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  1. But january 2009 sounds good. After a such long period of waiting.
  2. Xes, the map art ist really great! Maybe the final map will be an FFG exclusiv release as an expansion!
  3. I like the idea. I can't wait to see the first pictures!
  4. I'm still wanting it, but I shorten the time with Arkham Horror, which is hopefully under the christmas tree. I think this page isn't available any more...
  5. Wow, this is exactly what I mean. I love the thing with the shadows. Now it looks mor like an original map from the Tannhäuser universe. Great job!
  6. The release date of the german version of Tannhäuser is connected to FFG. That's because the german retailer HDS (Heidelberher Spieleverlag) translates the product together with FFG. And they said in the german Forum, that FFG moved the release date to the first quarter of 2009. Visit: http://hds-fantasy.de/ an klick on "Produkte" what means "products", after that on "Brett- und Kartenspiele" (what means Board- and Cardgames) and scroll down to Tannhäuser! So thats the official information from FFG. Hopefully it's a lie!
  7. silencethefoe2


    Now Tannhauser is moved the first quarter of 2009. Really bad news.......
  8. Wow, the map looks great! The only thing I miss in all fan-made maps are the shadows for a real Tannhäuser feeling. The original maps are darker and ......"creepyer" But nevertheless, your work is awesome!
  9. I miss this function as well. Are we able to change our Pictures to a picture of our own, or is it only possible to choose one of the FFG ones?
  10. Budsky said: which I hear is in the works in France You mean Cerberus? Hopefully it will be released by FFG too..
  11. Yes, I also like the game very much. It is definitively not the best but I like the theme and the easy way of playing. As Derros said the only thing I really hate is that the releas of expansions is as slow as possible. Shure, I am from germany but the release of the game is the same like in the states. So if FFG say it is 2009, in germany it will also be at this date. And 2009 is a long period of time.
  12. DanSMU said: havin 5 people around the table is one awesome experience 5 people sounds really good. I played the game only with one opponent. I think it would be a nice experience to try it also with 5 (or maybe even with 10!?) players...
  13. The Sundance Kid said: I'm actually finished with the bunker map, I'm just too lazy to post it up For me, I can't wait to see the map. I like the community in the states. In germany the fans are a ... kind of lazy.
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