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  1. Thanks, that is how we played it but we wanted to make sure.
  2. Also last night we had a question. In Hoax's Command Pack she has a sonic grenade. It steals the action away from who ever it hits. The question is can you shock roll to protect that or does it just hit automatically and if it can be shock rolled do you have to protect from 4 automatic hits like a grenade. We played that it hit automatically no defense.
  3. Was wondering if there was a rules clarification or FAQ on this. In the scenario "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) the leaders sit on the starting point until they are given enough serum to move and the object is to kill them. The Reich was using HOSS who has the power to change positions on the board with anyone which means on turn two he could change positions with the enemy leader and then kill him with the next guy. We played that was not ok, because that seemed too easy, but I was wondering if there was an actual ruling on it. Also, in the same scenario, since you ignore the barrier by your entrance if the first team to choose a starting point chooses the one on the large grey path, they are in trouble because the other team can just shoot the leader right out on the first turn. Is this correct?
  4. Thanks everyone, I will also play it that you cannot throw them like smoke grenades and you can choose if you want to use them when attacked.
  5. Thanks that helps! Post if they do get back to you, I would like to know that as well.
  6. I am a little confused about how the Happo Smoke grenades work differently from the other smoke grenades. How do they go away, Can you do gun fire in the smoke and any other clarifications as well. Thanks for any help.
  7. Sounds good, let me know your info and when you want to play
  8. I just got a deck done, anybody want to play let me know.
  9. I just made a new deck on Lackey, not sure if it is good or not, need someone to play and test it. Anybody using Lackey out there want to play?
  10. I am in for the Lakey League. I just got it and am trying to set up a deck, but once I figure out how to use it I am in.
  11. I was out of the loop for awhile, can I get a list of the Asylum Packs that came out since they switched over to them.
  12. Is there a spot, where servitors post games they are hosting like in the old CCG days? I played a while back and was thinking of getting back into it, but the spot on the old website that told when games were being played at my nearest game store doesn't exist anymore.
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