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  1. In the 6-player, 2-round, 400-point tournament I just ran at my FLGS. There were two imperial fleets with SSD. The SSDs won 3 of the 4 games they were in, but the one loss was a 10-1 victory for the opponent since the SSD was outright destroyed thus tabling the Imperial player.
  2. The Objective in the game was Advanced Gunnery. The Rebel Player was the first player. The Imperial had DCO on the SSD, but the rebel player managed to kill it anyway. The Rebel player was a much more experienced player than the Imperial.
  3. This is the fleet that won the 6-player tournament I officiated at our FLGS (Game HQ in Oklahoma City) today. MC80 Assault Cruiser Admiral Raddus Title - Defiance Electronic Countermeasures Reinforced Blast Doors Strategic Advisor Medical Team XI7 Turbolasers MC80 Star Cruiser Title - Mon Karren Overload Pulse Raymus Antilles Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette External Racks GR-75 Medium Transports Title - Bright Hope Bomber Command Center Boosted Comms Squadrons Y-Wing Squadrons (x3) Green Squadron A-Wing Squadron Objectives - Advanced Gunnery, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona Total Points: 400 This fleet tabled a Star Dreadnought Assault Prototype build in round two of the tournament.
  4. I got a Flambeau rifle case at Walmart for $11. I have my SSD and an ISD in the case with bases, cards, etc.
  5. Picked up mine from my FLGS today on my way home from work.
  6. During the live feed from Gencon yesterday they specifically stated that these are both large ships.
  7. When we played the pit eliminated man as a suspect. The Dwarf had injuries, bruising that he claimed he got from a wolf, we figured that a wolf would have scratched or bitten rather than bruise. The Hobbit had no injuries so that made it clear to us that the Dwarf had to be the spy. When we accused the Dwarf the orcs and thugs showed up to try and burn down the inn and everyone fled, it specifically mentioned that the hobbit left. We put out the fires and defeated the foes and won the scenario. However, we are still uncertain if the Dwarf was the spy and fled when the enemy attacked, or if the Hobbit was the spy.
  8. Éowyn, or if she would be too young in this timeline some other shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim. For that matter any male or female Rohirrim could be interesting. Arwen could work if you used something more similar to her movie persona as opposed to the straight book version. Boromir, or if he would be too young some other similar captain of Gondor. Glorfindel, though he might be a bit powerful to be a player-controlled character. A Woodmen or Beorning hero of some sort.
  9. I have ordered the one from Battle Foam. Once it arrives I will see if it accommodates sleeved cards.
  10. Battle Foam is having their yearly sale right now and make a foam insert for JiME. On sale it is about $22. https://us.battlefoam.com/lord-of-the-rings/
  11. Spiders is something of a staple for Middle-Earth. Something akin to the Watcher in the Water that lurked in the swollen waters of the Sirannon beneath the western walls of Moria, might be nice to see as well.
  12. They are wights so they are corporal creatures, at least when they are attacking or interacting. I guess I will paint mine up as skeletal undead wearing dark colored rags.
  13. That is what happened to us in our three-player game. We understood how the threat value rises, so we did everything we could to mitigate the threat value. But we could not manage to pass the needed checks to get the tracks found in time. The threat value maxed out at the same time two different characters failed their Last Stand challenges (fourth challenge for Legolas, and second challenge for Aragorn).
  14. We have only gotten to play a single game so far. Unfortunately we were operating in far from ideal conditions. There were a lot of distractions so a single scenario with three people ended up taking about four hours (about four times as long as it should have). We probably would have been better off waiting until we could play an uninterrupted game. Still for all the handicaps we had to content with I see great promise in the game. I will hopefully be able to play a solo game later this week, but right now I am painting the miniatures.
  15. This mini has been "in development" for six months now. I blame the slow progress on rebel saboteurs and meddling.
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