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  1. Lol, i recently added the latest expansion to the Smash up big box and came to the same realisation, i havent played in years. That was part of the reason for focusing my collection, when you have exceeded 500 games its time to take stock. my friends and i often buy the same games, this will allow us to still do that but have different experiences when we play each other copy.
  2. I am in, i have grown past needing everything for all my games and am happy to play base games now. i look at this as my friend and i can both book seperate holidays to the same destination and when we return discuss our adventures.
  3. Thanks, i thought so but it was questioned in a game i played today
  4. Hi just wondering if this card allows each trooper unit to get a dodge token or the first one thanks
  5. Hi The fates have alligned that in the way to a business trip in LA i can stop off and attend, so excited fto be able to. However i dont land till 5pm. So 7pm is probably a good target to aim for for Friday night. Is it ok to be late? Dec
  6. Hi guys quick question, The paper maps in this expansion cn they be made with existing tiles? I have everything except the tile set. Rgs Dec
  7. Just seen a banner ad for Edison so I guess at least one more figure is on its way. Good news.
  8. Hi sorry just found the other thread, I did search not sure how I missed it. Rgs Dec
  9. Hi, Got my figure pack today and noticed an extra token, it has three figures on it and no reference card...any idea what it's for? Thanks dec
  10. Hi all I have looked and checked the new Faq but cant find the answer. is there a limit on the number of neutral cards in a deck? if not is it legal to play an all neutral deck ? I presume you cannot mix destruction only and order only cards in an all neutral deck ? Thanks Dec
  11. Hi All, I have looked all over the site and cant see anywhere i can order these figures. I was sure i had seen them available before, am i missing something? are they available for preorder or has the madness finally taken me? Cheers Dec
  12. Decaramas

    help me please

    Hi Email Customer support, they have an online form for replacement/lost parts and have always been great with anything i have needed in the past. Rgs Dec
  13. Hi All, In the revised rule book the alternate team set up is not mentioned, I was hoping that with the troop packs this rule would be published again ( wasted op if it's not there) . But looking at my two little rule books I can see no mention of this. So does that mean we can only use them for custom scenarios or for taking two of the same troops for the standard set up. I ask as I am a little worried about game balance issues when this rule doesn't seem to be official anymore. Please let me know if i have missed something thanks Dec
  14. So we started playing the Eye for an Eye campaign and everything was going well, then came the beastman attack on the coach. I got the rules for henchmen very wrong and instead of adding their toughness together I added their HP, making them very hard to kill. Add to this the rules for a repeater crossbow was used for a normal crossbow ( 4 actions to reload) and they didn't stand a chance, now they did survive but with a lot of critical wounds, even after a rally step they are not in good condition and wont make it thorough any more combat. These errors were discovered after the session. So any ideas on how I put this right ? They have almost finished the investigation and I could give them a few hours before the dinner. So i was thinking another rally step and have the Sister come in and bless them before dinner.
  15. Thanks Kryyst, this is what i was thinking, that it was down to the GM and the story, however some of the players are metagaming i guess. I also think that we need to go over the forst aid rules, i think they think this is a once per encounter check as opposed to the once per encounter per act, which is very different. Also doesnt help that some of the early combats i ran i got the rules for henchmen wrong and added all their Hp together not toughness, they are terrified of combat now.
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