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  1. I'd like to put in a quick pitch for the expansion to this great game, "Battles of the Third Age". The base game "War of the Ring" is a game I rate a "10". It is an amazingly thematic wargaming experience, where you literally replay and recreate "The Lord Of The Rings" story each time you play it. While you don't need the expansion, the added elements are a lot of fun to play. For instance, how can you have a "Lord Of The Rings" story without The Ents being prominent for the Free People, or the Balrog showing up to cause havoc in and/or around Moria, right? These are just two key elements that you get when you add in the "Battles of the Third Age" expansion, not to mention the Corsair of Umbar (ships can be used to sail armies up the coast), seige engines (trebuchets and seige towers) for combat at the Strongholds, the wildmen, Galadriel, and a new version of The Witch King. By adding in the expansion, "Battles of the Third Age", this ones goes to "11".
  2. Another important way the game has changed is that there is no player elimination, which when playing a 2-3 hour game is a big bummer to be eliminated during the first 20 minutes (which was possible in the original incarnation of the game). Player elimination is replaced by "Hunter Defeat", which causes various unfortunate things to occur for that particular Hunter (they go to the Hospital, they lose a turn, etc.), but they can easily bounce back. Overall, this good game of the late 80s has become a GREAT GAME of the neo-modern boardgaming era! Truly this is a wonderful, deduction-driven, highly-thematic gaming experience. It is a great semi-cooperative game, based played with 5 players (Dracula plus 4 Hunter players), though playing with 4, 3, or even 2 players is much fun as well. Here are two links on BGG to summaries of the differences between the two versions: 1. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/93832 2.http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/100144 NOTE: I disagree strongly with the conclusion in the 2nd article above (i.e. the game is too luck based and doesn't have enough strategy -- in fact it is just the opposite, IMHO), but the author summarizes the differences between the original 1987 version and this new greatly updated and modernized version.
  3. I have a slight counterpoint on this... While the true nature of War of the Ring is certainly a 2-player game, this game works very well with 4 (and 3) players. In the 4 (or 3) player game, you end up seeing some different strategies due to the fact that the extra players MUST play (i.e. move, recruit, attack with) some of the nations that do not see much action in a 2-player game. For instance, the units of the North and the units of the Dwarves see very little action in the 2 player game, since the battles appropriately surround the VP-rich areas in Gondor and Rohan, and then in the Elven areas (Lorien). Once another player who is sharing control of the Free Peoples is involved, that player is forced to utilize the under-utilized North and Dwarves, and battles and strategies emerge in those regions. So, I agree that while the game is "best" with 2, it is still excellent with 4 (or 3) players. BTW and FWIW, this is my #1 favorite game... it is a "10"... maybe an "11"... Oh, and for the original poster, all the rules for playing with 3 and 4 players are shown in the rulebook, which is on page 22 at this link: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/War%20of%20the%20Ring/warofthering.pdf Enjoy this GREAT GAME!!
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