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  1. There was one game playing as Dracula when for some reason my dice were seemingly blessed with nothing lower than a 5. Winning the game through defeated hunters rather than the usual drawn out chase was pretty fun. Made up for it in the rematch when I was on Dracula's trail relentlessly for the first third of the game, only to then spent about an hour or so without even a shred of a clue, all becuase of one small road that I didn't account for.
  2. As much as I like my own card, I think that you're right about it being a little too complicated. I like your version quite a lot as it does most of what I was trying to achieve in a lot fewer words and mechanics. The only problem is that it needs a revealed Cylon in order to have any impact at all. I think I was trying a little too hard to make a card to mimic the episode as much as possible. I'll definately try a more simple version soon, and streamline it somehow. As to the order, that was intentional, but after a little bit of thought, may be extremely unfair, considering the order is there mainly to give the players a chance to respond to the situation before it runs at them. If I was able to edit my old post, I'd definately switch it back to the old pattern. Thanks for the reply, I'll try to make the next bunch a little more streamlined.
  3. To be honest all I read was the introduction from the rulebook with a little detail padding, and that sufficed. The game mechanics alone do a great job of making players feel hunted and on their last legs. Our first game for example almost seemed timed to add a new Basestar the moment we had just destroyed the last . But when it came to picking characters, I found slipping small non-spoiler facts about characters helped players pick the person that was right for them. Just mentioning a few behaviour quirks such as stubborn or self serving slimeball was enough to seal the deal. Once the game started playing I hardly even mentioned the show.
  4. Mainly from RTL plays Razorwings, just drawing one of these little guys is enough for my heroes player to start squirming from bad memories. Ferrox, for bleed Master Bane Spiders, web has been a winning play for me more than once. Of course I did play as the Dragon in our RTL campaign, so I'm sure it'll change after trying a new avatar. ps, no polls on this forum either?
  5. Thanks for that Mask, they seem pretty useful but aren't overly strong like I worried that they might be. I'm sure I'll pick the expansion up at some point, mainly because I want to try out the Hunt version of the Witch-King
  6. I've played the game with nothing but non-fans, and after the initial early turns they all really enjoyed it. The theme is there, but knowledge of said theme hardly affects players,although I did find giving a very basic rundown of the show worked as a very easy way to get everyone into the paranoid mindset.
  7. Does look pretty interesting to say the least. Can't wait for the next few previews
  8. Overture


    I'm actually thrilled that it's become a LCG, I started playing around the first asylum packs hit and found it very hard to find specific boosters here in the uk, not to mention the randomness made purchases less appealing. With a LCG, I'll be free to make the decks I want to without spending a ton hunting for GOOs .
  9. Same here, after a quick message to support, FFG was nice enough to ship replacement Starcraft Figures to me all the way in the Uk, which I can't wait to get. As customer support goes, FFG really does seem to go above and beyond.
  10. I remember looking in on that thread from time to time and being pretty intimidated by the wealth of story you guys had put together. As a self confessed lurker I'd enjoy seeing the League back together again in some form or other.
  11. Overture


    Seems to be a pretty fun little game to play, can't seem to find anywhere to buy it though, not even in the FFG store.
  12. I was looking for somewhere to post a thread like this. I haven't actually played Midnight, but the background and theme has always interested me and I was thinking of getting it. What I wanted to ask on the (absent) Midnight forum,is what else I would need in order to run and play sessions of Midnight? Is it a stand alone system like Grimm, or would I need 2 rulebooks to play?
  13. I'd be the opposite, if I didn't have a budget or smarter girlfriend to look after me, my flat would be full of nothing other than snacks and games . I did manage to get one Archon out last game, along with my Reaver force and a free event card Carrier... well it wasn't a very good day to be Zerg. My next game is most likely going to be Protoss vs Terran, so any advice would be great.
  14. I've played nothing but 2 player games so far and am really enjoying the game and constantly rethinking my tactics and purchases. There is one risk with 2 players being that one small slip up can be pretty fatal especially early on when you're still learning the game. That being said, it's one of the few games where when I lose, I feel it's from my own mistakes rather than luck, and that makes this game pretty special to me.
  15. Overture

    Event Card

    I'm pretty sure that it's limited to gaining one conquest a turn in this way, though I've checked the faq and haven't found the official ruling. I think the wording is pretty important though, 'You may spend 1 mineral and one gas to gain 1 conquest point' rather than something like, 'for every one gas and one mineral you spend gain one conquest point'. Just my opinion, but if there was no cap on the card it would mean a player could use it to win within a couple of turns or so, and seems way too powerful compared to the other event cards. I'd say that the conquest gain is limited to one max.
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