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  1. SirWillibald

    SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing stuff

    No, you didn't miss a thing, I had no chance yet to make a box for them. To be honest, since I'm going to convert everything to 2.0 it's possible there will never be a 1.0 version for those cards. Sorry, but hobby time is pretty limited..
  2. SirWillibald

    SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing stuff

    Good idea, totally forgot about this one... Conisder it added to my list on one of the top spots!
  3. SirWillibald

    SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing stuff

    Hrmpf. Alright, it's new GearBoxes then, sorry. Think I'm going to check the size of the dial upgrade things, maybe this justifies a version that holds the upgraded dials, as well (if its diameter is not too far off). Thanks for the info! :-)
  4. SirWillibald

    SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing stuff

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Worried about that, too (concerning GearBoxes) The other thing was that I always use the GearBoxes to store base, peg, dial and tokens. This can't be done with the upgrade packs (if you don't have enough old bases) and therefore I thought about switching to CollectorBoxes. But as I've learned above, I know nothing, Jon Willibald, and not everybody is using them that way. And I get the feeling that you'd like me to continue the GearBoxes. Will certainly keep that in mind when finally deciding their fate. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. SirWillibald

    SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing stuff

    No, sorry, since I don't have enough time for my current projects I don't see me supporting yet another game that I don't even own. Feel free to give it a shot on your own, it's not that difficult! ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. SirWillibald

    SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing stuff

    Thanks, that's really nice and you're actually right, it requires a significant effort sometimes. But I'm having fun doing it. And when designing the new StatCards I really tried hard to come up with something that both matches the 2nd Edition design and offers something unique. Can't wait to share...
  7. SirWillibald

    SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing stuff

    Haha, indeed you're not using them in the way I had in mind, but that's totally fine, in fact not a bad idea! ๐Ÿ™‚ @Force Majeure What's with the two green circles in the photo, supposed to tell me something?
  8. SirWillibald

    SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing stuff

    Actually it's quite bad because of the specs graphics, those are done by hand (I take photos and do some photoshop, annoyingly time consuming...). But I will start as soon as my ships have arrived! 2nd Edition will get all new and rebuild from the ground StatCards to replace the MiniManeuverCards, including a fancy back side. Since FFG dropped the small cards, I will do the same and incorporate some more information that has been banned from the ship tokens. Quite a bunch of them is already done and I think they don't look to bad ๐Ÿ™‚ Black MicroHangars won't happen because of your mentioned toner/cartridge issues. I think I'll only update the logo and the ship names. And of course the two new faction symbols. But that's it, I don't want everybody to print each hangar again to have a unified look, that sucks. I'm having some doubts about continueing the GearBox system. Thanks to the upgrade kits this would lead to only half filled boxes, since you might ran out of bases. I'm leaning towards a CollectorBox solution for ship tokens and dials (maybe even combine those two) including dividers and a Collector Box for bases/pegs...
  9. SirWillibald

    SirWilli's Workshop: AHLCG stuff

    Already working on X-Wing 2e... Stay tuned. Already made TokenBoxes for my own Legion copy, could see into making those available.
  10. Hey there, always trying to spread the word, got some nice feedback on my investigator deckboxes, and since I've updated them to include all 21 released investigators just today, I thought I'd share my work with you, as well. Everything comes free of charge as printsheets: TokenBox Investigator Deck boxes (the download file includes all investigators up to Forgotten Age) If you're interested, head over to my site, you can download everything there for free: http://www.sirwillibald.com Arkham Horror LCG section: http://sirwillibald.com/games/descent-2nd-edition/arkham-horror-lcg/ (I know, the deep-link looks dumb, didn't have a chance yet to fix it) Hope you like it! :-)
  11. Hey, perhaps try ask the **** guy himself! ๐Ÿ˜‰ He would perhaps tell you that you may send him a PM with what exactly you need and if he has a good day he might even consider to help... But what do I know?
  12. SirWillibald

    Cheap storage solution

    It's very(!) tight, about 1mm gap to the inner foamboard walls. On the long side there's a roughly 1cm gap. Once they are fully painted (around 2022, give or take 1-2 years ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I might add a top cover with some cheap foam underneath, then it would be safe to shake the whole box, I think. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜„ But keep in mind, they are only called "Sturmtruppen" if you're talking about a whole squad, a single stormtrooper is called "Sturmtruppler" in german. I know, we funny Germans really know how to make things complicated..
  13. SirWillibald

    Cheap storage solution

    Hey there, thought I'd share my storage solution for trooper units, both nearly free of charge (used a bit of spare foamboard, that's it) and decent looking: Apart from the foamboard I've only used the paper inlay from the stormtroopers and a sheet of cardstock. Quite cheap :-)
  14. SirWillibald

    2.0 - possible campaign expansions?

    Hey, while reading through the announcements, I stumbled over this: Could this even mean we'll see some sort of campaign expansion in the future? I mean, you may have mixed feelings about the need to spend more money just to convert your collection or about the mandatory app, but FFG seems to have listened to some thoughts of the community and I can't believe they didn't notice the popularity of the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster and the bold part above makes me think that they intend to do something like that on their own. The possibilities seem to be vast...
  15. SirWillibald

    SW Dice App update for Legion dice

    Asked the support yesterday about Legion dice for the app, got an answer today: