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  1. In another thread about the (now confirmed) expansion, I noticed people discussing how to choose new alien powers for the Reincarnator. I thought it might be handy if ideas about how your game group handles unusual game component usage were shared here. To recap the Reincarnator ideas, the key being that you don't want to shuffle the alien power cards: 1. cut the alien power deck once for the Reincarnator player. Then they can't tell where in the deck the Virus is lurking... 2. Make a chart of all the alien powers, and somehow randomly generate a number from 1 to 50 (or 70 when Cosmic incursion is released). Use that number to determine which alien to reincarnate as. 3. Use the (already shuffled) flare deck. Take the top card to determine what the next reincarnation is, and discard that flare when you've found it. This has the advantage of keeping the aliens in alpha order, but the disadvantage that the power will never have a chance of encountering it's super flare. Do you have any other ideas about how to solve issues like this? More reincarnator tips? Maybe a better experience point tracker for the Warrior?
  2. I'd echo the opinion that quick games are a result of what I'd call "friendly play." If people are more likely to want to slug it out and go for wins alone, then the game will be much longer. Personally, I like the friendly variety much better. That way, no one feels like their power/cards sucked so much, and there's usually enough time to play 3 or even 4 games in an evening. That last point is especially helpful when introducing new players to the nuances of CE. They see more alien combinations, and are more likely to "encounter" unusual card/alien interactions. But it all depends on what style of play your CE group prefers.
  3. shnar said: Here's hoping that Cosmic Incursion will reintroduce the Keeper Edit (are they still called Edits? What are they now, Artifacts?)! -shnar They used to be called EdiCts, as in "a proclamation having the force of law." Now they are indeed called Artifacts.
  4. No real need to photograph every power & card together if you're willing to take the excellent database from The Warp (http://redamedia.com/warp) and line up two or more columns (one for each CE edition). All of the text is right there for the perusing. But I'm with you on moons & lucre, Shnar. I played with moons once (Eon version) and it only seemed to make the game less interesting, and longer. Which meant fewer games that evening to play. Lucre was something we played with every time (again, Eon version), and I think it played as a more useful facet to the game than reinforcements ever did in later editions. I hated the Mayfair version of Lucre so much that I copied the Eon lucre powers and used that rule set after attempting the Mayfair version a few times. It was annoying trying to recall the number of lucre for each thing you could do, or when you could spend it for whatever effect you were wanting. I don't know if it was cannon, but the way I played with the Eon Lucre rules was that right before the planning phase, each main player could buy cards, one at a time, until they were satisfied with what they had, or ran out of lucre. If it was a long game, that could have some enormous luck-titling effect one the end-game. Especially if you were a Lucre-gathering power with an awesome flare and one crappy attack card in your hand.
  5. Yes, I figured this out when a friend playing Hate destroyed me and the other players around the table. Hate only gets to use it's power when play passes to it from the player to the right. The passing of play from one player to the next marks the "start turn" for the next player. Each turn has up to two encounters, so if hate could use his power on a second encounter, it wouldn't use the term "turn," it would use "encounter."
  6. FFG isn't bound by any regulations on disclosure? I hope their shadowy practices don't create a board game bubble that crashes our economy... I'm not about to scream bloody murder that they don't keep the page up to date, and I can certainly understand that some games/expansions die on the vine; announcing them and then canceling them would certainly cause more headaches than they'd want... but why is the page even there, if they don't want to use it? (rhetorical question... unless you work for FFG) At least the games & expansions are almost universally high-quality. That's what really counts when it comes to a games company.
  7. If it's true that there is already a CE expansion in the works, why isn't there a note about it in the upcoming games page? There are two categories on that page that would work: "In Development" and "Concept Stage," so it there doesn't seem to be a good reason for it to not be there. Unless FFG is just spotty when it comes to keeping that stuff up to date.
  8. I think there has been an unofficial ruling regarding a flare that is played not being in your "hand", and therefore not being vulnerable to being discarded/taken as consolation/other card loss. My question is this: after you play a flare, at what point does it re-enter your hand? The next phase of the encounter? Resolution?
  9. I've always thought of things this way: Flares: recently re-discovered concepts/science that the main alien race uses to boost their strengths, but other aliens apply in unexpected (by the original alien race) and often highly powerful ways. Artifacts: (formerly Edicts): proclamations & interventions from the inter-galactic council of all other aliens not involved in current hostilities. Sometimes they are doing alien-itarian aid (mobius tubes), sometimes they're interfering behind the scenes (force-field). I always thought of flares as a kind of "artifact", but now we've got this new naming convention... Technology: This I think most resembles technology found on dead worlds from extinct races, or stolen from others who were experimenting with sciences forbidden in inter-galactic treaties. Or maybe just plain-old non-alien-specific R&D. I don't know if that was at all useful, being a very subjective view of CE, but that's my two Lucre's worth.
  10. Good point about just having one ship in the encounter. If you do try it before I get a chance, let me know how people who choose tech go defensively. One thing I wanted to avoid was the insta-tech. I feel it should still require the number of rounds printed on the card to research it after you've chosen one. Still, allying defensively with one ship does make gaining Tech awfully cheap.
  11. I like the idea, but it's a bit to complex for me. Do you see any major flaws in doing it this way? : Just make drawing from the tech deck another defensive ally reward along with drawing cards from the deck and getting a token out of the warp. You get to draw one tech card for each ship you brought to the defense, choose one, discard the others to the bottom as normal. Or do any combination of drawn tech cards, ships from the warp, or cards drawn into your hand. Use the ships devoted to drawing a tech for researching that tech, even if that means you have more ships than necessary for research. Alternatively, no immediately applied research ships are allowed; you just research your second (or third, fourth, etc..) tech as the normal rules state, sending the defensive ships to already established colonies.
  12. Adam said: Note: You definitely mean Trader, not Gambler. Oops, thanks for the catch! Here's another one: Can Amoeba ooze all 20 tokens into the hyperspace gate, or would he loose his power immediately upon reducing his home colonies to 2? What happens to the tokens that were removed from home colony #3? This question is with regards to a BGG discussion where you played 2 powers, with the combo of Masochist/Amoeba; it's argued that you could win in one encounter.
  13. I definitely want small boxes, so they're cheap (compared to the base game), and come out more quickly. I'd rather wait 6 months between small boxes than over a year for a big expansion. As for what I want in the boxes: New powers + flares every expansion, of course. I miss the crazy powers like Schitzoid and Terrorist. Lucre, the simple variety. I always played with in the EON version, and it added so little complication while allowing you the last-ditch option of buying more cards from the deck or ships from the warp. I've never been crazy about most of the Lucre aliens, but the lucre component was very handy without being overly complicated. More tech would be awesome. Alternate planetary systems! Nifty art on new boards that look like giant planets, space stations, or whatever. Judging by the quality of the design of this version of CE, I'm betting they could blow us away. More player planets & ships would be great, though I found that 6-player eon games, even without moons or double-powers, took significantly longer than 5 or 4 player games. Plus too many players means some powers (Hate, for example) would be less effective, so I don't know that I'd want to play with 8 players. But for the love of mike, please let the colors be easily distinguishable! The current set is fine for my R/G color blind friends, but adding orange or brown would be terrible for them. I vote White and Black for the next two colors. A reverse cone mechanic would be nice; maybe just a single special destiny card that reversed allies rewards would accomplish this, but having too many special destiny cards in the Mayfair version annoyed me. I just want to know who I'm attacking! However if new SD cards made the Mind more interesting to play... I also am not very enthusiastic about powers that require optional components, so I say "no thanks" to tech Aliens. I'd even go so far as to say the same for Lucre Alien powers, so you don't reduce the pool of aliens you can play if you opt out of using that component. I could do without moons for a long time, unless the mechanic was revamped a lot. I always felt it was a waste of an encounter to go after a moon instead of trying to gain a colony, and many of the moons were too goofy/useless. But if the offensive player were to occupy the moon orbiting a planet they were attacking (instead of the planet itself), and get to count it as a base... or something like that, then I'd be more enthusiastic.
  14. Found in this thread on BGG: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/378574 In short: if the Gambler becomes the main player, but has no cards in his/her hand, does the Gambler get to use his/her power to trade hands? The case seems to be that according to the FFG rules, you don't draw a new hand until the Planning phase , and presumably, you only do that because it's time to play your card face down. The Gambler power states that you can trade hands BEFORE playing an encounter card face down.<BR><BR> In past editions, the rule was that as soon as you became the defense, you discarded non-encounter cards and drew a new hand.
  15. Communicating the contents of hands:<BR> Is it allowable to say what is in your hand? The rules explicitly say you can't show your hand to anyone, but it's vague on the telling. During a deal, for instance, can you say, "I'll give you a Negotiate and an Attack 10" as part of the negotiations? Can you lie?
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