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  1. Yeah, I've not printed (or won in tournaments since I play strictly campaign) the multi-figure tracking sheets that let you apply conditions there. And if I did, I'd end up taking up half the table with just the imperial stuff and standing the whole session just to be able to reach everything. *sigh* When it's a one figure unit, I just put stuff on the card. I guess when I get around to painting and applying stickers to the minis, I could use the colored numbered tokens next to the relevant deployment cards. I just don't want to put stickers on now because *eventually* I'll paint the minis.
  2. If FFG wants to market truly useful tokens, what about something in a mini-poker chip like format the same diameter as figure bases to replace damage and condition tokens. I can never get my minis to stay standing once they get more than a token or two. Figure for tokens of the same color you could put zero, one, two white hashes on the edge of each quadrant to distinguish them. e.g. one damage: red, no hash, five damage: red one hash, weakened: purple no hash, bleeding: purple one hash, stunned: purple two hash, etc.
  3. bill_andel

    Spoilers: What Can Solo Bring to IA?

    Y'know, it might be cool to have multiple figure units of those smaller probe droids, kind of like the Loth Cats will be vs. Nexu.
  4. bill_andel

    Spoilers: What Can Solo Bring to IA?

    Since Maul was just a token and deployment cards in HotE, why not include the same token and cards in a Solo-based expansion?
  5. bill_andel

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    I suspect it'll depend on whether they decide to move into sequel content sooner rather than later. I could see another small box focused around Rebels with Atollon as the location and which adds supporting characters like Kallus, Vizago, Ketsu, Bendu, various Mandalorian factions, Loth-wolves, speeder bike troopers, personnel carriers. And you could almost eke a second one out with Ryloth and Geonosis locales, Saw Gerrara, Rex, Wolf & Gregor, Cham Syndulla, Numa & Gobi, Blurrgs, etc. Still lots of good content there. In fact, given that Solo has just premiered its more likely we'll see more Rebels, R1 or OT content before we see Solo content, as the former is likely to be ahead of the latter in the dev pipeline.
  6. bill_andel

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Y'know, it seems to me that releasing figure packs of units only included in boxed expansions might go some way to addressing the cost barrier issue. While I play primarily campaign, I'd bite on Probe Droids just because I have the crappy, original pre-flying stand version.
  7. Started a Core + Twin Shadows campaign as Imperial Player, took Inspiring Leadership class and bought Press On with my first XP. This lets you remove one damage from all "figures in an Imperial group" at the end of a round. I interpreted the use of the term "Imperial group" to refer to those groups with deployment cards having the Imperial faction symbol on the card back, so Officers, Stormtroopers, Probe Droids, etc. First side mission is Spice Job. Heroes must retrieve a key card to open a room containing Spice and boost it from the Hutts. Key card is one (yellow) of three (the other two are red) Neutral mission tokens that are randomized and placed under a Probe Droid (Imperial faction) and two Elite Transdoshan Hunters (Scum faction). But the rules for Spice Job state that the players can retrieve the token once the "Imperial figure" it is under has been defeated. So could I have used Press On to heal my Scum units, not just my Imperial units?
  8. bill_andel

    Plots please!

    Thelric said: @TheChampIsHere: What do you do in the game? We sacrifice points trolls to Tsathoggua. For every 5 sacrifices, we get 1 GOO point. When the stars are right, there will be a drawing amongst all those who have accumulated GOO points. The winner gets to be eaten first by Cthulhu. ROTFLMAO! Well played, sir. This is even more annoying than the point-trolling friend requests. But I digress. "ninjadorg" on the old forums posted character-specific missions. It's nowhere near the amzing intricacy of Arkham Investigations, but it does use a mechanic (missions) already in the core rules: http://bp2.blogger.com/_OP5KjARxU8A/SB24S4W48VI/AA...kOqptWY/s1600-h/Missions+1.jpg http://bp0.blogger.com/_OP5KjARxU8A/SB24TYW48WI/AA...CgNot8w/s1600-h/Missions+2.jpg
  9. bill_andel

    Will old forum content be migrated?

    Antigoth said: Just a heads up, and in addition to info posted above: Old Forms were to be locked after two weeks. (End of this week we are now in) However the content would remain as posted above until Dec 30. I spoke with one of the line cords for another FFG game, and they said they were looking at expanding the editing window. However that was more of a "toward end of year" from what I gathered. So not like it's going to happen in the next week or two. Over on the UFS side, people have just taken to copying and moving the stuff they hold near and dear. Good luck guys, I loved a bunch of the fan created stuff! Thanks for clarifying that. I'm more concerned about the latter date, not the lock date. The latter date should give me a little time to try and migrate stuff to the Wiki.
  10. bill_andel

    Will old forum content be migrated?

    ColtsFan76 said: Now we have a move that doesn't fully work and they claim we only have 2 weeks - 1 of which is already gone. I hope they extend the deadline until everything here works right. Then they can shut that one down. Brian, where do you get that figure of one week? A sticky thread on the old forums says that they will be shutdown on December 31, 2008. If true, doesn't that give us a month?
  11. Are there any plans (by FFG) to migrate the threads and posts from the old forum to the this one? If so, since sub-forums are now possible, I'd think it would be excellent to have a "Strange Eons" sub-forum to hold all the pinned "Strange Eons" and custom content threads from the old forum.
  12. bill_andel

    Scenario #9 Question...My brain is about to explode!

    Dam said: You can find League stuff in the League sub-forum. Or just use this link: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=44&efcid=1&efidt=71 Shouldn't this entire thread really be in the League sub-forum?