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  1. Agreed, most cyphers have a purely narrative function. You could call them whatever you want (based on setting), but at their core they are simply disposable items that let a character do a thing, once.
  2. We use terrain heavy tables so set up happens beforehand. Our games "start" when the low-point player decides if they are red or blue.
  3. The only problem I can see with applying a model's "height advantage" is the inevitable argument that, "My unit has Speeder 2 so my models could actually be range 2 above the table, ignoring your cover!" Then the counter argument that you have to go with the way the model is built. Then the counter-counter argument that it's unfair that the AT-ST is "taller" (about 8") then the T-47 even though it's "flight ceiling" is range 2 (About 12"). I've played enough minis games to know that argument will come up! It's simply easier, and more consistent to go base to base and if the line passes through cover it counts. Especially in organized play. At home we can decide anything we like.
  4. I usually have terrain placed when my buddy shows up so we get to playing right away. Our games are around 2 hours long but as we play more they are going faster. The actual game play is super fast, the only thing slowing it down is how long it takes a player to make a decision. I've watched a few games at one of our local stores and seen players take 10 minutes to pick a card in the Command Phase alone. Then each player was debating a good 5 minutes every time they had to pick a unit to activate, and that was 5 minutes before actually activating! I stopped playing 40K at tournaments because of the amount of "slow-play" many of the players exhibited. Some seemed intentional but others just take way too long analyzing every possible option. I guess that may be unavoidable in organized play and tournaments, but these days I only play with my gaming group because we would rather get in a couple of games then take all day for a single game.
  5. RenoDM

    Round Counter

    If you have two you can fire them like Pogs! [That comment may be lost on you youngsters!]
  6. I don't want to see a full-on third faction. That being said I would love to see unaligned units that could be included with either side, such as bounty hunters and mercenaries. If they did that they should also cap how many unaligned units can be included.
  7. We've been playing it as only impacting Panic, not Suppression. As far as we can tell it never mentions a commander's Courage for other troopers for anything other than checking Panic.
  8. I believe FFG has said that the wording "most common" was simply to account for future expansions (don't remember where I saw that however).
  9. I'm pretty sure range is always determined by the squad leader, regardless of who is firing at what in the squad.
  10. Nice. But safety railings? In the Star Wars universe?
  11. I would love to see "unaligned" models that could be part of either faction; mercenaries, bounty hunters, rogues, and assorted specialists. In lieu of full-on additional factions, I would like to see "themes" within the existing factions. Not just cosmetic themes but ones with actual play-style and mechanical differences.
  12. I love Army Painter primers but I also live in the desert. If your climate is dry they work great. If you live somewhere humid they tend to come out a little "textured" when sprayed.
  13. It works out fine and is completely balanced. As the Imperial player I constantly focus on ways to drain away strain from the rebels, when they can't take any more strain they are much less effective!
  14. I'm running two campaigns. In one campaign the two players are playing two Legendary rebels. In the other campaign two different players are each playing two rebels (four rebels total). So far the two legendary rebels are undefeated but the four "regular" rebels have yet to win a game. Not sure why this is but I'm leaning toward the players different play/tactics styles influencing this. Or perhaps it's just "one of those things". Although everyone is enjoying both games.
  15. You would still have to place the large figure in such a way that a rebel figure could not be adjacent to it (in order to activate it). Although you could still target a terminal for an attack because figures sharing a space with an object do not block line of sight to the object.
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