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  1. Cifer said: You might want to take a look at the pinned threads of this forum, specifically the "Master Skill list". It has every advance of every career in a single friendly PDF. And there are several different versions of it depending on how you would like it printed. There's also an Excel file version if you prefer as well. In addition, that information has been in my Excel version of the character sheet since 11c. I don't have Radicals and Ascension information in there at this time because I haven't had the time to update these files yet. I'm hoping to do that one day soon.
  2. I can't see how these could possibly include any major or minor powers due to the power trade in that can be used. Even if you limited it to something like 1 major and 1/2 WPB minor (or even one of those), you are basically giving the character an instant 500 (or more) XP discount on his next (possibly several) Ascended level power purchase. Doesn't really seem to make sense that he ends up GAINING experience by buying a +1 Psy Rating. Lets go with a couple examples of a fairly typical high end Psyker with 60-69 WP (no, not going to argue the WP...just go with it...): If using the Psy Rating 3-6 as a template, they gained 3 new major powers and 6 new minor powers. The Psyker now decides he wants to but an Ascended level power. If he takes a bunch of powers he doesn't care about, he can trade them in for 2100 XP of discount on his future Ascended powers (to a minimum of 500 to buy a new power). So he just paid 1500 for that +1 Psy Rating buy gained 2100 XP of credit on new powers. That math definitely doesn't add up. Now lets take a look at limiting it to 1 major and 3 minor (1/2 WPB) powers. That would still give an 800 XP discount on Ascended level powers, over half of the cost of purchasing the the +1 Psy Rating. This does bring the cost in line with a lot of other Ascended level XP spend, but I really don't think that's the intention. So all-in-all, I can't see how the +1 Psy rating would include additional powers.
  3. You do have one other minor problem. Yumarr said: I think that the Moritat "The Bloody Edge" can be used with that weapon to roll 2 + 2 dice choosing the highest value in every in pair (because he treats all swords as Tearing), no problem here. Actually, it would only be 2 + 1 dice rolled. Tearing provides one extra die not one for each die rolled. From the errata: Tearing weapons are vicious devices, often using multitudes of fast-moving jagged teeth or fragmented or explosive ammunition to rip into flesh and bone. These weapons roll one extra die for damage, and the lowest result is discarded.
  4. Relative puritan might be something like Amalathian as opposed to Monodominant. So I can see that somewhat. The Inquisitor would still most likely cleanse and purify the tainted acolyte, he/she just wouldn't do it in public along with the rest of the cell. But a reasonable radical? Not sure there is such a thing...
  5. I can't remember what book it was that I read it in, but a warp capable ship is large enough that it should be able to have the yacht docked to it/inside it and carry it along on the trip. Sorry for the lack of reference, just can't dredge it up right now.
  6. w176 said: Keeping an innocent and useful for boring stuff PC around is the win. Good start. Now once the team is good and attached to that innocent, she needs to either: Develop psyker powers so they have the moral dilemma about keeping her or turning her in. Become a daemonhost, so now as the saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished". Be a spy for either a cult or a rival Radical/Puritan Inquisitor and betrays the group to them. Now you have something to work with.
  7. For Flamers, I can see where you could have them roll a BS test for Righteous Fury instead of all those agility rolls. I don't see anything in the rules where it says either way, so since it is the blessing of the Emperor on the character using the flamer, a BS would put it in their hands. If you go strictly by RAW which says "Testing Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill" then that's what you would use. I could also see where the ruling could be that Flamers don't get Righteous Fury since the user doesn't even roll for the initial hit. Until the errata clarified that the penalty becomes a bonus to the targets agility, I wondered what the point was of taking a Heavy, Basic, or Pistol training in Flamer if you don't even have to roll to use one. At least that cleared that up. But since you don't roll the initial BS to hit, you could say Flamers don't get Righteous Fury. Which would also apply to Psychic powers as well. I can see it either way without a rules clarification from someone inside. Who wants to volunteer to send in the question?
  8. Wasn't going to go here, but... If Warp shock is part of Fear, then why isn't it written up in the Fear rules? Why isn't it with the Fear description? Why don't you have to worry about it every time you make a Fear test? Warp Shock is a special aspect associated with warp entities. It only comes into play when facing them, not all the time. Warp Shock is the result of the taint of the Warp/Chaos, not fear. It's the result of being faced with and partially comprehending non-Euclidean geometry. It's the result of hearing thousands of whispering voices in the miasma around a daemon and actually make sense of some of what is being said. It is the Warp itself seeping into your soul because of it's very presence near you. I agree the game uses the Fear mechanics for determining Warp Shock, but by the rules it also is a separate effect.
  9. And he won't admit he steered me wrong. I asked why the contradiction and received the following: These aren't contradictory actually, Warp Shock is part of fear. Whatever... I'm not even going to start on the "Warp Shock is part of fear" statement. Guess I'll just write it off to doesn't know his own game. Double bleh... Bring back, Ross!
  10. Well hells, bells! Why didn't he say that when I asked? I hate it when people give me incorrect information. Especially when they are supposed to know the answer. This just really irks the detail oriented part of me. Fearless is now the be all and end all of all Talents. If you can't get it, you should pester your GM until you can. Bleh.... Seriously though, thanks, Cifer.
  11. Baldrick said: Maybe the rest of the PCs have to get the Scum out of prison now at the start of the adventure. You know...that's a pretty fun idea in general. Can't you just see the start of every mission? The rest of the crew are all together. One asks where Rat is. No one knows. So they all trudge down to the local Arbiters station and find him battered and bruised in a cell looking defiantly or mournfully at them (depending on the character). Or maybe he's in a cage hanging from the side of the cathedral. Or in an open pen at the Chasteners station with his hands and feet chained to a post sticking about 1 foot out of the ground. Fun role play moments there. Oh yeah! Good times. Good times indeed.
  12. Bilateralrope said: If my post came across as calling you a liar then I am sorry, that was not my intent. I have spent too much time on forums where people will lie about what other people have said in order to prove their point. Bilateralrope, Thank you. And my apologies for getting bent out of shape. And I'll go back to what I keep saying. If you don't like the ruling, feel free to disregard it or ask your own question. Just don't try to convince others of your viepoint when we have an official answer.
  13. Chester said: Own goal. The description of Soul of Stone does not even include a reroll on Fear tests (as one would normally get with Unshakeable Faith). Thus we can assume you don't roll Fear tests anymore with this Paragon talent for it grants immunity to Fear. Whereas you claim that one would still have to roll Fear tests despite discarding the result except for Warp Shock. The line where it replaces other talents is exactly that, if someone has those talents then they can replace them with this Paragon Talent. Yes of course it would cover redundant talents too (just like Storm of Blows eliminates Swift Attack though requiring Lightning Attack ) The whole idea behind Mastered Skills and Paragon Talents was reducing space. But of course one would expect it to at least cover those talents (in addition, Soul of Stone removes the drawback of Fearless and increases the CP reduction). Actually, it has the exact same text as Fearless. It does not say you do not roll. It says "is immune to the effects of fear, pinning..." Nowhere in the text does it say you do not roll. You just ignore the effects. Just like Fearless.
  14. One more for you... Why does Soul of Stone contain Armour of Contempt, Fearless, Insanely Faithful, Jaded, Resistance (Fear), and Unshakable Faith then? Because Armour of Contempt, Resistance (Fear), and Unshakable Faith would be pointless if Fearless does as you suggest. If you do indeed take Warp Shock as was answered, then you would need Armour of Contempt to reduce the CP you might take as well as the Resistance Fear and Unshakable Faith to reduce your chances of failing the roll and taking those CP. Otherwise, Soul of Stone is a mostly redundant Paragon Talent.
  15. Oh yeah... Nothing in the compiled weapons table that is in the character sheet either. Don't know why you couldn't make one though.
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