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  1. Not seeing the IA connection.
  2. It'd be really nice if FFG gave us an app for creating campaign content. Didn't they have one for Descent?
  3. bill_andel

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    Well, someone owns the IP and will no doubt be issuing a C&D.
  4. bill_andel

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    What's the over and under on the Cease & Desist order?
  5. bill_andel

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    Just read a little more. Apparently they'll be making 12 episodes with a Siege of Mandalore arc. So, doesn't rule out bounty hunters, but makes it less likely.
  6. bill_andel

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    Maybe the chances for this dynamic duo of bounty-hunting have just improved: http://www.theforce.net/story/front/Star_Wars_The_Clone_Wars_To_Return_With_New_Episodes_On_Disneys_DirectToConsumer_Streaming_Service_181343.asp One can only hope Filoni & co. will work 4LOM & Zuckuss into the plotline, which would generate more interest in them, give them some back story and show them in action so the designers at FFG have some ideas what to put on their deployment card. :-)
  7. What about Wulf Yularen? He's shown up in a Rebels episode as the head of the ISB (and like Rex, ret-conned into the OT)
  8. You realize this may be foreshadowing for the next boxed expansion, don't you? Everyone got all jazzed when a then unknown clone trooper (now revealed as CT-1701) showed up on a skirmish map or something quite while before Tyrants of Lothal was announced. Could this be foreshadowing that the next boxed expansion will be the much speculated Rogue One expansion? I'm sure the play testers in this forum know, but their NDA forbids revealing that knowledge.
  9. Yeah, I've not printed (or won in tournaments since I play strictly campaign) the multi-figure tracking sheets that let you apply conditions there. And if I did, I'd end up taking up half the table with just the imperial stuff and standing the whole session just to be able to reach everything. *sigh* When it's a one figure unit, I just put stuff on the card. I guess when I get around to painting and applying stickers to the minis, I could use the colored numbered tokens next to the relevant deployment cards. I just don't want to put stickers on now because *eventually* I'll paint the minis.
  10. If FFG wants to market truly useful tokens, what about something in a mini-poker chip like format the same diameter as figure bases to replace damage and condition tokens. I can never get my minis to stay standing once they get more than a token or two. Figure for tokens of the same color you could put zero, one, two white hashes on the edge of each quadrant to distinguish them. e.g. one damage: red, no hash, five damage: red one hash, weakened: purple no hash, bleeding: purple one hash, stunned: purple two hash, etc.
  11. bill_andel

    Spoilers: What Can Solo Bring to IA?

    Y'know, it might be cool to have multiple figure units of those smaller probe droids, kind of like the Loth Cats will be vs. Nexu.
  12. bill_andel

    Spoilers: What Can Solo Bring to IA?

    Since Maul was just a token and deployment cards in HotE, why not include the same token and cards in a Solo-based expansion?
  13. bill_andel

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    I suspect it'll depend on whether they decide to move into sequel content sooner rather than later. I could see another small box focused around Rebels with Atollon as the location and which adds supporting characters like Kallus, Vizago, Ketsu, Bendu, various Mandalorian factions, Loth-wolves, speeder bike troopers, personnel carriers. And you could almost eke a second one out with Ryloth and Geonosis locales, Saw Gerrara, Rex, Wolf & Gregor, Cham Syndulla, Numa & Gobi, Blurrgs, etc. Still lots of good content there. In fact, given that Solo has just premiered its more likely we'll see more Rebels, R1 or OT content before we see Solo content, as the former is likely to be ahead of the latter in the dev pipeline.
  14. bill_andel

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Y'know, it seems to me that releasing figure packs of units only included in boxed expansions might go some way to addressing the cost barrier issue. While I play primarily campaign, I'd bite on Probe Droids just because I have the crappy, original pre-flying stand version.