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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll try using a random monster from the cup instead of a Deep One, if someone actually draws that character.
  2. Hi, Quick question. Is it possible to use personal stories without the Innsmouth Horror board? reason is the Fail card for Amanda Sharpe. If I would like to use only Personal stories but nothing else from the IH box, how should this be handled? Cheers
  3. Hi, Another question popped up during the last game. If the player with the crown has the Throne room district card, a character must thank the player by using the specified phrase on the card. If that called upon character has been cursed by the witch, can that player refuse to say the phrase and thereby loose it's turn (and deny the Witch getting to use the power and to build). Cheers, Kristian
  4. Hi All, Just started playing this game and one thing popped up. When your character is called you show the card and your turn starts. In what order do I have to use the powers on the character's card? For example: When the merchant is called, can I do my action (two coins or two cards, choose one), take one coin and then use the other ability after I built something (maybe another green district)? Thanks for any help
  5. Växjö, Sweden at the moment. Hopefully Krakow, Poland in the not too far of future.
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