along the way to attack another character, who casts Toadify on you and just like that, it's downhill until it's you that ends up dying and having to start over...
  9. Been a while since I've updated, actually got in 30+ plays over the summer (and added Sacred Pool), might be time to refresh my stats thread over on BGG, especially since, like in Relic, started keeping track of the number of rounds a game lasts as well. But for now: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/402911/my-talisman-statistics G/W/L/D/M 13/6/7/0/1 Alchemist 21/8/13/4/2 Amazon 25/8/17/5/4 Assassin 9/1/8/3/2 Bounty Hunter 9/3/6/1/1 Cat Burglar 7/2/5/2/0 Chivalric Knight 7/3/4/1/0 Cleric 25/8/17/4/10* Dark Cultist 9/2/6/1/1* Dervish 13/5/8/2/2 Doomsayer 7/3/4/1/1 Dread Knight 25/4/21/4/5 Druid 25/7/18/3/5 Dwarf 9/2/7/2/0 Elementalist 25/9/16/3/4 Elf 25/2/23/7/5 Ghoul 21/8/13/4/2 Gladiator 13/2/11/2/1 Grave Robber 21/9/12/3/2 Gypsy 13/3/10/3/1 Highlander 9/2/7/3/0 Jin Blooded 25/4/21/5/8 Knight 19/4/15/6/2 Leprechaun 7/2/5/1/0 Magus 25/8/17/3/4 Merchant 25/3/22/3/7 Minstrel 25/8/17/2/4 Monk 19/5/14/5/2 Necromancer 9/1/8/3/0 Nomad 19/6/13/4/4 Ogre Chieftain 21/4/17/6/7 Philosopher 25/1/24/3/6 Priest 25/5/20/2/7 Prophetess 13/7/6/0/1 Rogue 25/8/17/4/5* Sage 9/3/6/2/2 Spy 25/3/22/7/5 Sorceress 13/1/12/4/5 Sprite 21/4/17/7/4 Swashbuckler 9/4/5/2/0 Tavern Maid 25/8/17/4/5* Thief 9/3/6/2/1 Tinkerer 25/9/16/4/9** Troll 13/6/7/1/1 Valkyrie 13/5/8/0/1* Vampire Hunter 13/2/11/1/1 Vampiress 19/12/7/2/4** Warlock 9/2/7/2/0 Warlord 25/5/20/4/8** Warrior 25/6/19/10/5* Wizard Only character that is modified is the Assassin, who is played like the 2nd ed version (can only assassinate previously face-up cards), with one game played RAW, yet he is still second best base game character after the Troll (tied with Elf, Dwarf and Monk). Warlock utterly rules the roost, Rogue, Alchemist and Gypsy rounding out the top tier. Priest, Ghoul, Sprite and surprisingly Bounty Hunter holding down the bottom of the barrel.
  10. #1: They fight just like ground units. Note how combat cards even have the ship names on them (for the bottom-half special effect requirements in particular). #2: No, ships fight ships OR Orbital Strike a world where you have no ground units, they don't contribute dice or HP to a ground battle. #3: A single Advance Order can only create one contested area, so you can either initiate a space battle or a ground battle, can't move units in a manner that would create both with a single Advance Order. If enemy is guarding the void space to a world you want, you have to use minimum of two Advance orders to attack the world, one to initiate a space battle that you need to win against his ships, then a second Advance to more your units to the world itself to fight for it.
  11. Well, Bounty Hunter a 1-8 record in 9 appearances, don't think he needs much weakening. Last game he got the Full Plate early, then proceeded to draw nothing but Craft Enemies that killed him. Money well spent on Full Plate... @ Filippo: Can't see nothing, requires logging/registering.
  12. Ethics? Pfft. There can be only one winner at the end, doesn't matter how you got there. Though preferrably over the corpses of your opponents .
  13. Why not two bows? There is no time frame reference to combat. Maybe he has one longbow for really long distance shots to open up the engagement and a short bow, something more compact for closer shots?
  14. Nah, I'll still go Talisman over Relic any day of the week and twice on Sunday (230+ plays vs 90 plays). Lack of PvP is the biggest thing denying Relic any shot at dethroning Talisman, Nemesis addition improved things a bit, but then the Nemeses themselves are rather boring to play. I'd say the games actually play pretty much around the same time, yet Relic, since I started keeping track of rounds averages about 32 rounds to finish, you can get 50ish rounds in Talisman in that same 60-70 minute time frame (if you're going over 90 minutes in either game at 3-p, not sure what you're doing, but I don't want to be in your games).
  15. It's pretty much levelling up and maybe one or two Imperium cards. Abraxis Synethi, Nemesis from Halls of Terra, has Nemesis cards that see him gain lives.
  16. Other than the Minstrel, the metrosexuals weren't represented enough in Talisman, hence, Philosopher .
  17. Harsh, but in the ballpark for sure.
  18. Truthfully, I'm not sure where and when it might make a difference whether you exhaust your Prepare action or not during its resolution, since you can't exhaust it for any other reason other than actually doing the action, so in terms of gameplay, keeping it "untapped" entire game, does it change anything (as long as you announce when using the action).
  19. False. Under "Actions" in RRG: "Steps of an Action 1. Choose Action: The hero chooses and exhausts one action card from among his readied action cards. Then, he performs that action." And under step 6: "• After a hero performs an action that has a prepare icon, he readies all four of his action cards." (p. 4) Page 9: "The action card with the prepare icon only exhausts when chosen as the action card for a hero’s activation; other eff ects cannot exhaust this card."
  20. Most of the time, rules also don't say you "win" a payout (HGT uses the word win), you COLLECT a payout. You win highlights/tournaments. Card anatomy on page 6 lists everything on highlights (both sides and center), as well as tournaments (winner, runner-up and loser) parts of the card as payouts, while page 15 talks about payout sections, not touching on whether tournaments count as well. Also, if you go strictly by win, I would argue that you would not be able to change either team zone payout section on a highlight with 3 Fans, as you get your team zone payout whether you win or lose, only need to have a player there, you win a highlight and collect the center payout, so going by win, that's the only thing you could alter on the cards, making HGT very, very weak. Honestly though, I'm not sure how swapping a LOSE part of a tournament with 3 Fans is any more powerful than swapping a 1-Fan payout section on a highlight with 3 Fans, or turning a single Star Player payout to 3 Fans. FFG and consistent wordings unfortunately don't go together very often.
  21. Winning with the Necromancer requires being fortunate to draw the right cards, roll the right rolls, and avoid the wrong random endings. Every character requires some level of luck, but it requires far too much more with the Necromancer than it does with anyone else. Please, you can replace Necromancer in the above quote with pretty much any character and it would be true. Here's my list of 2/4 characters I'd rather draw than the Necromancer: Gypsy, Sage (Merchant has a better win-loss than the Necro, but still not a fan of him) 2/4 (or low Strength anyways) characters I'd want to draw Necromancer instead of (since we play single random): Cat Burglar, Druid, Elementalist, Ghoul, Grave Robber (though he is hella fun to play), Jin Blooded, Leprechaun, Minstrel, Philosopher, Priest, Prophetess, Spy, Sorceress, Sprite.
  22. I'd say 1-investigator games are the easiest, though I've only played with one and two. I think an overlooked aspect of playing with one is that everything pools up on that character. Trophies, items, everything. Having four investigators makes it far harder to meet the requirements for avoiding conditional Mythos cards (since everyone needs to have X), whereas lone investigator probably has way more items than he can possibly use over the course of the game. Shopping is also way faster to achieve as a single investigator. Plus, if you have one great investigator and three average (based on abilities), you're only getting to use the great investigator once per day, while if you only have one great investigator (say Kate Winthrop), you can benefit from her ability four times a day is the situation occurs. Of course, getting one bad or mediocre investigator means you're not getting a whole lot of benefits, but then, getting rid of a lone investigator is also easier than swapping out three via devouring. Not sure I've ever even used assist, even in two investigator games.
  23. What coin flip? You're never lifting a finger to fight Spirits as Necro. You choose not to fight them, period. Oh, drew that Demon (Craft 10)? Pass. Unlike the Minstrel, he doesn't have to roll anything, Craft higher, poof, it's a Follower. Get anything that boosts Craft outside combat and you can hit the Dungeon looking for Spirits. Plus, being your typical evil Craft character, he can attack others in psychic combat, giving him an edge over good and neutral 2/4 characters. 25 minutes has been done once or twice, getting there (Dungeon -> CoC) in under 45 min probably half a dozen times, not that much since random endings entered the fray. But then, Talisman games on average run about 75 minutes, so for people for whom Talisman takes 3+ hours, maybe that route is doable in 1 hour .
  24. Necromancer, wow, really? Along with the Ogre Chieftain, he is one of the two characters who can win really, really fast, even with pretty much starting stats, even better than the OC, he doesn't have to fight and win against Spirits. Grab Spirits, hit dungeon, cash all Spirits against LoD, win by 8+, doable in 25 minutes or under. Granted, works mostly with the vanilla CoC ending, with luck, might draw the right ending when using random ones, but even against fight endings (Ice Queen, Eagle King, etc.), keep hold of those Spirits and utterly dominate the boss. Necromancer and OC really make the Ghoul and Minstrel poor in comparison. Former pair can have and use any number of their special Followers, while the latter pair can only use one per fight.
  25. Funny indeed, my stats say the Elf is the best base game character, alongside the Troll and Monk, all with 8 wins, 15 losses in 23 appearances. At other end of the spectrum, the stinky end, Ghoul (2-21) has been doing pretty bad, but he has been outclassed in suckiness by the Priest (1-22).
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