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  1. Announcing the Dutch Armada nationals! Date: 5th of November Location: In De Ruimte, Oude Gracht 230, Utrecht, The Netherlands Entry fee: € 15 All details and signup on https://www.facebook.com/events/125374154861136 Want to signup without a Facebook account? Send e-mail to events@subcultures.nl Hope to see you there!
  2. Tickets: https://blog.subcultures.nl/event-registration/?ee=221 More information: https://m.facebook.com/events/585437571633556
  3. Tickets: https://blog.subcultures.nl/event-registration/?ee=222 More info: https://m.facebook.com/events/1011250058995637 ---- Jacob Boersma X-Wing & Armada tournament organizer
  4. As the organizer of the tournament Saturday I'm really pleased about all the attention from people in the shop and I expect that the next tournament we'll hold in Utrecht will have much higher attendance. Let's make the Armada community grow! I think just under half the games finished completely within the time, the rest made it to turn 4-5 at least, by which time the winner was usually clear. It is understandable with everyone's unfamiliarity with this game that turns can often take a bit longer. @Cremate: this definitely was the first organized play Armada tournament here in the Netherlands. There was supposed to be one earlier in Leiden and one in Rotterdam but both were postponed due to the delay of Wave 1 and corresponding lack of registrants. I haven't heard of a new date for either but will get on that to check. --- Vox
  5. It is allowed, as clarified in the FAQ, page 4, first question under Movement: Q: When I activate a system (with a Tactical Action), can I move units out of that system and then back in, assuming they have enough movement? For example, can I move a carrier out one hex, pick up some Ground Forces, and move back into the system I’ve just activated? A: Yes. The rules state that a ship may move out of a system as long as it does not contain a friendly Command Counter placed prior to the current activation (page 11).
  6. Tawnos76 said: I have heard nothing new on this since the first announcement. I am looking forward to a TI3 Dune based game but have heard nothing new. Apparently it won't be based on the Dune background due to problems with licensing from the Herbert estate, but it will use the _rules_ from the old Dune boardgame, but set in the TI3 background (just as the old Thunder's Edge boardgame is set in the TI3 universe, but revolves around a planet-based war). So basically it's exactly the opposite of the TI3 PBF's with Dune races that are currently being played/have been played on the wiki...
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