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  1. bill_andel

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Twi-leks, definitely Twi-leks because Hera's father and his compatriots figured into Rebels
  2. With the assumption that people are using Bitterman's software to create printable content, no.
  3. Well, you're going to need token images for campaign maps, any way, right?
  4. Are there canon novels/comics set immediately post-OT which could provide fodder for future expansions? Seems like Solo is about as far back as FFG could dial the way-back machine for OT-era material. Unless Rian Johnson's new trilogy deals with what happens not long after Episode VI, I gotta think books and comics are what FFG will have to look to for ideas after OT, Rebels, Rogue One and Solo have been wrung out for all their worth. And I'll happily purchase anything campaign they put out, 'cause I've been having a blast playing it. :-)
  5. Love to see a map/mission builder app.
  6. bill_andel

    Thrawn and Deathtroopers

    Any products out there to add some height to the bases of older figures? Like maybe glue a tiddly-wink underneath?
  7. One word: playtesting. And having been one for FFG - including for Core IA and some early expansions - I know they do it much better than most tabletop game publishers. The hitch is that they also publish games far more complex than many tabletop game publishers. It occurs to me that applying combinatorial testing/design of experiments to their beta testing might help identify edge cases and interactions. That could be used to direct play testers to try specific scenarios and combinations in order to wring things out even more thoroughly than they already do.
  8. bill_andel

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    Everyone keeps speculating about when FFG will print the Boba Fett fix and the this unit fix and the that unit fix and how clunky attachments are. Maybe they should just provide a card only booster for purchase with the errata's and rebalanced cards. And maybe they should have Skirmish deployment cards with a number on the icon so they can have deployment cards that work for 2p, 3p and 4p Skirmish scenarios.
  9. bill_andel

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    Agree. This is what they did with Arkham Horror years back. Would also be happy to send them a SASE in exchange for corrected cards.
  10. I think the trick with Rex would be to give him effects that synergize well with Ahsoka (or maybe any Rebel Force User), because of their long history fighting together. Kallus would be awesome to have and +1 to cheapmate's idea of making him switch hit. At a minimum, he should have both Imperial and Rebel deployment cards. It would be kind of cool to have an Imperial class deck that lets the IP start with Kallus and then have a green side mission that results in him switching allegiances. Other than that, yeah, OK, maybe Vizago as the Scum in that blister wave. Might be cool to see Loth Wolves, the Atollon Spiders, Geonosians and whatever those creatures were on that abandoned asteroid base. Grand Moff Tarkin would make a good Imperial villain and Saw Gerrera a Rebel ally, especially since they bridge to Rogue One content. Both Atollon and Geonosis would make for interesting tiles/settings. And more Mandalorians? Yes, please!
  11. Not seeing the IA connection.
  12. It'd be really nice if FFG gave us an app for creating campaign content. Didn't they have one for Descent?
  13. bill_andel

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    Well, someone owns the IP and will no doubt be issuing a C&D.
  14. bill_andel

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    What's the over and under on the Cease & Desist order?
  15. bill_andel

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    Just read a little more. Apparently they'll be making 12 episodes with a Siege of Mandalore arc. So, doesn't rule out bounty hunters, but makes it less likely.