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  1. 😦 You're right, don't have a clue, why that is so Hm. Hmmmm. Sounds like a perfectly valid idea... Shouldn't be to much work for me, just have to create some new data sets. But no promises yet! Oops, will fix it ASAP. Or I'll some more fancy german title for educational purposes... Thanks, those are quite time consuming to make, glad you like them! Thanks a lot! 😊
  2. Don't worry, Imps and Rebels will follow! 😊 Concerning MicroHangars: My plan is to make new 2.0 Hangars for old ships when their 2.0 version is released. For all other ships, that haven't been re-released yet, you are stuck for now with the old 1.0 Hangars, which work fine and you find the complete collection on my website. Hope you're all OK with this, but my goal was to have new self made fancy spec graphics for all 2.0 Hangars, which I can't make without taking photos of the actual ship. And since many ships have new paint jobs, I can't use the old ones for this.
  3. Say hello to the first bunch of GearBoxes for a conversion kit, starting with the Scum faction. Beware, there are 39(!) boxes awaiting your attention. 🙂 Don't grumble, you asked for it. There is one box for each dial in the kit, the pilots are spread among them. Have fun and feel free to bother me with mistakes, I'm sure I've messed something up... http://sirwillibald.com/first-bunch-of-gearboxes-for-x-wing-scum-conversion-kit/
  4. Oh, me neither... Forgot to add the links... Everything should be there now! 🙂
  5. Alright, SirWilli's back, no need to worship false gods any more... 😉 http://sirwillibald.com/time-to-continue-new-x-wing-stuff/ The remaining wave 2 stuff (T-70, TIE/fo, RZ-2 A-wing) is ready for download, including two versions for the T-70 (folded wings and open wings). The corresponding GearBoxes are done, too, the ones for the T-70 and the TIE/fo had to be slightly bigger to accommodate for the six ship tokens. Currently working on getting my hands on the wave 3 stuff, and of course wave 4 stuff will follow, as well. Perhaps I get around to doing the Conversion Kits in the meantime. No promises, hobby time's limited, but you just have to be patient, I won't let you down without any word!
  6. Thanks guys! 🙂 And dumb SirWilli just uploaded another version, now with "Tactical Relay" instead of "Tactial Relay"... 🤦‍♂️
  7. Ok, updated the dividers, they now include: - TIE Aggressor - V-19 Torrent - Conditions - Remotes - seven sub dividers for faction specific upgrades - bugfixes (Talent, minor artwork bugs) Feel free to bother me with further mistakes, it's quite easy to fix them. And feel free to share my little advertising graphic 😉
  8. Me neither... Forgot it... 🙈 Already done, as well... Stay tuned...
  9. Oh, Talent it is... You're right, will change this. Adding the SKU might be a good idea, will have a look. And a set of seven cascading sub dividers is already done, simply forgot to add them... Stay tuned for the weekend, no time until then...
  10. Hrmpf. Didn't notice, sorry, have to think about it if there's a way to reflect this on the lid...
  11. Alright, just tested it, you can simply add the desired jpg files to an empty word document and print it. It's that easy! 🙂 And I've just added the Tactical Relay divider.
  12. Adding in Word should work, will give it a try later! Sorry for the inconvenience, but making printable sheets for each faction requires some time investment, that I can't spare at the moment... 🙈 And yes, I forgot the tech relay thing, thanks for the hint!
  13. Fixed! The file now contains the correct Interceptor title, thanks for pointing out, rawbean!
  14. ****, your right! My bad, but I think there might be a typo on the ship cards from the conversion kit (that's where I took the names from). Do the SWZ07 ship cards actually say "TIE/in Interceptor" and not "TIE Interceptor"?
  15. Aaaand... more MicroHangars and GearBoxes ready to download! http://sirwillibald.com/new-microhangars-gearboxes-carddividers/
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