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  1. I found the deckbuilding guidelines in the article to be somewhat confusing as well - right now, it seems like the better the card fits the "theme" of your investigator the more it eats up your restricted slots. It may just be that they won't see much use with the "plus any 5 level 0 cards" type investigators.
  2. Wind of Change by Scorpions I follow the Moskva Down to Gorky Park Listening to the wind of change An August summer night Soldiers passing by Listening to the wind of change The world is closing in Did you ever think That we could be so close, like brothers The future's in the air I can feel it everywhere Blowing with the wind of change Take me to the magic of the moment On a glory night Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away) In the wind of change Walking down the street Distant memories Are buried in the past forever I follow the Moskva Down to Gorky Park Listening to the wind of change Take me to the magic of the moment On a glory night Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams (share their dreams) With you and me Take me to the magic of the moment On a…
  3. Years ago, they did some sets of scenarios for Arkham Horror that linked together to form a campaign. I'm getting a similar vibe from this. If you're curious, go to the AH product page and look for the League stuff under Player Resources.
  4. I found the campaign mode preview to be a little confusing as well. It looks like there will be a set of 6 games, each with their own Ancient One. I couldn't tell if you generate all 6 at the beginning, or just start with two and add one with each win. It looks like you take a Prelude card that corresponds to your current AO and the one chosen for next game, and they both start in play. Does the 6th game only have one Prelude? Who knows. Some things seem to carry over from game to game, like devoured investigators and personal stories. I also can't tell if you play the same investigator every game till devoured, or if you can freely switch up based on the current situation. Since many groups will be unable to easily play six games in a row, I wonder how we track all the campaign information between games. Maybe they will provide a log sheet.
  5. This question has spoilers for one of the endings of the Pallid Mask scenario. Be warned. Through my actions the Man in the Pallid Mask got removed from the game...my understanding is that he sits out the remainder of the scenario in that case, but he goes back into his owner's deck afterwards, yes? I ask because story-wise he possibly could be dead/gone/done and I don't want to lug around an extra weakness if I don't need to.
  6. You're either addicted or not, there is no way to track which substances you are addicted to. If you have the addicted token it applies to all drugs with addiction text. So you could already have three when you draw a new one as a reward from the loot deck.
  7. We had an addiction question come up last game...what happens when an addicted character has 4+ drugs in inventory? They must discard down to 3 but they can't discard any of them.
  8. IMO, if they decide to reintroduce enlightenment victory, it should be somewhat arcane and more difficult than just breaking provinces. Part of the fun of old-style enlightenment was having to do all these different things with one deck - you had to win a defensive battle, manipulate terrain and win a battle, win a duel at a disadvantage, play three spells, and empty your hand. I hope it's more intricate than something like "claim 10 rings total." "Claim each ring twice" would be better. Only counting rings on attack and giving up the normal benefit could be a way to go. You could have a card that has various conditions on it, and every time the player fulfills a condition they put an honor token on the card. Five tokens is a win. Make the conditions like the ring effects but more.
  9. Ah! I have Rougarou but haven't played it yet, so I was unaware of the restriction being explicit there.
  10. I would love to see enlightenment return as a victory condition in some form. That victory condition was what first attracted me to old L5R and why I played Monk until they were no longer a faction.
  11. The following question implies light spoilers about one possible scenario outcome. Does someone reading a card aloud have to read the exact words or can they be paraphrased as long as the meaning is clear, and does not involve a precise game term?
  12. Kachiko's very existence helps Scorpion players. Once these high cost cards hit the collection, people playing against Scorpion have to be wary any time their foe gets a bunch of fate. If my opponent is sitting on 5 fate, I have to play as if Kachiko might hit the table, even if she's not in their deck. Heck I have to account for it at 3 fate considering Ambush. The fact that Scorpion players can now sit on 5 fate as a bluff is itself pretty strong.
  13. I've been splashing Unicorn for the extra shugenja and Spyglass. It seems to work pretty well so far.
  14. I'd note that playing a Goblin Sneak into your own otherwise undefended province in fact saves you from losing honor. Wrap your head around that. I'll be really surprised if we don't get a way to play Shadowlands eventually. The CCG kept it around for a long time for a reason - it's not like they never purged playable factions. Some people like playing the bad guys. I'm not going to declare that wrongbadfun. I'd say the main reason the old Shadowlands strongholds generally turned off Honor as a mechanic was due to the fact that every SL card caused honor loss, so a player could rapidly lose to dishonor. Our one example Shadowlands card we have now does not cost honor for the person playing it. That means there may be no mechanical reason to exclude the faction from the honor system. Start them low, like at a 5 or so, and have their cards have low glory so honoring/dishonoring doesn't mean much to them. Conceptually, getting to 25 means that even your horde of monsters has managed to impress their worthiness upon the empire and gains official recognition, sort of like the formation of the Spider Clan. Falling to 0 honor means you have demonstrated such a threat that the empire gangs up on you and wipes out the Shadowlands. It's not really that tricky. Starting at a low honor number with few ways to gain honor means most SL decks will province focused, but they will have to watch their honor amount just like anyone else. That's just one way to potentially handle it. I'm sure there are many other ways to introduce the faction without destroying the game.
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