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  1. tsuma534 If you put all Gates of Arkham cards into original FFG sleeves you won't be able to put them back into the box. They simply won't fit. I have put some cards from the Gates and Unseen Forces into Elder Sign box and it will be very hard to put something more. The new expansion will reqire two tarot size sleeve packs so I already know that I won't be able to fit everything in original boxes.
  2. I had bought second expansion with FFG sleeves recently and it took me some time to fit all components in boxes. FFG's sleeves are in my opinion the best but cards need twice as much space and the box simply doesn't want to stretch. I'm excited that new expasion is on the way but I'm also concerned with the space problem because oryginal boxes are so cool and it would be pity to store some components in a different way. I think this is an issue that FFG should be aware of. Please tell me what dou you think.
  3. Oldster

    Advanced rip off

    I’m surprised by number of replies in this topic. I have started it so I feel obliged to explain few things that in my opinion had some influence on the discussion. First of all - the title. I’ve written it this way to bring your attention and I can see it worked. I didn’t want to insult anyone and if some of you felt insulted – My apology. It’s just that it can be very hard to bring someone attention on this forum because of so many interesting topics that appear almost every hour. Second – the second hand market. I’m not lucky enough to live in US or even North America. I live in Europe and it can be very hard to get single cards. Of course it is possible to get them by E-bay but the cost of those few cards is most often higher than 50% of a Tantive and that makes them (in my opinion) things I cannot afford. Buying expansions is the only way to obtain new stuff for me and I guess I’m not the only person in such position. Third - the question : Can we live without those few cards? The answer is as silly as obvious. Of course we can. The lack of TIEx1 won’t destroy the rest of my collection. At this point the game is rich enough to play it without new additions for a very long time. My world will not collapse because I don’t have them. I think there is no need for explanation here. Finally if I can share my opinion with you once more I’ll say I have plenty of games with FFG logo and I regard myself as a fan but I still think it would be better for us if new cards (especially those created to fix ships)for 100p games could be found in standard or Aces expansions. And one more thing. This community is one of the best things that can be found on internet. I know this topic saw lots of emotions. We are all talking about our favorite game after all. There are players among us who will buy every single ship no matter the cost and there are players who have their limits. We all just want to play so pretty please let’s respect each other. Fly casual. Drive friendly. Live long and prosper
  4. Oldster

    Advanced rip off

    I want to buy things from FFG to support them because they do a great job. I use many of their games in my work and everybody knows that their games are always top-notch products.The cancellation of Arkham Horror Investigator Miniatures showed that they will listen to the customers if they think something is not right. And I think that giving cards for 15$ ship in a box worth almost 100$ is not right. But I can see that here majority of players feel that everything is perfectly ok. If you really like it that's fine, let's leave it that way. I just think it would be much better if we could buy new Advance separately.
  5. Oldster

    Advanced rip off

    Thank you for that and for the way you said it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees that what they do is not 100% right. Sure I can buy separate cards on E-bay or use proxies, but I want to buy it directly from FFG. Why? Let me give you an example: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=854 And that's pretty much why. FFG showed they can listen and care for their customers. Wow, I wish I could say something like that about EA for example. And now they put cards like C3PO or TIE/x1 to 99$ boxes. Why? Because many players have waited for it so much that they will buy it anyway. 7falcon7wings7 is right "It's actually a really smart way to sell your higher-end products." but I think it is not ok.
  6. Oldster

    Advanced rip off

    Well, you have a point. I guess that accepting the fact that I can't have everything makes me more grateful for what I already have
  7. Oldster

    Advanced rip off

    I envy you guys. There are no shops with X-wing where I live. I know that internet is a solution to many such problems and I can buy everything on E-bay but very often I face situation when for a cost of such cards (plus shipping to Europe) I could buy couple of ships. I still think that it would be better if we got cards for standard play with ships for standard play. In such way Epic would get more cards and could be much more developed, interesting and overall better format on it's own.
  8. Oldster

    Advanced rip off

    Yes. I know it is not the first time but it doesn't have to be the rule.
  9. Oldster

    Advanced rip off

    So, FFG fixed Avance. We were all waiting for this fix for a very long time and finaly it's here (or at least it will be). But why do we have to pay 99$ for it? I think it would be much better if we could buy upgrades for 100 points format with ships designed for 100 points games. Don't get me wrong, Epic is cool and it's good we have it but putting cards designed for standard play to a box with a 99$ price is a rip off.
  10. Ok, I've tried 2xRookie Pilot, Biggs and Keyan with Advanced Sensors. For the first two turns I was going for the Decimator but my opponent noticed that and started roaming around asteroids making top speed moves from time to time so it was hard to find out where he's gonna be. I managed to destroy one Defender and damage Decimator for 7 hits but eventually it's turret and Delta's white koiogran got me. Nevertheless I was much happier with the score because first few games ended without any Imperial loses. I guess it's a matter of practice after all.
  11. I have only two Zs but I'm thinking about something like ZZAA(both with Chardaan Refit) and Etahn with PTL, R2 Astro, EU and Advanced Sensors. I know Etahn will be primary target so I made him as mobile as possible.
  12. And how to do it without Falcon or YT-2400? My friend likes playing with two Delta Defenders and the Patrol Leader and I tell you this is truly the iron fist of the Empire. I used to play with four ship Rebel squadrons but even if I manage to destroy Deltas I don't have enough remaining power to kill Decimator. If I try to put Decimator down first, Defenders rip my ships apart. I know that X-wing as a game changes with each new wave and I don't mind changing my play style. I just wondered is it possible to win such match without turrets?
  13. Oldster

    X-wing videos??

    I always like watching FFG tutorial videos. They explain rules in the most simple way and advertise games. Recently I showed X-wing videos in my school and I know that some kids will find ships under the christmas tree. I wish there were more than four videos for it. Yesterday I saw some computer games commercials. Titles like Titanfall or League of Legends can have commercial of every mech or character (random example below). Usualy they are short, simple and fun. I think it would be great to see something similar in our game. What do you think??
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