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  1. I had the same idea! Actually, I've modelled 15 of my Chaos Space Marines as barbarians from Xurunt, mixing Chaos Space Marine parts and Chaos Warriors (WFB) parts. I've made five of them into beast riders, using monsters from FFG's DOOM boardgame as mounts. Looks quite fine!
  2. I appreciate the discussion a lot, guys. Android is next on my wishlist and the polarised views on BGG make me wonder if I'll find people willing to try such a monument of a game with me...
  3. Aaaaah!!! Lux fiat! Thanks!
  4. I'm a RPG-er indeed, or used to be, as can be deducted from my favourite game lists... I do like both Talisman and Wow-BG, though I'd like less randomness in the former and less dice-rolling complexity (and more site-based adventures, like in Talisman) in the latter, perhaps a hybrid of both...
  5. Well, I'm curious to how it actually plays out, to determine if I sent my friend a good game (he lives in another continent so it might be a while till we play together...)
  6. For now I bought in the AT43 winter fall, but I'll consider Tannhauser eventually...
  7. Thanks a lot. I try to keep up with FFG's current game frenzy while managing the steep devaluation of the canadian dollar...
  8. The thing is, at the same time FFG readjusted its prices, the canadian dollar went down, so overall prices reached a 150% increase, except on Amazon.ca...
  9. Mr. Goodenough's essay on the "Fate Rule", as previously discussed in another thread, highlights the randomess factor within Talisman : "However, one side effect of all this randomness is that it can feel like the game is playing you instead of you playing the game. If a player finds himself with a long streak of bad luck and feels he has no control over the outcome, he tends to slip into a state of complacency. The player feels like he is simply standing by and watching what happens to his character instead of actively participating in the game." This was one good reason why I stopped playing Talisman and bought, as a potential replacement, World of Warcraft: the boardgame. Both are rather similar, but the second has much less randomess in it, making it a potential substitute for Talisman's more passive experience, in my humble opinion. Divergent opinions?
  10. The Blue Moon City setting has seen much discussions on German forums, but I wondered if anyone knew where it could be found in English, for RPG purposes for example. Having the beautiful game, I would like to explore it with rules systems such as Burning Wheel or Dogs in the Vineyard, but setting info is light in the rules...
  11. Some Silver Line games, such as ARENA MAXIMUS (a favourite of my kids) and ATLANTEON, have no forum nor site page; is this deliberate (if they aren't published anymore) or is it rather an upcoming feature? It'd be nice to have even minimal info for these games, and perhaps a general category for them in the forum for questions...
  12. Are the rules for the ANIMA miniature games compatible with the RPG or totally different?
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