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  1. I am running a Hybrid Deathwatch/Ascension/Rogue Trader game at Gen Con. I'll see what I can do about formatting it for general consumption after the con, since there is an interest.
  2. I cannot speculate on what FFG intends to do release or date-wise, but I will say this year I am running one game at Gen Con. It will be a combo RT/Ascension/Deathwatch game. (No Black Crusade characters.) Scheduling that "release day" game was difficult because you have to submit events so early to Gen Con. I couldn't put Deathwatch in the description last year because it would have constituted me giving the game away (to Gen Con staff) before it was announced. I had to communicate several times with FFG (who were nothing but gracious) to get the OK and make the compromise that we did on how I wrote up the game. -Andrea Disclaimer: The above is not meant to imply any hints about the release plan for BC. I truly do not know what it is, so there is nothing to read into.
  3. Adeptus-B said: I've always pronounced it "sy-nish-ense". I may be wrong... Ditto. I assume it is related to the word omniscience- to know all. Substitute psi for om.. to know psi stuff.
  4. In keeping with the Pact of Eleusis, Inquisitor Solace Deschain of the Ordo Malleus offers her services to the Deathwatch.
  5. I filled the comments box in per the instructions, but I emailed anyway as the character limit was so small I couldn't type enough to be sure they understood what I was trying to say. (Mainly, don't call me Brother.)
  6. FYI because it was asked earlier- yes some copies of the GM's Kit were on sale at Gen Con. Edit: Also as an FYI, I just checked out the ebay auction and I feel obligated to let anyone looking at it know that its description of the GM Kit contents is incorrect. It does not contain 6 adventure scenarios. It contains 1 adventure and a section of GM tools. I'll leave it to FFG or someone with the product to elaborate if they so choose.
  7. Lightbringer said: I'll content myself with asking how much detail there is about the structure of the Jericho Reach Crusade. For in depth info on most of that, I think you'll need to look to the last book in the Litany of War lineup.
  8. I'll hit the easy ones: Does the book list any penalties for "normal" humans using the Astartes weapons? -Yes How is fear, along with insanity/corruption handled? Is it similar to DH/RT, or do marines have some advantage? -It affects Marines differently. They do not suffer Fear in the normal way, but can accrue Insanity, which manifests in The Primarch's Curse. Are there vehicle mechanics, or info on using pods besides just narrative uses? -Not in this book, but the GM's kit states that vehicles rules will be coming out in a future book. Besides the benefit Space Wolves have, are there any benefits/penalties for choosing not to wear the helmet for power armour (other than the obvious loss of the autosenses/armour/void capability etc.)? -No. Do things like purity seals fit under the armour histories (I think that is what I heard them called), or are they their own thing (or even listed?)? -No purity seals in this book. Progenoid recovery, if a player character dies, is this an issue, are there stats for the reductor? -There are rules for Progenoid recovery and the reductor.
  9. Brother Praetus said: One of the groups I play in is basicly held hostage by one of the two female players. We cannot play anything unless she wants to, otherwise we lose her and her boyfriend. Man, I really hate these situations. It makes us girl gamers look bad. It especially irritates me (for both parties) when if the girl gets huffy then she makes her guy quit too. The lady needs to be less controlling and the gentlemen less controlled.If it is any consolation the FFG guys said publicly at Gen Con that they actually think DW will be shipping very, very soon. So I don't think that mid-Sept. date is accurate. Well.. maybe accurate if you're ordering from Amazon. :-)
  10. ThenDoctor said: anyone know when the doors open up for gencon, ive heard lots of answers but i need a definite time, and i figure the community is the best place to ask You mean dealer's room doors so you can get Deathwatch? 10 am. Speaking of Deathwatch at Gen Con, I've had a couple cancellations for my Friday "unofficial" run of Know No Fear. It runs 9-3 with a break at 11. Given that I'm hopping a plane in less than 24 hours, I am probably just going to plug it at the Thursday DW Seminar and hope I get a couple takers.
  11. The recurring 11 am DW event is a seminar, not an RPG event.
  12. aethel

    FAQ for Ross

    I am not Ross but I was physically present for the ruling clarification on #2: once per set of combat wounds. In other words you may perform the First Aid use of the skill on a character once after each separate encounter where the character takes damage. It is also worth noting that in Deathwatch runnings at Malleus Imperator this weekend we gave the Apothecary a Narthecium which supplies him a +20 bonus to his Medicae Skill Test.
  13. I can't speak for overseas shipping, but I've ordered from the webstore several times and their domestic shipping is very quick. So any lag you had in receiving your copy would be the shipping agency/method.
  14. Aww, you're breaking my heart! I would really loved to play the radical female Inquisitor, but I already have plans that weekend.
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