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  1. Thanks. I have removed it from the bag....for now!
  2. I am setting up for the Dunwich Legacy campaign and I have a question about the contents of the Chaos bag. Per the campaign guide, I am setting up using the standard distribution. However, there seems to be one token missing during the standard setup - the third token on the Extracurricular Activity scenario card. I just added that one to the bag. Is this a misprint in the campaign guide, or am I missing some additional setup step?
  3. Makes sense and that is how I have been playing. I wasn't sure if thematically I was short changing my game experience ie. the investigators abilities unfold as the story unfolds instead of play 'em when you get 'em. Thanks.
  4. I am wondering how people are handling upgrading their cards as new mythos decks come out. Do you wait to use the cards in a particular mythos deck until you are actually ready to play the scenario they come with, or are you adding them when you buy them. Due to my play group meeting infrequently, we are three scenarios behind right now in the Dunwich campaign. But looking at the new investigator cards, there are ones I would like to try now. Don't see that there is a hard fast rule for this, I was just wondering how others are introducing their new cards into their decks.
  5. Based on your example, the way I have been playing (and interpreting the rules), your home realm would take the three points of damage. Unless you have to remove units because of the attrition roll, or unless the instant specifically says so (apply one wound to each unit, etc.), your unit cards are returned to the discard pile for use in later turns. Anyone playing this differently?
  6. The card says When Played: Spend 1 influence to destroy 1 opposing unit. OK, I am attacking (or being attacked) by an Enemy event card. If I play this card, and spend my influence, can I immediately destroy it? This is how I was playing it in the solo game, but this seems extremely over-powered. Am I interpreting this correctly?
  7. I will add my vote for the resin domain cards.
  8. I have to fall into the "leave it as it is" camp. I like the current distribution method for the asylum packs, and I think the card spread is adequate. And I have to second the comments regarding the LCG format getting them into this game. It is a great game which I enjoy more with each play. But I would never have given it a try in its old CCG format. However, I would like to see big box expansions similar to those being produced for AGOT, but shorter term I would love to see "deluxe" domain markers - similar to the resin house cards for AGOT. I upgraded my game pieces with the bag of cthulu, and would also love small resin skulls to replace the cardboard wound markers.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Makes sense now that it was expained. We are going to re-play tonight with the same decks so we will see if I can exact some revenge!
  10. I am fairly new to playing this game and a situation came up last night in a game with my son that I am not sure we played right. I am going from memory right now, so forgive me for the vagueness regarding the card names involved. Here is the situation: My son was playing a Cthulu/Hastur deck, and I was playing an Agency/Misk deck, using only the cards in the base game (this was his first game). I managed to get Paul Lemond into play and immediately started giving him fits with his icon add ability. Later in the game, he attempted to play the Hastur event card which causes a character to go insane (don't remember the exact name) on Paul. I immediately triggered his effect, giving him a copied terror icon. Does this nullify the "goes insane" card? We played it as it did, but a quick read of the rules and the FAQ were not clear on the timing of these effects.
  11. I have a question regarding the green adventure card distribution in "The Frozen Wastes" expansion. Going through the cards, I have a total of 17 green adventure cards. However, this includes two duplicates - Deerkin Stag and Frozen Dead. Is this by design, two extra cards, or am I missing two cards?
  12. Anyone else notice this on the Battlelore main page? I am specifically referring to the last sentence. The Troll and Country expansion introduces a new revered creature into the BattleLore universe-the fearsome Troll! This expansion introduces two new epic scenarios which pits the mighty Troll against the Humans. Also, a new Troll bridge is introduced in this expansion. Reference cards for both the Troll and the Troll bridge are included in the For Troll and Country expansion. Have the contents of this pack changed? Do we now get separate cards for the Troll and the Troll Bridge and not just those printed on the map?
  13. Ok. I will admit that I purchased this solely because I liked the figure. So I look at everthing else that came with the figure to be extraneous. However, I do agree that the cost was excessive for what you got, which was essentially the figure and a large piece of paper. Owning the epic expanstion for Battlelore, when I play the "Troll and Country" scenario, I will use the boards and tiles in the game and not the map. The map, when unfolded, does not lay flat, meaning that unless I have a large piece of plexiglass to put over it, or get it laminated, or some other option, I will not be able to easily play this scenario. Second, I think that not including cards for the Troll and the Stone Bridge was also a mistake. Being a long-time fan of Fanstasy Flight games, I feel that had they owned this game from the beginning, this poorly executed expansion would never have been released. My hope would be that at some point Fantasy Flight games would release the Troll and the two cards in a package more appropriately priced, and leave out the map.
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