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  1. bill_andel

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    IIRC, there was some IP litigation regarding sabaac, wasn't there?
  2. bill_andel

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    Well, I obviously didn't look at the pictures! :-) Shoots that theory in the foot.
  3. bill_andel

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    Maybe IA, Rebellion and OR = Miniatures Games <> Board Games under whatever license agreement?
  4. bill_andel

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    "Only Imperial Storm Troopers could be so precise". ;-p
  5. bill_andel

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    4LOM & Zuckuss 4evar! ;-) Since we're hopinf for more R1 content now, how about Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan? And not only because R1 (and am hoping they'll show up in the Cassian Andor series), but because I'd love to see FFG make available the "Scum & Villainy" patronizing the Mos Eisley Cantina in ANH. I visualize The Alliance Smuggler as being the guy Obi-Wan talked to at the bar who referred him to Chewie and Han. But it would be fun to get a bunch more characters, assuming their names and backstories are canon or could be re-canonized (c.f. Thrawn) and they could be made into interesting units to play with unique and distinct abilities and play styles from what already exists. And even though Rebels is "done" there's still some good possibilities from there: Cham Syndulla with Numa and Gobi (esp. if riding blurrgs), Cikatro Vizago (also in part because there's another Devaronian in the Mos Eisley Cantina). Thrawn's assassin Rukh, agent Kallus (for whom there could be a green side mission to turn him to the Rebels), and the other Inquisitors.
  6. bill_andel

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    That would be awesome! Sort of hope the tiles would be skewed Scarif since we have desert tiles in Core, Twin Shadows, Jabba's Realm and Tyrants of Lothal. Like the latter, maybe all you need for Jehda would be a few iconic landmarks (e.g. collapsed Jedi statue).
  7. bill_andel

    Lothal Expanded Campaign Balance question

    Hmmm. I'm 2 for 2 at this point. In fact on the Hondo mission, I actually wounded all four of them by Round 5! But I've been there before with my group in other campaigns. So if I go by that, it won't last. They often save XP early to get better class upgrade cards sooner. I will say that so far, Overwhelming Oppression seems like a nasty class deck. :-) We're only playing every other week, so it'll be a couple months before I know how it goes. Honestly, though, I'm happy if the wins they get are squeakers. It's fun when it's close.
  8. bill_andel

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    @subtrendy2 Mixed feelings on that. I mean, look what happened with the Time Period rules in Campaigns for the current incarnation. I suppose those "other era" boxes could include deployment cards for existing sculpts which update/backdate them to the correct faction back for the era in question with whatever stat tweaks would be appropriate We've already seen PT Merc content creep in: i.e. Nexu, Clawdites. I just want more OT-ish plastic, cardboard and campaigns available. Really, anything post Solo through The Mandalorian should be valid for OT. Given that my group meets bi-weekly, I miss the one large box, one small box per year era. But, with some good fan campaigns on BGG and here, plus the amazing content editor @Bitterman has made, I can probably scrape by with one box a year. :-D
  9. Stupid question, having never played the app: could the app campaigns actually be ported to Campaign booklets like we get with physical expansions? Seems to me that'd be an easy way for FFG to provide more value to those of us who prefer 5 player FTF Campaign play. So right off the bat, that'd be new campaigns for the contents of HotE, JR & RTH.
  10. NOT DEAD YET! FFG just released Hoth for LotA. So the "C" in Asmodee stands for "Communications", apparently.
  11. With a Cassian Andor series in the works for D+, I think the viability of getting R1 content just went way up. Hoping that series will have some crossover with characters from Solo as well (e.g. Qira, Enfys Nest) to increase possibility of seeing some content from there. And The Mandalorian should drive some post-RotJ content without delving into Sequel Trilogy territory. 'Course given Disney's release schedule for these (fall), I'd guess we won't see content for any of the new shows till next year. But they could certainly tap R1 & Solo sooner.
  12. Ah! And *THAT* cracks the code. Bummer. :-(
  13. How does it not make any sense? My whole point is I'd buy more stuff if Legion figures were compatible with IA. But because of the way it was done, I'm not remotely interested in shelling out for Legion.
  14. I still don't know why they didn't just make the Legion minis work for both games.
  15. I could see including a few iconic Jeddha tiles, like maybe part of a downed giant statue or a tile or two for the marketplace, but otherwise, yeah, beach would be nice.