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  1. This is amazing. I tried making a similar system for Wings of Glory and never managed to make it work. I am in awe of the amount of work and obvious testing that went into making this. Thank you so much! I do have a question about the mission cards. When the victory result says +"card name" this means I add it into my deck in place of the mission card I just finished. Then I draw two cards again and could potentially play the next mission or a mission from a different story arc. When it says "reshuffle" I leave the card in the deck and reshuffle so there is a chance I could do the mission again?
  2. That's something I love about this tournament format. I think the ability to choose between two squads may give us the opportunity to see a few lists that are more "risky" than you would see in a traditional tournament format. Plus, since people choose their lists in secret, it's going to be a lot of fun to watch how players handle the "Princess Bride" style mind-games. How risky are people willing to be?
  3. Definitely one of the best games of X-Wing I've seen since the Worlds finals. Very entertaining. I think it's worth downloading Vassal just to watch it. Either player could have won this game. I'm still pretty new to X-Wing, but the trap AtomicBoxer set up for Chewbacca was very impressive to me. Theorist put on a clinic on how to use Ibtisam and Engine Upgrade. @Kelvan linked to the squads in the original post, but for the lazy I've written them out here: AtomicBoxer: BXXYY B-Wing / Blue Squadron Pilot X-Wing / Rookie Pilot (x2) Y-Wing / Gold Squadron Pilot (x2) Theorist: "Pick Your Poison" B-Wing / Ibtisam Heavy Laser Cannon Advanced Sensors Push The Limit Engine Upgrade YT-1300 / Chewbacca Millenium Falcon Engine Upgrade Nien Nunb Expert Handling Gunner I can't wait to see the other games in this tournament! Edited formatting.
  4. A while back I played a mod for a popular RTS game in which one player was given control of infantry, another the tanks and artillery, another the flying units and missile defenses, and another the special forces units. It was one of the best multi-player experiences I've ever tried because it forced everyone to work together. I've been wanting to try something like this in a board game and it might just work for TOI. I'd probably try to design a scenario in which one player had the infantry, another had vehicles, and the third had artillery and the strategy decks. Another option would be to split the infantry divisions as per the 4 player rules, make the 3rd player have the vehicles, and then give each player a strategy deck that compliments their units (i.e.; Morale 1 to an infantry player). Both options sound really fun to me. I might try playing around with something like this over New Years...
  5. Glad to see this posted again. It's one of the best ToI scenarios out there. I highly recommend it if you haven't tried it yet!
  6. Just had a chance to glance at the rules. This looks awesome. TOI is the first WW2 game that I've played so I am just starting to learn my WW2 history. Normandy is the operation that I'm most familiar with and I can definitely see how these new units, terrain types, and rules will bring the campaign to life. I'm really looking forward to this!
  7. After seeing what they did with the Normandy campaign I completely agree. I love the idea of getting boards, terrain, units, rules etc. for a specific campaign. That being said, I'd love to see an Eastern Front or Pacific campaign next. I'd be up for an early war or Italian campaign as well.
  8. I've heard that Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielburg are doing another WW2 miniseries along the lines of "Band of Brothers" called "The Pacific." It is rumored to be released in 2009. If that is the case, my speculation is that a Pacific expansion could do quite well in 2009.
  9. What are the rules for the Church? Is it just a Level 1 terrain building (i.e.; cross between building and hill)?
  10. bcpravel


    I agree. The expansions aren't necessary for the base game to be enjoyable. I'd start with the base game and if you love it, you'll also love the expansions.
  11. Are there Any rules for hedgerows? Thanks for the details. Without any previews or rules, I think we're all sort of salivating at the thought of even the smallest bit of information about this expansion. I know that I can't wait!
  12. After looking at this again I have become convinced I have been playing this rule incorrectly. Because of the qualifier in "Rule #3", it appears that an Op Firing squad with MG crews are only fatigued if non-MG figures in the same squad participate in the Op Fire. The participation of non MG crew figures in other squads does not seem to have any bearing on whether or not the MG crews become fatigued. In short, I now agree with you guys. The MG crews are only fatigued if members of their own squad participate in an Op Fire attack. Fortunately, this is also the most logical answer as well. Why should the MG crew become fatigued just because they are supporting someone else?
  13. IMHO the strictest reading of the rule is that a MG crew will be fatigued if it combines fire in an Op Fire attack with a non-MG crew model. Again with page 37: Rapid Op Fire: If a squad with one or more machine gun crews are in Op Fire mode, the squad may execute an Op Fire attack without becoming fatigued – as long as only the machine gun crew(s) participate in the Op Fire attack. This also applies to supporting another Op Fire attack with combined fire. So: A. Squad with MG fires. B. If only MG crews are firing, they aren't fatigued. C. This applies to combined fire as well. Thus, if a non MG crew model fires during an attack, regardless of if it is normal or combined fire, the MG crew will be fatigued.
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    Many scenarios are balanced for a specific number of rounds and exceeding this amount can drastically change the outcome of a scenario. As a result,we do not exceed the amount of turns defined in the scenario.
  15. Awesome. I'll have to try that out. Thanks!
  16. To reshape your minis, stick them in some warm water for a few minutes, take them out and mold them into the appropriate shape, and then place them in some cold (perhaps even icy) water for a few minutes. Works great!
  17. Could you give us an example of a conversion? Just a quick summary would be OK. For example, do you give the various units differing strengths, or do you make them all generic "infantry" or "elite infatry." Converting ASL scenarios is something I've considered for a bit but didn't think it would work out that well...
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    Something else that can really help is the use of Universal Head's Tide of Iron Reference Sheet. This can really help players find the majority of rules they will use in a single document that's just a couple of pages. This saves players from having to flip through the entire (and oddly organized) rule book. You won't find every rule here, but it's a godsend for new players trying to become comfortable with the basic rules of the game.
  19. bcpravel


    I've taught TOI to several new gamers recently and based on my experiences, I'd recommend new players try the following: Start your first game with New Player Scenario 1- Infantry. This is especially important if the new players aren't already familiar with tactical squad level wargames or miniatures games. View this scenario as somewhat of a "boot camp" style training mission. The purpose of this scenario is to become comfortable with the game's core infantry rules without being distracted by all of the "flavor" rules. Make sure you are confident with things like turn order (the game uses threaded turns), the difference between the various order types, how Op Fire works, etc. It wouldn't hurt to try out a few assaults as well since the assault rules have some weird rules that take some getting used to. Don't spend a *ton* of time on this scenario, but do play through until you and your opponents are comfortable with the basic rules and can play the scenario at a somewhat quick pace. That last thing you want to do is get into a more complex scenario and constantly be looking up every single rule. Once you have the basic rules down, move on to a simple scenario. I'd recommend Crossroads at Lucca, Tiger Hunt, or Ormel Farm (discalimer, I designed this last scenario so I'm biased ). All of these scenarios feature simple objectives, but begin to add layers of complexity to the game which makes things much more interesting. As an added bonus, Tiger Hunt is probably my favorite ToI scenario! I'd play through each of theses scenarios a few times, again making sure that you are comfortable with the rules that have been introduced before moving on. After playing through the scenarios listed above, you are ready to move on to just about any other scenario. I'd definitely check out the winning scenario for FFG's "Introductory Scenario Competition". I can't seem to locate the link to it, but it's called "Blood on the Mountain." IMHO, it's a bit complex to start with, but once you have a foundation it's one of the best ToI scenarios out there! I also really enjoyed Tank Hunters and Redball Express. At this point, you should be able to play through any of the official FFG scenarios with no difficulty and have a great time with it. A few of the scenarios in the rulebook aren't that balanced, but for the most part they are pretty fun. The Days of the Fox scenarios tend to be more balanced, as do many of the official scenarios on the FFG Website.
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