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  1. This will probably be an awfully simple question, but different paragraphs on the subject have ended up confusing me and since English is not my native language, I'd very much appreciate your assistance: Suppose I want to use my Acquire Assets action, and I get 3 successes in the roll. Let's say the cards in the Reserve have the following values: A=2, B=3, C=4, D=4. Can I obtain both A & B (because each one's value is = or < 3), or am I supposed to distribute my 3 successes among all the cards, in which case I could only buy A or B since I would have needed 5 successes to gain both (value 2+3)? That's it. Thanks a lot!!
  2. Thank you Julia! We were toying with the idea of a Touring performance, but as we're keen on using at least a couple of expansions and Miskatonic if possible we were trying to find some combination of ancient ones and different components that could (potentially) boost the KiY herald without resorting to the KiY expansion on its own. Wouldn't using the Touring Performance pretty much kill most of the other expansions, at least the board ones? The Kingsport board would somehow survive that dilution I guess, but i.e., what if I wanted to add the few encounter cards from Miskatonic that have both the Kingsport and KiY symbols to the mix? I guess it could end up being a matter of "taste", but would you place cards on top of the Kingport encounter cards as if they were part of the "touring" elements?
  3. Hi everyone! My group and I have been planning to revisit the King in Yellow Herald after a long time of not using it; but as it hasn't had much of an impact in our games (the terror level can easily remain virtually untouched sometimes) we were wondering if there was some combination of elements (ancient ones, expansions, etc.) that could potentially boost its activity a little bit. Any recommendations? I own all expansions, including Miskatonic, so I'd like to try mixing some official stuff without using custom components. Thanks!!!
  4. There's a running joke within my group in which we consider certain encounters to have been written in the middle of the night before the game went to printers, imagining some guy -inches away from a nervous breakdown- yelling "Guys, c'mon!!! we're still missing two encounters!! Write something, anything!!!" There have been a fair amount of really bizarre ones (the aforementioned lady-counting-pennies is a classic), but one sticks to mind because of the effect it had more than the text itself. Back in 2007 some friends and I were playing the game for the very first time. One of the guys, shocked with the way he'd been particularly mistreated by the game in the previous turns, thought it would be a good idea to visit the church, since our first collective assumption was that it would be a calm place to find safe haven in. He got the "Upon entering the church, you are attacked by Father Michael with a giant cross" encounter. He has never played the game again ever since.
  5. Hi! Scenario 6 is particulary HUGE, so it does have two sheets explaining its objective. You might be experiencing trouble opening the second of these, the file named "Koth of Hyboria_b". If that's the case, you should get the latest Strange Eons version and download the "Large Format Scenarios" plugin... I believe that should do it!
  6. Finally a new preview! Yet, a part of the article confused me about a Lurker rule... It says: "An Investigator who has entered into a Dark Pact with the Lurker must draw and resolve Reckoning cards whenever a Gate opens" (italics added by me) Considering the text in the Herald sheet says "Each time a Gate opens, draw and resolve a Reckoning card. Do not resolve a Reckoning card for the Gate that opens at the start of the game", I've always played it with a reckoning card being drawn after each gate opening, regardless of any player having made dark pacts or not. Yet the text from the preview I quoted before seems to suggest otherwise. Was it my mistake or just their quick-but-not-very-precise way of explaining what reckoning cards are about?
  7. I've had the same impression, Tibs. My "anxiety" comes in part from the fact that for some time there seemed to be a preview each 2 weeks or something, yet now... If I'm not mistaken, the very first preview was Black Goat oriented (with new cult encounters), but you're right about the remaining ones!
  8. Ok, so this topic is likely to lose all purpose any time now, as soon as FFG decides, but I need some kind of way to deal with the anxiety! Hasn't it been quite long now since the last official bit of news (previews, et al) from either Miskatonic Horror or the revised Curse of the Dark Pharaoh? No new previews or news about the releases? I need something!
  9. As jhaelen pointed out, I translated the previous two spanish leagues and uploaded them to boardgamegeek. I've never believed there was any copyright issues as they've always been available for free at the Edge Entertainment website, there's no profit involved in these translations either, and I did not remove the original author's name from the .eon files. Right now I'm pretty busy to translate these third league scenarios, so if it's great if satanito wants to give it a try!
  10. That is correct. All Kingsport in including Epic Battle cards in case the Ancient One awakens, and in Scenario 3 you may choose to put Hypnos in play.
  11. I searched around the forum for awhile but could not find a reference to this, so here goes. My friends and I played a game yesterday with Yibb-Tstll and the Lurker at the Threshold herald. Yibb states that "no investigator can have more than 5 clues at once", while making a Blood or Soul Pact with the Lurker allows the investigator to gain power tokens and spend them as clue tokens. So we had a discussion about how these rules interact. Some said power tokens aren't clue tokens, so you may carry as many of them as possible. Others said yeah, but they can be spent as clue tokens, so having five power tokens would be exactly the same as having five clues, and that would go against the fun of dealing with Yibb. Then somebody said "ok, let's try allowing to have as many power tokens as possible, but not spending them as clues in a way in which you'd spend more than 5 at once..." but something didn't sound quite right there... ...so what do you think???
  12. Okey, since uploading anything to boardgamegeek takes a long time, I've exported the eon file you need to PNG and uploaded it somewhere else. Here's the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1DFGJRRA
  13. Hi! I've just downloaded the file you've mentioned and I had no trouble opening it. I did have some issues with java using Strange Eons in the past, and solved them by downloading a new version of that program. Have you tried that? Let me know.
  14. Ok, it took me a while, but I've finally uploaded all 10 scenarios from the 2nd Edge Entertainment League to boardgamegeek. I also fixed a couple of my previous translations (when I suddenly realised I'd been writing "portal" instead of "gate" ) and uploaded them once again. So enjoy! Guillermo. www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/56583/scenario-1-the-tree-on-the-hill
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