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  1. This happened with the last league as well. I get the impression that the AH league is a very low priority for the persons responsible for its upkeep. I stopped submitting scores over a month ago.
  2. Quick question on Ithiqua. When you enter the end fight and you begin rolling for "perished" items, does this only include Common and Unique items or does it extend to Spells (even though they are not called items by definition). The fact that you can trade Spells like items leads to my confusion. Any input is appreciated, as I would like to get this cleared up before playing the scenario. Cheers! Ozzy
  3. I'm not sure I would call them annoying, but they are well thought out for difficulty.
  4. Wow this scenario is challenging! Tried to replay this scenario to get higher than our highest score yet (20). Last night we were at 28 points with McGlen one turn out from closing our final gate when Arkham happened! We ended up with 7 points and 4 dead investigators!!! This is a good scenario! Ozzy
  5. I think what some of you are missing is the bottom line "FUN". It is not about the score and it never should be. It is a chance to break the mold and try an investigator that you normally wouldn't use........like maybe Jim Culver. It is also fun to use the expansions in a way that creates a fresh challenge, especially for those of us who play Arkham a lot! I am not saying I don't pay attention to the scores, but it shouldn't be the driving force for enjoying the league or quiting. Some people get lucky on a few cards and get a great score. I played in the last league and I gotta say, most of those scores were total BS, but who really cares. Play your game, post your scores and have fun! That should be the first rule you are questioning if your following correctly or not, "am I having fun playing this game". If you are then great, your high score will come....as well as some bad scores! If you are not having fun, then you should stop playing! Ozzy
  6. johnwatersfan said: I wince! I wince! We have never had a good game with him involved. Green other world encounters ability sucks. I mean first, you have to enter an other world without the green marker. And yes, you could be saying "Oh just make sure you only enter those worlds," but honestly, who has the choice to mess around until the other world they want gets picked out of the pile. Our philosophy is if you have enough clues, get into the closest gate and seal. Or seal the woods or independence square. And then if you do get lucky enough to be in one where there isn't an green encounter, you rarely even GET the green encounter because hey, you still have a good chance of getting red or yellow while you're visiting R'yleh. Don't forget that if you do send him into R'yleh you only get one die to try closing the gate under normal circumstances. If his ability was, "While traveling through the other worlds you ONLY get green encounters" then it might be worthwhile. Nuking an undead monster for a clue. Great. How many undead monsters are in the monster cup and are likely to show up? How many times have I been trapped by an undead monster because I just spent all my clues closing and sealing a gate? Okay maybe just once, but it was enough to get me really pissed off. And Golden Trumpet. Great to GIVE TO ANOTHER PLAYER. Give him something more useful for himself. Sometimes I feel like Jim Culver's job in the game is to give away all his equipment, get knocked unconscious by tough monsters and RETIRE. And I'm only talking about this from personal experience. There was a time that every other game I played I randomly drew Jim Culver. I played him so much I learned how horrible of a character he is. I suppose the good side of it could be that at least he doesn't have a speed of three... And sorry about the rant. I have to concur with this! I just played with Jim Culver and OMG this guy sucks!! If he wasn't knocked unconscious, then he was lost in time and space. I seriously considered putting him in the paper shredder, but the card stock is to thick and I wouldn't want to have to buy a new shredder. I hope Insmouth comes out with a "Wizard Whatley" version of Jim Culver so I can blast him to hell with a tommy gun!
  7. I would not say you have a 90% strategy factor when you begin the game with random items, random cards determine the game turn in multiple encounters and you roll dice to determine the final impact of these random events. With the best game plan in place your odds are controlable by 60% at best. I can certainly attest to going 0 for 14 on a roll before, and you can't plan for that. Ozzy
  8. I would really like to see the clue token ruling in print by someone from FFG. That is no where in the rule book. The book does state what to do if you run out of monsters and gates, but nothing on tokens of any kind. This would not have effected our score, but it could have if we had drawn certain rumor cards or environment cards (and I have stated previously that we kept track of clue tokens owed to us with a die, so our final clue token retention number is effected by this). I don't want to post any score that does not reflect the observance of the rules, but the rules are not a living document. On a side note, I have been reading over a lot of threads about your scores. I truely forgot how crippling some of the rumor cards can be to a score. I really think a score in the mid 20's is a solid score. Our first two scores reflect some really great luck with the mythos phase. I do believe character chemistry is important, so you can multi task, but in the end it is a game of chance as soon as you draw cards and roll dice! - Dr.V and the Women
  9. Played this scenario last night and....I have to say it seemed too soft. We had a lot of extra clue tokens! When I say a lot, I mean we committed a die to keeping track of the clue tokens we were owed. I have never used every clue token in the game contents before. The fact is, Ithiqua is one of the easier Ancient Ones to deal with and the clue token payout on monsters was way to much. In the end, we did have fun.....so I guess that is the whole point. I am really curious to see how high the average score is for this scenario. It is going to be high!! - Dr. V and the Women
  10. Hello all, I am wondering what is going on with the AH summer league. My brother and I have submitted several score cards between October and December and have yet to see any activity on the score postings. I see that a new mission has yet to be released. Did I miss some thread about the deadline to have scores submitted, or has this just fallen by the way side. Thanks in advance for any info. Rich
  11. David, You have been "Hawk Twelved"!! No seriously folks. If our team score does post as "38 pts" for scenario 1 (team "Hawk Twelved") then it will have to be disregarded. I did forward a request to J.Goodwin to not post that score card to our team due to our apparent miss-use of Mandy Thompson's re-roll on 3 AH encounters at the South Church to remove a doom token. We appreciate the rules discussions that are offered through this resource, as we strive to only post scores that reflect the observance of the rules. - Rich
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