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  1. that should be fine junito. do you still have my address?
  2. im not sure what they are worth. so tell me what you think is a good amount and i will think it over
  3. champ-as soon as i can i will junito-i have king triton and aerith only. what would you offer
  4. sorry but i have not. some family things came up and i have been really busy
  5. yeah that sounds cool. my email is cjwarren25@yahoo.com
  6. what are you willing to pay? i know its not worth much
  7. BDC i just recieved the money. your 3 soul eaters will be in the mail tomorrow
  8. BDC-email has been sent and roxas that cool. just let me know
  9. roxas-how about $20? and BDC i do have 3 soul eaters i could part with. let me know if you want them. but i do expect payment first and i do not have paypal.
  10. at least 30 for ansem. and i dont have goofy anymore
  11. sorry but i am actually getting out of the game. my cards are for sale
  12. i dont need or want a jasmine. im trying to get rid of my cards
  13. i would have to say 10-15 for all 4 cards
  14. which ones are you looking for? and i do have some non foil promos
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