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  1. Edsel62

    SSD article up!

    This mini has been "in development" for six months now. I blame the slow progress on rebel saboteurs and meddling.
  2. There goes more of my hard-earned money.
  3. Edsel62

    Q2 Tournament Winner

    This same player using this same fleet, just won the 2018 Game HQ store championship today.
  4. The 2018 Store Championship for Game HQ Inc. in south Oklahoma City will be held this Saturday, August 11th, starting at 10:00 AM. If you are in the area and an Armada player we have a very friendly group and would love for you to join us.
  5. Edsel62

    Funny names for the SSD

    Norsehound may be right. I remember when the epic ships came out for X-Wing. Everyone was pretty thrilled at the time, but they do not get used very much any more (at least around here they don't).
  6. Edsel62

    Is this "the first" Epic ship or the only one?

    Buy one of these 6-foot diameter soccer balls and do some painting.
  7. Edsel62

    Executor arrives

    My two cents This is still in development so anything we see is probably still subject to change. I imagine that developers at FFG are watching this thread to see what sort of things they need to play test and tweak. As big as this ship is perhaps it can only be used while playing a lengthwise setup (see Corellian Conflict). Even then on a 3'x6' playing area it will be like trying to fight with your battleship while transiting the Panama Canal. Of course I guess it could also use the set up for a Final Confrontation (again from CC) which would give you a 3'x9' play area. Perhaps it will be that only the front half of the ship has to be set up in the deployment zone and the rest of the ship will creep on to the playing area over the course of a couple of turns. If you started this thing fully in the normal deployment zone then you will have to be careful your nose doesn't exit off the other side by the end of turn 6. At 220-points for the most no-frills version it will still be hard to not burn through all 400-points just by adding the upgrades you are bound to want. Perhaps there will be special rules that up the base point value for games that feature a huge ship.
  8. Edsel62

    Store Championships Dates/Locations

    August 11th, Game HQ Inc. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  9. It is quick and easy to run. However there is a reason that there was a 2nd Edition and a 2nd Edition Revised. There were things easily broken once characters became very experienced, the latter editions did a lot to remedy those situations. Still for a one-shot or a short campaign the old 1st edition rules should work fine.
  10. I have PDF copies of all the d6 stuff. The hard copies I had were worn out long ago. It is nice to have these to put on my shelf. We will continue to use the PDFs for game play.
  11. Picked up my copies today from my FLGS. Yes, I will probably use the books some as reference material. We use the later 2nd Edition Revised, Expanded, Updated rules for our game play and find that it is yet to be surpassed as an RPG for Star Wars.
  12. Our local Q2 tournament featured seven players. There were four rebel and three imperial fleets. This was a Fleet Patrol tournament (2 rounds of play, 120 minute time limit for games though no game went the full 120 minutes). Below is the winning fleet. Faction: Rebel Commander: General Dodonna MC80 Assault Cruiser Title - Defiance Electronic Countermeasures Reinforced Blast Doors Veteran Captain XI7 Turbolasers MC80 Liberty Battle Cruiser Title - Mon Karren Intel Officer Quad Battery Turrets XX-9 Turbolasers Gunnery Team GR-75 Medium Transports Boosted Comms Squadrons Shara Bey A-Wing Squadron Tycho Celchu A-Wing Squadron Nym - Havoc "Dutch" Vander Y-Wing Squadron X-Wing Squadron Objectives Assault - Advanced Gunnery Defense - Solar Corona Navigation - Planetary Ion Cannon 400 Total Points The player won their first game 9 - 2 with a 290 MoV, and their second game 9 -2 with a 285 MoV. He did a good job of maneuvering his two large ships to make most effective use of their fields of fire.
  13. Yeah, I just noticed that it finally moved off the boat to the "Shipping Now" tag.
  14. Answering my own question. The first edition has a publication date of October 1987, so if it doesn't show up by November 1st it will be the 31st Anniversary Edition.
  15. I pre-ordered through my FLGS so I don't have to pay until it arrives. It may be the 31st Anniversary edition by then though.