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  1. I've been dropping in far less frequently since the announcement. My IA campaign group is considering whether to turn to other games. We've played through everything except Bespin Gambit. Might consider fan-made content, but dismayed at no new physical content. App not an option because there's been five of us.
  2. This also means there’s no future in campaign, other than replaying what exists or fan-made content. Couldn’t they have at least given us a campaign creator app before hanging us out to dry?
  3. Until FFG weighs in on the subject, IA is like Schrodinger's cat: it is both alive and dead.
  4. Have you considered Legion products as a potential source of figures? Easy enough to print deployment cards to go with them, I'd think.
  5. While I play primarily campaign, it still flabbergasts me that FFG did not (1) make Legion figure scale more comparable to IA and (2) include IA Deployment cards in Legion figure packs. This would’ve been an easy way to keep more content coming out for IA, including Skirmish players, and to boost sales for both products. I’d venture there are plenty of Skirmish players who lack time, budget or other inclination to model terrain needed for Legion. And it’s not too late. Since Bespin, maybe Hoth, there’s been figure scale creep in IA, meaning the scale is not as far apart for the later figures. What about introducing a 2nd edition of IA core and earlier expansions with figures scaled to (or borrowed from) Legion and with the early deployment cards that everyone kvetches about updated to fix the meta? Deployment costs on those cards could be optimized for Campaign purposes, with Skirmish costs embedded in a list-builder app, so that the meta can be fine-tuned frequently, much as was done for X Wing 2.0. Now, that doesn’t entirely neglect those of us who prefer Campaign, either. But perhaps a Mission and Campaign creator app could help there, especially if it includes algorithms to evaluate balance. Yes, there’s a lot of fan-made Campaign content, but - and as a past IA play tester, I can attest to this - it does not receive nearly the amount of play testing FFG puts into their product. Encapsulating the rules of thumb FFG has discovered in developing Campaign content over the past half dozen or so years into an evaluation algorithm included in such an app could only benefit fan-made content. I’m inclined to agree with those who’ve posted pointing out what a big company FFG is and with an enormous and varied product line as the reason behind the perceived “neglect”. I doubt it’s neglect. The reality of the industry is that producing these games is a labor of love and while the people doing it are making a living at it, they aren’t getting rich. Margins are razor thin and there’s only so much staff you can afford to employ before those margins vanish. I don’t think IA is dead, but that it has slowed down in favor of other products or product lines is irrefutable. That said, FFG should consider outreach to and embracing well-organized fan communities. Such communities have “kept alive” out-of-print games or even contributed to their being republished. Magic Realm, Talisman and Cosmic Encouter are a few which come readily to mind. The former - lamentably - has yet to be republished, due partially to it being in IP limbo. But FFG themselves republished the latter two. Much of the success in doing so because of collaboration with a well-organized fan community. Lessons learned there should be applied to IA. I swore I’d never spend any money on a miniatures game that you have to keep sinking money into (Warhammer being a prime example). But when FFG asked me to play test IA back in the day, as a big fan of both their games and the IP, I bit. I’ve bought everything that’s come out, include multiples of the dice and some figure packs and that’s as a Campaign player. Why? Because they’ve produced an amazing game that really gives the feel of playing in an episode of Star Wars. It’s fun, engaging and has interesting mechanics and irresistible theme and it’s very well produced (like so many of their games). With the Mouse milking Star Wars from now till Doomsday, I can’t see how interest in the IP will ever wane. And that means interest in IA should remain high, as well. So, fear not, fellow Imperial Assaulters, I believe our beloved game is NOT dead. Experiencing the dormancy we older fans of the IP did between ‘83 and ‘99, maybe, but not dead. Have patience and see what happens. There’s plenty of IP - R1, Solo, The Mandalorian, Endor, etc. - they can draw on for content. They just need to devote the time and the resources. It will happen some day. And when it does, our wait will be rewarded.
  6. Yes, that seemed fairly clear from the BG campaign. But the post I was responding to referred specifically to having nothing past the Asteroid scene in Ep. 5 (i.e. ESB), when it was clear that - except for the opening mission - the RtoH campaign takes place between ESB and RoTJ, too. Sorry, if I caused confusion. I typed "RotH" in my post, which could've been interpreted as be typing an "H" instead of a "J", when in fact, I was typing "to" with dyslexicly.
  7. Yeah, but if we got scans of it, they'd make great fodder for the deployment card editor @Bitterman has made. Which might then make it viable to buy Legion minis and use them in IA. :-)
  8. Pretty sure intro text to RotH Campaign already refers to events after that point in Ep. 5 being in the past tense.
  9. You may want to look at https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mel_miniatures?section=Imperial+Assault+Heroes&s=0, at least if you live in the EU (sadly, I don't). Wonder how long till he gets a C&D order from FFG/Asmodee or Disney/LFL? He's got Ewoks, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, and even a Rebel on a Tauntaun.
  10. No worries. It's not the most regular of languages. Wish the forums would just add the in-game symbols to available emoticons.
  11. Interesting choices! I will have to try these. By "armor", you mean "block", correct? IIRC, there are no "dodge" tokens. Do you mean "evade" which cancels "surge"? (And gives Nexu and extra "block".)
  12. Whether FFG continues to support this or not, it has a strong, committed fan base and with @Bitterman's fantastic card editor, I think that even the campaign game can continue to have life beyond what FFG puts into it. New sculpts are the obvious problem. But by re-basing existing IA sculpts or re-basing Legion sculpts or replacing the former with the latter, it may be possible to expand figures available. Does anyone know if there is good map/mission editor available yet? I think that's the last piece we'd need to keep IA going on fan-created content alone.
  13. IIRC, there was some IP litigation regarding sabaac, wasn't there?
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