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  1. bogi_khaosa said: Yeah, no real-world secret service has ever had this level of power. What about the East German Stazi? That said, my group is more like the Monty Python Inquisition…..
  2. Make your players Ammo count - really accurately. Then introduce a horde. A BIG one. Practice your evil laugh, for when they start running.
  3. In my bestest american accent "f*** Yeah!" Every tiny whinge, every critisism, every moan, anything even slightly non complimentiary about FFG their staff, families, Children, parents, Pets, taste in music, for now and for evermore that I may or may not have said, whether in jest or not, is unreservedly withdrawn and will never happen ever again. This I my wet dream for DH thank you, thank you, thank you. TISSUE PLEASE!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
  4. Guns of Navarone Where Eagles dare Dirty dozen Inglorious Basterds Galipolli
  5. Huros

    One too Many

    N0-1_H3r3 said: H.B.M.C. said: I can only say this so many times before I start to bore even myself: You are jumping to conclusions about this book. Making wild claims that you're paying $60 for $26 worth of content is meaningless because you don't know what's in the book, and you haven't given FFG any time to do more previews. The character classes are not the same. The specific OW mechanics that go with the game are not the same as other games. It is a different game. It's not DH+. BYE Just leave it be, HMBC... as demonstrated by the earliest posts on the Deathwatch and Black Crusade boards, the majority of posts in the first couple of months will be made by people who apparently are offended by the very notion of the game. Inevitably, the balance will change the closer we get to release, as people either get bored of complaining and return to other boards or are convinced by the idea and start speculating positively. Guys I get that you are most likely very emotionally invested in work you may have done for Only War. I look for your posts on the forums. I find your comments well balanced, insiteful and inteligent. I have enjoyed all the publications you are associated with. I love Warhammer. FRP, 40k, tabletop, novels, games, etc.i have been for over 20 years. i am so super made up we have a 40k rpg line. The last couple of core books have been great and i am sure this one will be awesome, that is why i am going to buy it. But the problem is two fold. 1) Only war was billed as a Supplement to DH. 2) We, the paying customer community, "fear" a cut and paste job on the bulk of the rules. That said i think the new stuff will be great. i am sure the rule changes will be great too. but much will be rehash The points I made are down to a genuine love of 40k rpg, it is that love that makes us (the paying community) feel vulnerable to exploitation with money making core books. We want to see cheaper support for what we have invested in. Dont get me wrong, I would be first in line for an eldar core book or even better a mechanicum core book but these two points combined make us feel, or atleast me, that there is the hint of exploitation. I am a business man and i would do that if i though i could get away with it (to a point) The support for DH has waned recently and my personal investment in that line is complete. I wanted more diversity for DH even if the systems a bit out of shape and the newer systems are improving that all the time. I know this will be awesome, but like a lover who is jealous because their partner is flirting too much, i feel vulnerable. Probably like many who will buy the book wondering if it is awesome as we will hope it will be....
  6. Huros

    One too Many

    @beowolf You are not wrong. this was supposed to be a suppliment for Dark Heresy. this just goes to show that DH is on the back burner. would be interesting to see the licence agreement with GW for the rpg system. wonder if theree is a minimum number or time for DH support. also i wonder if there is a higher per supplement for DH as opposed to the FFG created lines. I know i am being cynical and i hate myself for it but i will probably buy this wretched and obvious business tactic. I will feel violated and will resent paying the increased cost for a new core rule book over a supplemnet as it was originally billed as. I want more suppements for the first series, rogue trader and DH especially. they could have done a Mechanicum rule book. That may have been a more original core book and may be the next. just dont want to see the swathes of cut and paste added to the supplement we were promised. GRRR where is my wallet.
  7. Sad about the seemingly reduced announcements for Dark Heresy. Are we going to get a second edition or is DH on the back burner?
  8. It is the 41st Millenium. There is only Grim Darkness, and buckets of Man Sauce. Horny Chaos Marines and chicks in a seriously BAD MOOD who can carry cattle prods for the whole month! Lots and lots of "mega", "power" or Plasma Guns. Sooo many guns!!! And big f-off Swords. Chicks in power armour PHWOAR!!! Chicks repenting in thong backed leather hotness getting whipped by another hot chick in power armour. PWHOAR!!!! Orks iz evry were! orkz is the biggest an da best!!!! WHAAAAAAGH!!!!! HOT SPACE ELVES HOT FETISH SPACE ELVES!!!! PWHOAR!!!!! Tanks and TITANS OMG!!! Slanesh. Perverted god of debauchery. DING DONG!
  9. H.M.B.C - lol yeah i know, but i am a source book fan and this was due out by now. i thought there had been a down tunr in the News activity from what we are used to and was just wondering if they are putting their efforts into the newer 40K lines. i would not blame them but i feel DH is the core of the core rules and it has more scope that the rest. just really want to see the source books roll.
  10. Has there been a reduction in support for DH?
  11. Really simple. What supplements should we be getting over the next year? For me a must is Adeptus Mechanicus book.
  12. Peacekeeper_b said: ...However, we still have a few books on the existing list for Dark Heresy (Only War, Book of Judgement, 2 parts to the campaign series) so at best we would see these books in 2012. 2012 I trust will bring us books that cover tech-priests, adepts and psykers. And I hav a bad feeling it will all be one book. Admech in a book with pencil pushers and wierdos would be an EPIC FAIL for FFG. there is too much to cover to roll in with other classes. Pray to the Machine God they do not do it.
  13. Kain McDogal said: I'm confused about the Astartes Psycannon (AP) and the Heavy Psycannon (HP) for the Dreadknight. I think Blast (6) can't compensate the lost RoF and smaller payload especially because the HP weighs 140kg more than the AP, besides they have both the same base Damage. 2D10+15+Psy-Rating for the AP seems a little bit to much even for a heavy weapon. The kind of damage (E,I,R,X) is missing for both weapons. yeah i noticed that will have to modify on on the fly if we ever use it.
  14. Adeptus-B said: I say supplement. I can't see the Mechanicus carrying a whole game themselves... we thought that about Chaos.... However i think Peacekeeper_B's idea of a cross game source book would be the best, but very large project. But then it would need to address the Hereteks, Knights, Titans, plus heirachy forge worlds, explorator fleets, genetors, Legio Cibernetica... what have i missed? one of the interesting parts is the interaction of 'normal citizens of the forge worlds. the back ground and interaction with the mechanicus clergy. what about noble or political power in the mechanicum world, those non ordained citizens. What about Lay-priests? those who preach the teachings of the Omnissah but are not tech priests, there must be many of them.
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