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  1. Style75 said: Did anyone at Gen Con get a chance to play the new Rune Age expansion "Oath and Anvil"? I'm dying for any news on how it plays and when it will be available. This is at the top of my must buy list and I'm desperate for spoilers. yeah,were are the spoilers? some people bought it at Gencon :
  2. Banemus said: 2 hero's? 2 monsters but it's more than that. it's 3 new classes,5 new quests with a new system,a new lieutenant….and others stuffs. everything is more complex than the v1 expansion and the "just add lot of minis with basic quests that use it" idea. you can't compare extensions from the v1 and the v2. and the price seems to be 35 dollars.
  3. http://utopies-charlene.blogspot.fr/2012/04/character-design-descent-second-edition.html
  4. Jafix said: W: Leroic of the book (Runemaster) / Widow Thara (Necromancer) i'am not sure there will be a Necromancer class. my quess i shaman/witch doctor or something like that.
  5. Jafix said: That Mini is, as Beren Eoath suggested, our scout girl. That thing is not a fireball but some kind of cape made of leafs. It is our scout girl, which can be seen on terinoth event pages it's a healer
  6. Style75 said: I've been playing a lot of Rune Age lately and thinking how much more awesome the game could be with the right expansion set. Hopefully at this event we'll hear some news about Rune Age. I can't attend the event (I live in the frozen north of Canada) so if someone who is attending could ask the game designers about this I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! Yes ! Rune Age is a good game. Just add an expansion with the new units from Banners of Wars,and some new scenarios and it will be a great game !
  7. Jafix said: First of all, this elf girl character is our missing scout or healer character. Snake girl, which i mentioned several times and which i was putting into second edition rooster was or still is, a mage. Look on the picture Leroic, Tarha and this "Snake Girl", when i was first calculating new hereoes, i add this char in my theories (Three mages theory). So, this char was only tested and will not be implemented (now) or will be present in chinese version. Coloring of this char is purple something and its not definetly widow tarha. F: Dwarf / Elf knight H: ELF druid with a staff / Billy the mace S: Oliver twist (halfling) / I hope for archer W: Leroic / Tarha that means nothing,the chinese card is a prototype and is printed on simple paper sheet. It's very possible the color scheme is not final...maybe. (or maybe it's a promo char we will see in the future -or in a precomand bonus- )
  8. wait...do you think the subclasses are linked to one hero? for me,you choose one archetype,then one of the hero from this archetype,and then one of the two subclasses...right?
  9. Bleached Lizard said: It's also been hinted that the monsters will be more thematically linked to each other. yeah ! no more nagas+undead+some giants wandering all together in a room without reasons
  10. so 3 of thoses tokens in the first introduction quest. Maybe it's some objects you'll have to collect in order to win the quest?The way they are placed.... They really look like objectives for me !
  11. Beren Eoath said: And here's our scout girl - isn't she a lovely one? www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp looks like a healer for me ,a druid or something like that...
  12. As i've said on the BGG forum : She's french,and her name is Charlène Le Scanff http://utopies-charlene.blogspot.fr/2012/04/character-design-ffg-descent-second.html and stay tuned ! "Next week, I'll show you the human knight you can see behind the elf!"
  13. my hope is a that a french edition will come quickly... please FFG ! i hope Edge will have the right to publish the french edition quickly !
  14. Jafix said: Well, that character (snake girl) have a blue cloak and on the end of her staff, there is a red blaze on it. You can see her on leaked chinese version, her stats are 4 Movement 10 Wounds 4 Fatigues Special ability is familiar, snake how can you see that on a crappy picture?
  15. Beren Eoath said: Maybe you're right but it will be very wierd. A chest is a chest so I still think that those are glyphs that activate a plot card. The event cards looks like only needed when you play a campain. Or those are glyphs that led players to go to town and buy equipment. Maybe the next preview will give us a hint. Maybe there's a chest on the tile under the token ? The chest/barrel/box are maybe drawn on the tileset. Or it's maybe some quests objectives?
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