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  1. I see from the Upcoming section that Goblin Skirmishers / Scottish Wars / 100 years war are being reprinted.. Excellent News indeed as I missed out on these the first time round and now they are impossible to find. What I was wondering though is, are Fantasy Flight intending to release any more expansions in the vain of "For Troll and Country", with maybe a single figure, or a small unit, along with another Epic size pre-printed map? I love these for the quick set-up time and they must be cheaper to produce than a larger expansion box.
  2. plpompey

    reprints plea

    I too would buy any reprints as I missed out on getting them the first time round. I don't feel like I should be getting the Scottish Wars expansion, without a Goblin one to even up the sides!
  3. chicklewis said: Give us a little more to go on, please. What sort of Lovecraftian games DO you like? Arkham Horror? Call of Cthulhu Role Playing? Actually I justy ment I loved the stories he wrote Thanks for everyones answers. It seems it might be well worth me trying this out to get the flavour of it, even if it is just for the artwork! I will sell all the WoW CCG cards I have picked up on ebay and get hold of a copy of this one instead.
  4. Put me down for an expansion whenever it comes out!
  5. At the beginning of the year everyone knows what the level of the attack will be. Part of the game, I believe, that works very well is the option to cover your back and make sure you have the soldiers in place or to risk that the King will provide you with the cannon fodder you are missing and go for that more expensive building instead!
  6. Definitely a 2 player game. The Blue Moon City board game can play up to 4 players, but is a totally different kind of card drafting game altogether.
  7. Do people tend to go down the same line every time they play, or does it depend on what other players are doing? Do you head for the last building in a row before starting the next, or do you take a more spread out approach?
  8. Some races seem to work a lot better against others. I was wondering, which ones produce the most even match up?
  9. Might have to crack out the Bladerunner soundtrack to play this one too
  10. I've never really liked CCG for two main reasons. 1) The player who spent the most money seems to have the better deck and therefore the best chance of winning, making CCG a very expensive way to play a game if you want to win. 2) The games I have watched or played seemed very mechanical without much essence of the theme of the game. I do this so this happens, then you do that and then this effects that: A bit like looking at the grammar of a sentence and ignoring its meaning. Does Cthulhu LCG address these or am I better just staying away? I'm not trying to say that CCGs are bad. ; I just haven't found one I like yet, and seeing as I am a Lovecraft fan I thought I would look into this one.
  11. I have used this game at our School Boardgame club and the kids have loved it! One of them even came in on a charioty fancy dress day with some LEDs strapped to his head saying he "Wasn't a cylon!"
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