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  1. Sure hope this is available by Christmas! Now I feel like digging out the board game and give it a play.
  2. It is probably an old Dell sitting on someones desk. Actually I have not really had issues on this forum. But I don't post much. Just look up rules
  3. I built an undamaged Death Star using two Death star lego kits which adds to a death star battle.
  4. If you think about it, a melee character would be able to use his sword easily against a web. So it makes sense to allow the extra dice for the melee trait. I would have made it that you only get the number of dice in your melee trait. If you have 0 then roll 1. Don't give the extra die to a melee 3 character. That would have been a better rule IMO.
  5. SoylentGreen said: Steve-O said: +1 for Corbon. When we play we usually put dungeon cards in the graveyard to ensure we get no repeats in a single campaign, but that's not actually what the rules say. I believe it is theoretically possible for us to run out of dungeon cards playing this way, in which case we'd have to pull them all out and start again, but that hasn't happened to us as yet. We play this way too - BUT - we also have been discarding the encounter and location cards as well. OBVIOUSLY, when we run out of certain encounter cards - we will pull them out and mix them back in - BUT - we want to get through and experience all the content we can - without the doubling of dungeons/locations/encounters... until we have to at least. Thanks. We put the dungeon cards and encoutner and location cards in the graveyard. I was curious of this was a rule or not. We will continue to do so to allow us to play all the cards and not repeat.
  6. When playing RTL, which cards are discarded into the grave yard and permantly out of the game once used.
  7. We almost got in that situation. The heros have to be careful to always leave themselves a qucik way back to Talimar. If not then you will have a bunch of heros crying.
  8. The best way to see the difference is to download the rules off this web site. The best feature of RTL is that you can save your game after just playing for say an hour and continue next time. Or you can play all day!!!!
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